Remote Companies Hiring During Record Unemployment and COVID-19

May 2020 Monthly Remote Jobs Update and companies still hiring during COVID-19

As 42 states begin the process of partially opening or reopening and eight more weigh their options, few things have changed for those out of work. Yet as tough as the current scenario is, remote job opportunities from Virtual Vocations may be your chance to rejoin the workforce or capitalize on the newfound popularity of working from home. Discover top companies that are still hiring during COVID-19, and carve out your virtual work niche.

Just three months ago, the United States had an unemployment rate of 3.5%—the lowest in 50 years.  And then the COVID-19 pandemic struck, plunging a huge portion of the workforce into an uncertain future. Since mid-March, over 20.5 million Americans have filed for unemployment, rocketing the unemployment rate to 16%—the highest since the Great Depression.

But despite economic and labor hurdles, remote work continues to thrive. Some experts even believe virtual employment will reshape the way people work in the future. So there’s no better time than today to become a proactive member of the remote work revolution. Here are some of the best remote-friendly companies currently hiring.

Top Companies Hiring Remote Workers in May

  • Capgemini
  • Concentrix
  • Kraken
  • Oracle
  • ProCare Therapy
  • Radiology Partners
  • Saylor Academy
  • Soliant Health
  • VocoVision
  • Worldwide Clinical Trials, Inc.


Companies Hiring for Remote IT Jobs

Cisco Systems, Inc.

Remote Jobs Open: 11

What They Do: With over 75,000 employees, Cisco Systems, Inc. is one of the largest IT companies in the world. In 2020, Fortune Magazine ranked Cisco number four on a list of the top 100 companies to work for.

NTT Data, Inc.

Remote Jobs Open: 13

What They Do: NTT Data, Inc. is a Japanese systems integration company with 120,000 employees worldwide. Its product offerings include automation, data operations, and cloud management software.


Remote Jobs Open: 19

What They Do: Qcentrio is an IT company that specializes in enterprise resource planning, UX designing, e-commerce, and cloud computing.

The Virtual Vocations Information Technology Industry Guide is full of useful information if you’re searching for a remote IT job.


Companies Hiring for Remote Sales Jobs


Remote Jobs Open: 67

What They Do: Oracle is a Fortune 500 tech and computer services company. Although a bulk of their workforce is made up of IT professionals, the conglomerate often hires inside and outside salespeople to promote their software and consulting services.

Slingshot, Inc.

Remote Jobs Open: 4

What They Do: Slingshot, Inc. is a Utah-based company that connects consumers with home service providers. This includes HVAC, pest control, and lawn care companies that Slingshot partners with on a routine basis.

Take your virtual sales position to the next level with the Virtual Vocations Sales Industry Guide.


Companies Hiring for Remote Healthcare Jobs

Iris Telehealth

Remote Jobs Open: 12

What They Do: Based out of Austin, Texas, Iris Telehealth is a leading provider of telepsychiatry services. They also provide hospital and community services for patients who may need in-person attention.

ProCare Therapy

Remote Jobs Open: 186

What They Do: ProCare Therapy is a healthcare staffing agency. Using its placement network, ProCare matches qualified healthcare professionals with ideal clients.

Radiology Partners

Remote Jobs Open: 23

What They Do: Radiology Partners is the largest physician-owned radiology practice in the country. To assist their onsite staff, the company often hires remote radiologists and assistants to assess charts, make diagnoses, and more.

Our Telemedicine Industry Guide for Healthcare Professionals enables you to learn more about what it’s like to become a telemedicine professional.


Companies Hiring for Remote Account Management Jobs


Remote Jobs Open: 25

What They Do: Kraken is the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange. Providing streamlined access to Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and more, Kraken provides safe, reliable trades without threats to financial or online security.

Worldwide Clinical Trials, Inc.

Remote Jobs Open: 27

What They Do: Founded by a group of physicians, Worldwide Clinical Trials is an acclaimed contract research association. Through clinical trials, the organization can effectively manage the accounts of its clients and bring prescription drugs to the market more quickly.

The Telecommute Toolkit gives you the resources you need to excel in a virtual account management job.


Companies Hiring for Remote Education Jobs


Remote Jobs Open: 14

What They Do: Cybrary is an online e-learning provider. Using an in-depth curriculum, the organization trains its clients’ employees in IT and cybersecurity protocols and topics.

PrepNow, Inc.

Remote Jobs Open: 5

What They Do: Started in 1999, PrepNow, Inc. is a provider of home-based tutoring. While the company offers programs in math and science, most of its learning modules are geared toward SAT and ACT preparation.

Saylor Academy

Remote Jobs Open: 21

What They Do: Saylor Academy is an online nonprofit education company. With comprehensive online courses, Saylor offers certifications, tuition-free college credits, and supplemental materials for a variety of students.

The Virtual Vocations Industry Guide for Education Professionals provides statistics and relevant information to the world of remote education employment.


Companies Hiring for Remote Project Management Jobs

ABCO Maintenance

Remote Jobs Open: 23

What They Do: Founded in 1982 in New York City, ABCO Maintenance is a full-service HVAC maintenance company. However, the company often needs remote project managers to digitally monitor and supervise new construction and maintenance work.

Blue Star Families

Remote Jobs Open: 4

What They Do: Founded by military spouses in 2009, Blue Star Families is a nonprofit outreach organization for military families. Currently, the organization has 150,000 members to help curb isolation, provide peer support, and fight economic insecurity for military spouses and children.

Integrity Management Services, Inc.

Remote Jobs Open: 7

What They Do: Integrity Management Services, Inc. is a project management and consulting firm. To enable clients to focus on their specialties, Integrity offers data analytics, audits, compliance, and staffing.

With the Virtual Vocations Interview Guide for Telecommuters, you’ll discover how to prepare for an interview and land the perfect telecommute job.


Companies Hiring for Remote Human Services Jobs

Soliant Health

Remote Jobs Open: 60

What They Do: Soliant Health is a human services and healthcare staffing company. Currently, the organization places qualified individuals in remote positions across the country in areas such as nursing, speech-language pathology, and psychology.


Remote Jobs Open: 616

What They Do: VocoVision is a therapeutic telepractice and educational services company. By linking specially trained professionals to children in need, VocoVision provides the service needed for those with impairments and disabilities.

The Telecommute Toolkit provides the tools and information you need to succeed as a remote worker in human services.


Companies Hiring for Remote Customer Service Jobs


Remote Jobs Open: 21

What They Do: Concentrix is a business services provider. To streamline the processes of their clients, Concentrix offers finance, accounting, consulting, and customer service solutions.

Momentum Solar Company

Remote Jobs Open: 4

What They Do: Based in New Jersey, Momentum Solar Company is a nationwide provider of solar panels and renewable energy sources. They often hire remote individuals to handle customer service and customer support related to their product line.

Sutherland Global Services

Remote Jobs Open: 9

What They Do: Sutherland Global Services is a business processes company. With customer service, analytics, and more, the firm streamlines the operations of its clients.

Learn more about the remote work world and how to build an online presence to land a customer service job with our Telecommuting Handbook.


Companies Hiring for Remote Consulting Jobs


Remote Jobs Open: 25

What They Do: Capgemini is a French company that offers technology consulting and digital transformation services. This includes cybersecurity, automation, applied innovation, and artificial intelligence.

LPL Financial, LLC

Remote Jobs Open: 4

What They Do: LPL Financial is a financial consulting and services firm. With an integrated software platform that provides advisory services to 16,000 customers, it’s also the nation’s largest broker-dealers.

Rego Consulting

Remote Jobs Open: 5

What They Do: A 2020 Workfront Partner of the Year, Rego Consulting provides training and expert guides for project portfolio management. The company currently works with 50% of Fortune 100 companies and has taught over 600,000 end users.

Thanks to the Virtual Vocations Industry Guide for Professionals, you can discover opportunities as a virtual consultant.


Companies Hiring for Remote Marketing Jobs


Remote Jobs Open: 4

What They Do: DVMelite is a 100%-remote marketing firm that works exclusively with veterinary clinics. Through its full-service marketing solutions, they increase the visibility, sales, and reach of private veterinary practices around the country.


Remote Jobs Open: 8

What They Do: Based in the Netherlands, BlueNovius is a global leader in marketing for pharmaceutical companies. The company also provides software that turns data and analytics into usable information. 

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Companies Hiring for Onsite Positions

Although the future of employment may become more remote, many companies have vacancies for onsite positions. Whether you need a stepping stone between jobs, some supplemental income, or you just need to get out of the house, here are some employment opportunities.

Chipotle (Financial Accountant, Real Estate Manager, Restaurant Team Member)

FedEx (Delivery Driver, Package Recovery Agent, Warehouse Worker)

Fresh Thyme (Bookkeeper, Cashier, Distribution Center Employee)

Save-a-Lot (Assistant Store Manager, Corporate Software Engineer, Store Clerk) 

Sonic (Carhop, Cook, Manager)

Even as states and most of the world attempt a return to normalcy, the future remains unclear. Thankfully, you aren’t alone. With Virtual Vocations as your partner, you can explore a vetted job board with thousands of job listings. Combined with the Telecommute Toolkit and our career services, you can spare yourself the facemask as you handle your business from home.


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