Father’s Day Gifts for less than $15

Father’s Day is right around the corner and many of us don’t have a big budget for gifts. Not to worry! You can still honor the special man in your life without spending a fortune. Following are some of our favorite finds for Father’s Day Gifts for $15 or less:

For the Sports Dad
If you have a dad who loves sports, here are a few budget-friendly suggestions:

Fishing License
Offer to buy Dad’s fishing license for the year. In most states, a basic fishing license can be purchased for under $15.

Colorful Golf Balls
Why go for traditional white balls when you can get a Bucket of Golf Balls in bright colors?

Outdoor Yard Games
A trip to your local discount store will surprise you. Inexpensive croquette and badminton sets are pretty easy to find. You can also get creative and give Dad a kit for frizbee golf, cornhole, water balloon tag, or any other game. Get creative. He’s sure to enjoy playing a game outside with the kids on Father’s Day.

For the New Dad
If you have a new first-time daddy, here are some suggestions to make that first Father’s Day memorable:

A Book
A great book for new fathers is aptly titled, “The New Father, A Dad’s Guide to the First Year” and it’s only $12.49. You can find the book at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

Foot Prints
You can get Dad a T-shirt, BBQ apron, or other item with baby’s hand-print and footprint. Check out the clearance rack at your local department store for an item you can paint with fabric paint, then head to the craft store for fabric paints his favorite colors. Put baby footprints and hand prints on your fabric item for a gift that he can wear now and cherish in the years to come.

For the Techie Dad
If your man is a little on the geeky side, there are still options if you don’t have a lot of money.

A Digital Photo Key-chain
This is a great way for dad to store all of his favorite photos and it’s only $10.99 on Amazon.

Smart Phone Apps
Offer to buy your dad an app or two for his Smartphone. Dads usually spend their money on everyone else, so this is a chance for him to pick an app or two that he’d really like.

For All Dads: Gifts the Kids can Help With
All dads appreciate it when little hands make something special; it tugs at their heart strings. Following is a list of a few things the kids can create to make Father’s Day special:

Handmade Gifts
Hand-crafted gifts from the kids are always a hit. Let them draw a picture, paint something with a hand-print, or give them a bunch of craft supplies and some glue and see what they come up with.

Clean the Car
Wash and wax his car and put a picture of the kids on the steering wheel. The children can help with this task, and the only cost is for the soap and wax. Elbow grease is free!

Breakfast in Bed
Few things delight Dad more on Father’s Day than waking up to the kids serving him breakfast in bed. Even small children can help pour a glass of juice and set a tray to take to the bedroom.

Personalized Stepping Stone
Your local craft store has cement and plastic molds for a great price. Have the little ones imprint their hands or feet into the cement stone so dad has a special memory for the garden.

Photo Products
Many stores like Walgreens and CVS have a variety of gifts like mugs, frames, boxes, and other items that you can put a special photo memory for dad to use. Check out what Walgreens has to offer.

Father’s Day is a time to honor the men we love. Giving gifts doesn’t have to be about how much money you spend; the important thing is letting Dad know you thought of him and showing him how much you care.

We Want to Hear From You!
Do you have any Father’s Day gift ideas for under $15?

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85 thoughts on “Father’s Day Gifts for less than $15

  1. Julie Phelps says:

    I am helping my young granddaughters create a handmade book for their dad. We will spend the time to create a few pages describing a fun time they had with dad, and describe why they enjoyed that particular event. Of course there will be hand-drawn illustrations to accompany each instance or page. I am aiming for tears being held back by him.

  2. Holly P. says:

    Thanks for the great ideas!

    A gift card for a massage has also been a big hit in our house!

  3. D. Bridges says:

    These are great ideas, i’m always looking for fun, less expensive ways to come up with a gift.

  4. Dr. Jori Macarthy says:

    I, too, was thinking in line with creating a book for dad’s on Father’s Day, but a book about how special and wonderful he is to us, his children.

    Additionally, for those of us who have lost fathers, mine only a couple of years ago, this would be a great gift for the siblings as we each add something we cherish about our dad to the book and publish copies for each of us!

    Thanks for this wonderful contest!

  5. Doris says:

    What about gifts that can involve the bigger kids such as washing Dad’s car or mowing the yard for him? Things that Dad does routinely? It would be much appreciated, I bet.

  6. Linda says:

    Keeping it simple, what about cooking his favorite dish? Not really expensive and it comes from the heart.

  7. Eric says:

    As a father, I would appreciate something I really need such as socks or white undershirts I always seem to run out of. I am more of a practical kind of guy.

  8. Mariam says:

    Because my son-in-law just loves fishing, a fishing license is a great gift like you suggested. Or I like the idea of his favorite treat!

  9. Wade says:

    i would not mind being taken out to the Chinese buffet! Love the food there and you can’t beat that much food for the price!

  10. Nancy P. says:

    I once gave my husband a coupon book that I made. Each coupon had something on it that he liked (breakfast in bed, a day with his buddies, or whatever you can come up with), Then he would present me with the coupon when he wanted to “redeem” it. The coupons could be things that the kids can do for him also – a kiss when he gets home, cleaning their room, etc.

  11. Dan says:

    Now if I only had a job to pay for the gifts. Nice list though!

  12. LaToya says:

    Loving the blog! Our personal favorite gifts around here are photo products. I love surprising my dad with a mug or calendar filled with photos that he doesn’t even remember taking, lol. Thanks for the other gift ideas :)

  13. Margaret Hinman says:

    Money saving ideas are always great. Love your site.

  14. Stephanie S says:

    Dads like food! Inexpensive thoughts are a new grilling seasoning or rub for his BBQ. Or go to Cost Plus World Market, or Trader Joe’s and get him an exotic new beer. Speaking of Trader Joe’s, you can make a cheap snack basket with meats, cheese, nuts and more. Make him a big manly breakfast in bed. Take him to an action flick with popcorn covered in the works. Or provide the snacks for a guys night in to play poker and watch football, and leave him alone with his buddies.

  15. Joni T says:

    great ideas! Thanks for posting them.

  16. Rodger Reed says:

    Great ideas! Thanks for the tips and especially for the blog!

  17. Mildred Vega says:

    Great idea adding this blog, now to search for jobs!!

  18. Shannon Cyr says:

    All prior comments will be imported once our conversion to DISQUS Comments is complete. :)

  19. Liane says:

    Thanks for the gift ideas, unfortunately my dad lives in AZ, so he’ll be getting his usual Olive Garden gift card :)

  20. Katie says:

    I bought him an e-book of a political commentator he loves, the author is pretty obscure and it was hard to obtain but it only cost a few bucks and I know he’ll be surprised:)

  21. Tammy says:

    I really liked the Walgreens photo items suggestion.  i will keep those gifts in mind for all sorts of occassions!  I was very happy to see the under $10 category.  It will make me feel good giving a personal gift at a nice price.

  22. Thosby says:

    Thank you

  23. Tiaessy78 says:

    For the first time daddy’s Hallmark has a very nice picture frame that says something about first father’s day for $12

  24. SC says:

    Your father might appreciate getting a potted basil plant that grew out of one of your own in the garden. (And a basil plant is typically under $7 if you opt to buy.) Add a handmade gift card and, voila! Useful (edible) gift.

    That was what I did.

  25. Leigh Moore says:

    These are great ideas! And this is a great looking new blog! All the best to you guys~

  26. Greeneyedmama says:

    A simple idea for kids (with some help from mom) would be to write a poem about dad.  To start, take a piece of paper and spell his name out vertically down the page and ask the kids to pick words to describe dad using the letters of his name.  After all the describing words have been selected, simply type it up in a pretty font and print it and find an inexpensive frame at the local dollar store.  To change it up a bit, you can even take a picture of dad and his kiddos and print it on the same page (or upload photo for printing to Walmart (very inexpensive) and secure with tape on the paper). Enjoy!

  27. Htcj says:

    Other suggestions would be for car washing or oil change gift certificates.  You could also mow the lawn or clean out the garage.

  28. jboeke says:

    What? No ties? What will my dad wear around his neck?

  29. VV10 says:

    Nice gift suggestions for a variety type of Dads!

  30. Faith says:

    Gift ideas < $15.00

    !. A fishing lure
    2. A fishing license
    3. A vintage vinyl record or cassette with music meaningful to him
    4. A brief, sincere note recalling an exceptional memory in which he was there for you. Laminating or an
        inexpensive frame for it.
    5. A "stress" ball for squeezing
    6. A small sports nerf, like the basketball with hoop or the nerf football through a hoop or goal posts
    7. A foam disc shooter or ping-pong ball shooter $1.00 at dollar stores. You can get more than one and extra
        ammunition and play with him.

    Please add me to your Amazon contest. Thanks – good topic.

  31. southerndeb says:

    Another idea we’ve done a few times for Father’s Day is get the photo mugs you can get at Starbucks. You can take the top off, and get the template out. You can print out pictures of the family and put them on the template. It’s very easy! Dad loves taking his coffee mug to work. You can even print out great messages and attach them as well. Dad loves all the mugs the kids have made!

  32. Jill Jankoski says:

    I generally get my dad gift cards but I like some of the ideas here. They are great, especially if you are on a budget! I love the handmade and family-involved suggestions because sometimes the best things cannot be bought and are far more appreciated. Thanks for posting it!

  33. Suzydoorbell says:

    My dad was sentimental and found everything I did to be sweet and ingenious, but he *loved* the annual Father’s Day hand-made coupon books for laundry folding, dishwasher emptying, and vacuuming. He loved them even when I got older, especially as he became less able to do for himself.

  34. Rightprice1 says:

    A discounted round of golf is always a winner at our house.

  35. Stamica says:

    Great Ideas!

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