11 Work-at-Home Jobs for Moms with High School Diplomas or GEDs

Do education requirements deter you from applying for remote jobs? We are pleased to tell you there are numerous available work-at-home jobs for moms with high school diplomas or GEDs. Check out these telecommute job descriptions to launch your job search.

Disclaimer: Each of these suggestions for work-at-home jobs for moms with a high school diploma or GED is based on openings found within the Virtual Vocations Database. We cannot guarantee that every job posting from any of these categories will only require a high school diploma or GED for applicant consideration. Ultimately, qualifications for a position are set by individual employers or industry standards and/or governing bodies within that field.

11 Work-at-Home Jobs for Moms with High School Diplomas or GEDs

Telecommuting offers opportunities to all aspiring workers regardless of education and work history. Many remote jobs in the Virtual Vocations database require a high school diploma or GED, and some accept experience in lieu of formal education. Plus, numerous employers offer entry-level positions with on-the-job training, so you don’t need to take classes or obtain any certifications to land a good-paying job. All you need are basic technology skills, professional conversation and writing skills, a solid work ethic, and time management proficiency.

Here are 11 remote jobs you can apply for today to gain work experience and skills needed to launch a stable career. Throughout the post, enjoy quotes from Virtual Vocations team members who have shared why they love being work-at-home moms.

1. Recruiter

Recruiters scour the web for qualified candidates and match them with vacant positions. They search social media profiles, websites, and other databases to prequalify jobseekers. Many recruiters work for employment agencies as either independent contractors or full-time employees. Some specialize in one industry, such as information technology or healthcare.

Median Salary: $47,800

Job Outlook: The BLS lumps recruiters into the “human resources specialists” category and expects 7% growth through 2026.

Similar Occupations: Talent Acquisition Specialist

Jobseeker Tip: Learn about the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and laws regarding employment discrimination. You’ll likely receive plenty of on-the-job training regarding ethics and legislation; however, it’s good to get a head start.

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2. Customer Success Specialists

Customer success specialists assist callers, answer emails, and respond to online chat messages. They help customers access account information, purchase services, troubleshoot errors, process payments, and find solutions to problems. Customer success specialists can work in any time zone, but sometimes employers expect dedicated work hours.

Median Salary: $32,890

Job Outlook: 5% growth through 2026

Similar Occupations: Customer Care Representative, Client Support Specialist

Jobseeker Tip: For this occupation, you must genuinely enjoy helping other people and explaining things clearly. If you do not like talking on the phone, then this job may not be a good fit for you.

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“I dreaded going back to my office job after my daughter was born. Staying at home with her gave me the peace of mind to know she was under the best possible care. But I felt like something was missing from my life and working from home fills that void. I’m able to contribute to my family’s finances, feel accomplished by finishing my shift each day, and engage in adult conversation in an otherwise isolated world. The best part is that I can still spend time at home every day with my kids!”
—Ashley Dilley, Virtual Vocations Job Quality Specialist

3. Insurance Claims Representative

Insurance claims representatives help individuals file insurance claims by gathering information and determining a course of action. Some representatives even have the authority to assess claims and make preliminary conclusions. Representative also help insurance customers understand their coverage and the claims process, enter information into a software program, and serve as a point of contact for both customers and the insurance company.

Median Salary: $44,583

Job Outlook: The BLS predicts little change for claims adjusters, appraisers, examiners, and investigators. However, insurance appraisers for auto damage may see a 5% growth through 2026.

Similar Occupations: Insurance Claims Adjuster, Insurance Claims Specialist

Jobseeker Tip: Insurance claims representatives typically handle calls from people who have experienced an accident, theft, natural disaster, or other unfortunate life events. You’ll need to be comfortable speaking with individuals who are distressed, especially in situations when customers are dissatisfied with insurance company’s decisions.

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4. Sales Representative

Sales representatives usually need certain personality traits and the right internal motivation over specific business or technical skills. You generally learn technical information regarding products and services on the job. However, if you have knowledge related to a field, such as software, women’s clothing, or electronics, you may want to start with companies who specialize in areas within your current knowledge scope.

Median salary: $52,510

Job Outlook: The BLS predicts a 3% growth for all sales and related occupations and 7% growth specifically for sales representatives who sell services, such as advertising and insurance.

Similar Occupations: Inside Sales Representative, Sales Agent

Jobseeker Tip: If you don’t have direct sales experience, think about your customer service, leadership, communication, and management skills that you acquired from other jobs or activities. Leverage these qualities in your job application materials and during interviews.

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5. Technical Support Specialist

Are you the go-to person when your friends and family have problems with their smartphones and computers? If so, why not get paid to help other people troubleshoot their devices? Technical support specialists are customer service representatives who focus on technology issues and questions. Most jobs offer flexible schedules, but some may require you to keep regular hours during specific time frames.

Median Salary: $50,210

Job Outlook: 11% growth through 2026

Similar Occupations: IT Support Technician, Desktop Support Technician

Jobseeker Tip: Since this job may require you to take phone calls from customers, make sure you have a quiet place to work and set clear boundaries. Let the kids know that you cannot be disturbed except for emergencies and maintain strict “quiet hours” to avoid background noise.

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6. Healthcare Advocate

Healthcare advocates serve as liaisons between patients and healthcare practitioners. They ensure that patients receive prescribed health plans and have all necessary resources and accommodations. Advocates also serve as educators to inform patients about their condition, available resources and services, and legal rights.

Median salary: $42,492

Job Outlook: The BLS includes these professionals in the “community health workers” category and expects 18% growth through 2026.

Similar Occupations: Patient Advocate, Community Health Worker

Jobseeker Tip: Before applying for jobs, study medical terminology, wellness concepts, and healthcare ethics so that you are prepared to demonstrate your familiarity with industry terms. If you have experience caring for a relative or friend, share some specific examples of how you demonstrate advocacy.

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“What I love most about being a work-at-home mom is that I get to be around for the little things, like when my youngest wants to show me a wild turkey outside after school or when my oldest plops into the chair in my office and tells me about what so-and-so said at lunch that day.” 
—Laura Spawn, Virtual Vocations Co-Founder and CEO

7. Writer

Do you enjoy writing blog articles, creating website copy, researching topics, or drafting white papers? Writers are always in high demand, especially for creating online content. You can usually work whenever and wherever, so long as you adhere to quotas and deadlines. However, some positions, such as technical, medical, and business writing, may require you to work certain hours so that you can attend meetings and be available for questions and revisions. Online content jobs often pay per word, where proposal, grant, and other business writing jobs can offer a monthly salary.

Median Salary: $61,820

Job Outlook: 8% growth through 2026

Similar Occupations: Online Content Writer, Proposal Writer, Copywriter

Jobseeker Tip: When looking for content writing jobs, choose a company or topics that match your current knowledge or experience. It’s easier to write about what you know about than spend time researching unfamiliar subjects. As you gain experience, you can branch out to related topics to broaden your abilities and participate in more lucrative projects.

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8. Editor

Maybe you don’t care for writing, but you like to read and improve upon others’ work. Or perhaps you enjoy planning content and assigning topics to writers, then compiling and creating a publication. Employers seek two kinds of editors – proofreaders and content managers – and neither generally require advanced education. However, jobs related to scientific research papers, for instance, usually need at least a master’s degree. Jobs related to general online publications, such as lifestyle blogs, local news, and events, require excellent grammar, attention to detail, and organizational skills.

Median Salary: $58,770

Job Outlook: The BLS predicts little or no change for editors overall; however, they do expect growth for online editors.

Similar Occupations: Content Manager, Assistant Editor

Jobseeker Tip: Brush up on your grammar skills and learn digital marketing tactics. Employers often expect professionals to have broad knowledge of online media, including writing, illustration, and marketing.

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9. Social Media Strategist

Do you enjoy posting messages and photographs on social media platforms and engaging with your followers? Social media strategists extend a company’s brand online by creating consistent messages that reach various audiences. Social media is a critical advertising channel for businesses of any size and a way to research customer interests, needs, and trends.

Median Salary: $47,767

Job Outlook: The BLS includes social media professionals in the “public relations specialists” category, which is expected to have 9% growth through 2026.

Similar Occupations: Social Media Manager, Social Media Specialist

Jobseeker Tip: Be sure your social media profiles are current, consistent, and professional. The best way to demonstrate that you can build a following and create an online brand is to maintain your own profiles.

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“My kids love that I work from home! Both of my kids learned to sit and read or play with building blocks next to me while I work. It’s helped my oldest get used to kindergarten.”
—Sarah Hill, Virtual Vocations Company Research Department Manager

10. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist

Search engine optimization (SEO) specialists ensure that company websites and other online media rank high in search engine results. They evaluate website content, such as landing page text, image captions, headings, and links and test the effectiveness of specific keywords. They may also suggest ways to optimize content and submit website analytics reports to managers.

Median Salary: $43,389

Job Outlook: The BLS refers to “search marketing strategists” in the “market research analyst and market specialist” category, which is expected to grow by 23% through 2026.

Similar Occupations: SEO Marketer, SEO Evaluator

Jobseeker Tip: Learn various SEO tools and stay up to date on SEO best practices. Take Google Analytics’ free online courses to understand how website traffic works and how to evaluate and report on keyword effectiveness.

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11. Translator

If you are fluent in multiple languages, including sign language, why not get paid to translate conversations, video, audio, and online content? Business, finance, legal, travel, information technology, and healthcare are examples of industries continually seeking reliable translators. Translators can usually work as much or as little as they want, but some need to be available during business hours to provide real-time translations during live meetings.

Median Salary: $47,190

Job Outlook: 18% growth through 2026

Similar Occupations: Interpreter, Sign Language Interpreter

Jobseeker Tip: Prepare audio and written samples of your language fluency and post them to your online profiles or professional website. That way, companies can quickly assess your competency and verify that you are indeed fluent in multiple languages.

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