Quiz: What Type of Work-at-Home Job is Best for You?

Few things are worse than working at a job you’re not suited for. Why not take our quiz to find out what type of virtual job might be best for you? Just answer 10 simple questions. Note: you may want to print the quiz to keep track of your answers.

1. I enjoy talking to people on the phone, in email, or online:
Yes (Score 1 in “S” and “C”)
No (Score 1 in “I” and “A”)
Sometimes (Score 1 in “M” and “B”)

2. My highest level of education is:
Bachelors degree or above (Score 1 in “M” and “A”)
Associate or technical degree, or certificate program (Score 1 in “B” and “I”)
A few college classes or none at all (Score 1 in “S” and “C”)

3. I enjoy numbers and/or detailed problems:
Yes (Score 1 in “A” and “I”)
No (Score 1 in “C” and “S”)
Sometimes (Score 1 in M” and “B”)

4. I have very strong writing skills:
Yes (Score 1 in “B” and “M”)
No (Score 1 in “S” and “A”)
Sometimes (Score 1 in “C” and “I”)

5. I’m good at projecting enthusiasm:
Yes (Score 1 in “S” and “B”)
No (Score 1 in “A” and “I”)
Sometimes (Score 1 in “C” and “M”)

6. I enjoy resolving problems:
Yes (Score 1 in “C” and “I”)
No (Score 1 in “B” and “S”)
Sometimes (Score 1 in “M” and “A”)

7. I have experience working from home:
More than a year (Score 1 in “M” and “B”)
Less than a year (Score 1 in “C” and “I”)
None (Score 1 in “A” and “S”)

8. I prefer working alone:
Yes (Score 1 in “I” and “A”)
No (Score 1 in “S” and “M”)
Sometimes (Score 1 in “B” and “C”)

9. I’m very active on social media:
Yes (Score 1 in “S” and “B”)
No (Score 1 in “I” and “A”)
Sometimes (Score 1 in “M” and “C”)

10. I’m good at seeing the big picture:
Yes (Score 1 in “M” and “S”)
No (Score 1 in “C” and “A”)
Sometimes (Score 1 in “B” and “I”)

My Score:

A = _______

B =_______

C =_______

I =________

M =________

S =________

What does My Score Mean?
If you scored highest in the “A” category, you may be best suited for positions in Accounting, as a CPA, or in Coding and Billing. These are typically solitary jobs that require excellent spreadsheet skills and attention to detail. You will need a degree or certification for most.

Did you find yourself landing in the “B” category? Then Blogging, Writing or Social Media may be the right job for you. You’ll need to be very comfortable with the online world and have top-notch writing skills. To advance, you’ll probably need a degree or be able demonstrate proven results.

If category “C” was your top score, a Customer Service career may be just what you’re looking for. There are a myriad of options available for someone who enjoys talking to people and resolving problems. This is a great first work-at-home job that provides several opportunities for growth, even if you don’t have a degree.

Did you come up heavily in the “I” category? If so, you might make a good IT Person. Everything from coding, site maintenance, Internet security, and QA could be an option for you. To succeed, you’ll probably need a degree, although you may be able to get by on a certificate if you can demonstrate your skills.

If you found yourself visiting the “M” category, Management or a position as an Executive Assistant may be a good fit for you. You’ll need to be able to see the big picture and have excellent writing skills. A four-year degree will probably be a prerequisite for most positions, as will a successful ability to work from home.

Were there a lot of marks in the “S” category? Then Sales just might be your calling. You’ll need to be outgoing, enthusiastic and enjoy interacting with people. A degree usually doesn’t matter as potential employers are looking for a track record of proven results.

As with any quiz, the results are meant to spark reflection about your future possibilities. You will need to assess where you are now and plan where you’d like to be and set goals based upon that. You may also end up finding or creating a career outside these categories since it’s difficult to cover the vast variety of virtual vocations.

To find the job that’s right for you, visit the Virtual Vocations job board.

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About the Author
Mare is a Registered Nurse with a BS in Business Management, and is a social media fanatic. She’s had 18 years of experience working from home, and can be found at LiveWorld, where she’s a moderation manager. Mare found a position through Virtual Vocations back in 2007, and has been a fan of the site ever since.

4 thoughts on “Quiz: What Type of Work-at-Home Job is Best for You?

  1. Shannon Cyr says:

    I love this quiz!

  2. Jackie Crawford says:

    What a great quiz! These are great tips for when I am able to get my home business started! Doing a lot of research and reading as many articles/posts as I can is really opening up my eyes to things that I never even thought about. I am a stay at home mom and I’ve wrestled with the idea of going back to work, but I’d really hate to put my little one in daycare just so that I can make a little bit of money. I’ve been talking about wanting to work from home for a very long time and finally my husband suggested that I start my own business. I was talking to a friend of mine about it and I told her that I had no clue where to even start. She does a lot of work editing and she actually suggested that I read a book called “The Barefoot Executive” by Carrie Wilkerson and that it would be a great book to give me a push in the direction I wanted to go. She gave me her website too barefootexecutivebook.com where I was able to order the book. It’s been great so far. I was wondering if anyone can refer any other books or articles on this topic as well?

  3. Shannon Cyr says:

    Hi Jackie,

    Thank you for your comment. One of the books company founder, Laura Spawn, recommends is “The 4-Hour Work Week” by Timothy Ferriss.

    We’ll do some research and see what other resources we can find for you.

    Thanks for the comment!

  4. Susan Bailey says:

    I prefer to communitcate with people online. I enjoy technical and scientific subjects, history, english and math.

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