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If you telecommute, time tracking software is an indispensible tool. It can help you meet your deadlines, figure out where all the time in your day went, and track billable time. And, if you’re like me, you use multiple computers, a smart-phone, and a tablet to get your work done, which can make project tracking a nightmare. Thankfully, time tracking software can be accessed from anywhere and on multiple devices. With the right program you won’t lose track of important projects.

Here are a few options for time tracking software to help get you organized:

1. Toggl. This program has a simple interface that’s super easy to use. You can use a Web-only or a downloadable version. One downside is it’s Windows only, but it is free. There’s an online tour to give you an idea of what the program does, but for free it’s a great time-tracking tool to try out before spending a lot of money on another option.

2. Tick. Another program with an easy to use interface. It’s web-based and takes a little configuring, but has just about everything you’ll need. You can track your time daily and/or weekly, proving lots of flexibility. Although the application doesn’t let you generate monthly data, you can go back and forth a week at a time. Tick has a free option that allows only one open project at a time, or several pricing plans depending on how many projects you do at once. There’s a 30-day free trial to see if it works for you.

3. Harvest. Harvest is a professional time-tracking program that is designed for teams. With the ability to estimate projects, produce reports, generate invoices, it’s perfect for small-business owners. Like Tick, it has a web-based component and it offers several pricing options that ranging from $0 to $90 per month. Give it a try for free, but be warned – you might get hooked.

4. yaTimer.This time tracking tool isn’t available for the Web – it can only be used on a desktop or laptop, but it’s a ridiculously simple program. If you have basic time tracking needs, this is your best choice. You can color-code your tasks, track how your time is spent, and print timesheets. Try yaTimer free for 14 days; after that it’s $5.99 per month or $49 per year per user.

5. Freckle. Freckle is a great time tracking tool that offers well-chosen colors that make everything easy to see. You can track your time, days, and billable time, and you can see what your employees are working on. A single user account is only $12 a month, which is better than some of the more expensive options. This one also has a free trial to let you test it out. It may seem silly to evaluate the colors in this app, but they really do make time tracking enjoyable.

Do you use time tracking software to keep track of your hours and data, or do you just assume you’re working efficiently? Let us know what method or program you prefer.

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5 thoughts on “Top Time Tracking Software

  1. Kelsie says:

    TSheets Time Tracker is a great time tracking solution. They’ve been rated the most user-friendly app by customers and are the most customizable time tracking software I’ve seen on the market yet…

  2. Shannon Cyr says:

    Thanks for the tip, Kelsie! :)

  3. Roger says:

    This is a great blog on time tracking system. This topic is useful for every business as this is a part of inventory management that use tracking software for tools and time etc.

  4. RayZ says:

    Nice discussion Sarah! We are also using Time Doctor to track our time ever since we started an outsourcing business in Asia. At first it was only implemented to monitor 5 programmers but when we found out that it can also track employees in a company we have implemented it as our main tool for time tracking. Time doctor could have similarities with other software you mentioned but the years we have been with it makes it our ideal time tracker solution for our business.

  5. Mary Yanny says:

    Thanks for the list. We have been using Worksnaps which not only allows us to track our team members’ time, but also their work evidences. Worksnaps captures things like screenshot, computer activity (mouse/keyboard volume, applications used) etc and display them along side the time logged. This makes the time visually verifiable. This is especially useful in managing remote team where making sure that your members are focusing on tasks is very important.

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