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25 Home Office Accessories to Make Your Workspace Fierce

Looking for ways to spice up your home office? Check out our list of must-have home office accessories to add some fierce flair to your personal workspace.  25 Hot Home Office Accessories to Make Your Workspace Fierce There are two types of telecommuters in this world: those who geek out about designing their own workspace […]


Co-working Cost Analysis: Is Renting Workspace Really Worth It?

Do co-working spaces benefit telecommuters? It depends. If you’re a work-at-home professional and curious about co-working spaces, consider the pros and cons before committing to renting workspace. Co-working Cost Analysis: Is Renting Workspace Really Worth It?   The Global Coworking Unconference Conference (GCUC) team predicts that there will be 5.1 million co-workers by 2022. Freelancers, […]

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Organization Hacks: 20 Tips for Remote Professionals

One of the hardest parts of starting a new remote career is finding your organizational grove. With so much flexibility and no hard limit on office supplies in your own space, Virtual Vocations offers 20 organization hacks to help you be your best self while you work. 20 Organization Hacks for Remote Professionals When you […]

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Finding Spare Space for Your Home Office

Concerned that you don’t have enough space in your home for a home office? We’re showing you where to find the spare space you need.  Under the stairs. The recess under your stairs is an underutilized home office gem. Outfit the space with shelves and drawers, a smooth desk top, and an ergonomical chair and you’ll be on your […]

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Creating a Pet-Friendly Home Office

Not all telecommuters are work-at-home parents to human children; many of us are parents to fur babies who are important members of the family. You and your pets may enjoy being together while you work, but that doesn’t mean your home office is safe for your dogs and cats. Create a pet-friendly home office environment using […]

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Beat the heat and big summer utility bills with these tips for prepping your home office for a temperature spike.

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4 Eco-Friendly Home Office Accessories

This Earth Day, consider incorporating these inexpensive and eco-friendly home office accessories into your home office decor to help you save some dough while saving the environment.  3-Tier Bamboo Desk Organizer. For less than $20 you can tidy up your desk with a bamboo desktop organizer from Organizeit.com. This organizer is made from renewable and eco-friendly bamboo […]

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Allergy Proofing Your Home Office

Our allergy proofing tips are nothing to sneeze at!  Spring is a welcome change from winter for most of us, but if you’re a telecommuter and allergy sufferer, this can be rough time of year. Keep your body healthy so you can keep your productivity high by implementing these simple fixes to hold allergens at bay in your […]

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What Your Home Office Color Says About You

You may have known that color influences your mood, but did you know that the color of your home office can indicate which telecommute career is your best match? Scroll down to discover what your home office color conveys about your professional personality and your ideal telecommute job. Red Telecommuter Traits: Ambitious, determined, resourceful Telecommute Job Categories to […]