Telecommute Jobs Battle: Freelance Writer vs. Transcriptionist

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We’re pitting two of the most popular work-from-home jobs against each other to see which online job reigns supreme. Cast your vote in today’s Facebook poll to pick today’s winner:

freelancewiter vs transcriptionist

Freelance Writer Logo - FINAL Freelance Writer
Endurance: 5-60 hours per week
Mastery: Creativity, self-discipline, resourcefulness
Wealth: +10-50 dollars per hour
Strength: Ability to captivate readers in a single word
Weaknesses: Compulsively corrects other’s use of grammar
Happiness Meter: 100% telecommuter

The pen is mightier than the sword, and the Freelance Writer is proof positive of this! When you do battle with the Freelance Writer you must also combat the entire force of the English language, which he commands as easily as Storm manipulates the weather.

While navigating the professional writing sector as an independent contractor, this literary titan has the flexibility to work when and where he wants. Whether writing under a contract as an employer or crafting his own ideas to shop publishers, the Freelance Writer revels in the freedom this brave a new world of writing offers. In addition to capitalizing on print and online publishing avenues, the Freelance Writer may create original content for product descriptions, email campaigns, press releases, advertising, books, journals, and magazines.

A battle with the Freelance Writer doesn’t simply end after the title bout. The Freelance Writer has the talent to compose a perfectly punctuated rebuke after every attack. This tactic plays right into the Freelance Writer’s greatest asset: an observant nature. Always on the lookout for a potential story or inspiration, The Freelance Writer never misses a single detail, or a telecommute battle!

Transcriptionist Logo - FINAL Transcriptionist
Endurance: 10-40 hours per week
Mastery: Attentive to detail, excellent listening skill, spelling
Wealth: +15-25 dollars per hour
Strength: Lightening fast typing speed
Weaknesses: Overexposure to dictation can turn transcriptionist into a dictator
Happiness Meter: 100% telecommuter

All those entering the ring against the Transcriptionist should quake in fear of her lightning fast fingers while standing back in amazement at her bat-like hearing. Based predominately in the medical and legal sectors, this speed demon of the keyboard transforms spoken word into written text using a foot pedal and a home computer.

As if simultaneously hearing, processing, and typing weren’t enough, the Transcriptionist must also decode jargon, abbreviations and terminology into intelligible words. No matter where she works, the Transcriptionist records physician’s notes, medical examinations and procedures, legal interrogatories, depositions, and courtroom notes. Intimate and up-to-date knowledge of professional terminology and trends is paramount to the transcriptionist’s victory.

In addition to possessing bionic hands and ears, the Transcriptionist is also is a stickler for grammar. From deducing proper punctuation from a spoken conversation to working with Non-standard English, she has a knack for making every technical document read like the work of Longfellow. She never struggles with auto-formatting issues similarly to the way she won’t have to struggle to defeat her opponent!

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