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17 Rules for Surviving a Scary Remote Job Interview

You uploaded your resumé, submitted the application, and sent an outstanding email with the most genuine salutation possible. Now all you can do is wait. Maybe they’ll accept you. Maybe they’ll slaughter your hopes. Days pass with no response from the employer. The silence haunts your every thought. Cold globules of sweat scratches past your […]

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Virtual Interviews: 9 Questions Candidates May Ask and How to Respond

Whether you are the Talent Acquisition Manager, the employee’s direct supervisor, or the CEO of the company, it is always good to think about how you will respond to your candidates’ questions during virtual interviews. With the cost of hiring new talent on the rise and the fierce competition for highly qualified workers in today’s […]

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Happy Halloween! Kick off the spookiest day of the year with these Virtual Vocations staff and reader job interview horror stories and learn how to improve your own job interview strategy.

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Virtual Interviewing: Strategies and Tips for Employees and Employers

You’ve read the Virtual Vocations blog guides on Telecommuting Resume Writing and Telecommuting Cover Letters. Now, the web’s largest and most comprehensive telecommute-only jobs board explores effective virtual interviewing strategies and tips for employees and employers.  Hiring managers are constantly searching for ways to spend less time, energy and money while still locating the best match for each of […]

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6 Remote Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

Great news! You’ve located your dream work-at-home job in our Telecommute Jobs Database and revised your resume to make yourself more marketable to employers. Now it’s time for the next hiring test: your remote interview. If you’re new to telecommuting or returning to a home-based work model after some time away in an onsite position, a remote […]

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6 Virtual Interview Tips for Millennials

Telecommuting opens up a world of possibilities for millennials. From a higher sense of purpose and greater work-life balance to long-lasting bonds with their employers, more and more millennials are opting to work remotely. If you’re a 20- to 30-something with an upcoming virtual interview, follow our six-step checklist to stay ahead of the curve and show […]


So, I’ve Interviewed…Now What?

Once a job interview is in the record books it’s easy to kick your feet up and think, “Now I can relax and wait for my offer.” However, the often overlooked reality is that your post-interview actions are just as important as the job interview itself. Following your next job interview, don’t sit on your hands. […]

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How to Politely Reject a Job Offer

With more than three-quarters of our registered Virtual Vocations members applying to up to three telecommute job openings per month, according to our 2015 Year-End Report, the need to decline a job offer is a reality for many job seekers.  If you find yourself fortunate enough to be presented with multiple job offers, follow our advice […]

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Job Interview Tips You Never Saw Coming

Tired of the same ol’ job interview advice? We’re here to shake up your job search! If you’ve had your fill of telecommuting job interview suggestions that fail to translate into measurable results, it’s time to flip the script on your interviewing strategy and try these surprising tips: Be Nice to Everyone  Your job interview starts from […]


If You Aren’t Getting Interviews, Blame Your Resume

A true test of your resume’s quality is how many job interview requests you’ve received. If the phone isn’t ringing, blame your resume. In a highly saturated job market, submitting a top-notch resume is essential to getting interviews. Compare your document against this list of resume no-nos to ensure you’re on track to being a […]