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Project Manager vs Nurse

Project Manager Logo - FINAL Project Manager
Endurance: 20-80 hours per week
Mastery: Patience, leadership, sees big picture
Wealth: +25-60 dollars per hour
Strength: Extraordinary ability to enthuse and inspire
Weaknesses: Propensity to get bogged down in details
Happiness Meter: 80% telecommuter

If the Project Manager is looking for an alter ego for his superhero persona, he should call himself Captain Organized. No matter the project, he will keep it on time, on track, and on budget.

This overseer exudes leadership in everything he does. Being a devoted delegator is an obvious strength, but when the buck stops, it’s on his Herculean shoulders. In charge of everything from assigning and managing staff, allocating resources, and developing and maintaining budgets, the Project Manager thrives in high-stress situations, especially where a head-to-head battle for bragging rights is concerned.

One of the Project Manager’s most prized skills is his ability to effectively problem solve. No matter the size or scope of the issue, the Project Manager is available to remedy it. Being a manager of staff, he is also skilled at balancing his assertive leadership role with the approachability and patience needed to successfully work with others.

Don’t let his empathy fool any would-be challengers. When the time comes, the Project Manager will take any opponent to task in a well-organized a manner. After all, no one said a heated match can’t also be a well-managed one.

Nurse Logo - FINAL Nurse
Endurance: 20-60 hours per week
Mastery: Compassion, empathy, people management
Wealth: +20-40 dollars per hour
Strength: Accelerated ability to triage hundreds of calls while still providing exceptional care
Weaknesses: Tendency to become emotionally attached to patients
Happiness Meter: 100% telecommuter

From LPN to RN, this health hero goes by many names, but she functions with one sole purpose: bettering the lives of others. What could be more powerful than that? While servicing patients both before and after medical visits, the Telecommute Nurse utilizes her medical knowledge and experience to assist you in your time of need.

Making appointments with doctors, triaging patients, and coordinating post-procedure care are all part the job description of this miracle worker. When providing patients with the health services they require, she maintains the highest level of professionalism and decorum. Even when counseling individuals at their darkest hours, the Telecommute Nurse remains composed and supportive throughout the treatment and healing process. And if this show of empathy wasn’t enough, the Nurse provides information and support to family members as well.

Despite her extreme sense of compassion, simply labeling a Nurse as a softy would flat line any challenger’s chances. This medical maven is a master of efficiency, demonstrated by her goal of reducing emergency waiting room stints and return trips to the doctor’s office. Competitors, prepare yourself well for battle with the Telecommute Nurse or you’ll be called a Code Blue!

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