Use these tips and advice to help you find a fulfilling job role as a remote worker.

The Best Advice for Remote Jobseekers Looking for a More Fulfilling Role

In this guest post, stay-at-home mom and blogger Lisa Walker discusses how aspiring and current remote workers can find a more fulfilling role. By doing so, these jobseekers can find a sense of achievement and gratification in their personal and professional lives.

Do you feel you could make a bigger difference but haven’t found the right niche? Sometimes, it can seem as if you aren’t making the contribution you thought you might. Or you might be better off in a remote role. If you’re rethinking your career path toward something more satisfying, read on to discover ways to reach new heights in your work and find a more fulfilling role, whether it’s by moving on or moving up.

Pursuit of Happiness

Philosopher Albert Schweitzer is quoted as having said:

“The only ones among you who will be really happy are those who will have sought and found how to serve.”

Many of us feel drawn to helping others, and finding that unique capacity that suits us can be challenging. If you’re feeling dissatisfied, there are new directions to explore.

Finding New Avenues

Fulfillment and satisfaction can come in many forms, and as we go through phases in life, it’s not unusual to decide what used to be meaningful is no longer important. Values and circumstances change as our experiences shape us. Sometimes, the bottom line is that it’s time for a new career — maybe even a remote one. That can seem like a daunting prospect if you’re already well-established. But there are plenty of options out there that offer nearly seamless transitions. Try taking assessments to help you narrow your focus. Once you’ve identified your personality type and interests, it’s easier to decide how to get there.

Ideas With Ideals

One of the biggest psychological barriers to making a great change is the belief you need entirely new credentials. Thankfully, you can make use of your existing training or expertise and still give your work life that much-needed refresher. 

For example, speech pathologists must have a Master’s degree in speech pathology, but Chron explains that no particular undergraduate education is necessary. The position requires in-person clinicals, but you can attend an online school for most of your graduate classwork. Similarly, many women who are interested in helping others look to a career in social work. While an undergraduate degree in social work is helpful, it’s not necessary. Plus, the work offers opportunities to work with people of all ages, backgrounds, and circumstances. 

Another idea is to take your current specialization to the nonprofit realm. While working for a nonprofit is unlikely to be as lucrative as other career paths, there are a wide variety of organizations working toward making the world a better place. It’s a chance to carry all of your existing skills and knowledge with you into a role that’s more meaningful. You can use the Virtual Vocations filtering feature to search for remote nonprofit jobs.

Ladder Climbing

Perhaps you’re already working in a career where you help others, but you’re not sure how to advance yourself. Knowing you are capable of more leadership or larger responsibility is frustrating. Promotions often go to those who set standards for their teams by problem-solving, working independently, and showing competence even when under stress. Ensure you’re noticed by those above you. If you’re routinely overlooked, consider having a conversation with your supervisor about value, abilities, and goals.

Budding Boss

2020 was a difficult year for women in the workforce. Many struggled with unemployment due to the pandemic. But in some industries, they found themselves overworked and exhausted. In addition, many women had to balance working from home with childcare and supervising virtual schooling.

If you were frustrated with your professional life in 2020, you might want to explore entrepreneurship in 2021. Starting your own business can be the key to professional freedom and a more fulfilling role. Yes, it’s hard work. But you can set your own hours and be picky with your clients. How do you start a business online? You can begin by filing for an LLC through an online formation service. An LLC is an ideal business structure because it helps you to save money on your taxes and it protects your assets. Need something less complicated? You can start as a sole proprietorship without the need for extra paperwork. Either way, you’re becoming your own boss.

Disenchantment Can Be Your Great Motivator

Whether you’re disenchanted with your current role, ready to make a bigger impact on your section of the universe, or searching for ways to get noticed at work, there are ample options for a more satisfying career. Examine your passions, and find ways to make a healthy transition to remote work. You can find a fulfilling role and can make a difference, both for yourself and for others.

Author Bio

Lisa Walker is a proud SAHM (Stay at Home Mom). She enjoys trail hiking and beach-combing with her husband Jake when not busy with her boys and home improvement projects. She created Neighborhood Sprout as a passion project to share her love of homeownership with others.

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