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Top 15 New York Remote Jobs

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Not everyone is cut out for the traditional 9-to-5 job. With the best-paying New York remote jobs listed below, you won’t have to compromise. Check out these positions to find out what’s in high demand and begin your new career as a remote or telecommute worker.

1. Risk Manager

Annual Salary: $62.45 per hour (BLS, 2019)

Job Growth Rate: 16% (BLS)

Job Description: Most risk managers have expertise in a particular facet of risk, such as safety, security, public relations, or finance. Due to their experience, they can evaluate certain scenarios to avoid or mitigate those repercussions to save an organization time and money. In addition, they may also be involved in employee risk mitigation training.

Requirements: Similar to other managers, risk managers usually hold a degree in business administration or a business-related field. Although there is no risk management degree, some universities are offering it as a concentration, solidifying the path to risk management for interested individuals.

2. Sales Manager

Annual Salary: $60.89 per hour (BLS, 2019)

Job Growth Rate: 5% (BLS)

Job Description: A sales manager is the team leader for a sales team. In this role, they coach and mentor salespeople, set quotas, assign territories, and monitor the performance of the team. Sales managers may also have the role of hiring and firing staff.

Requirements: In some situations, sales managers can be top-performing salespeople that management deems competent for the role. They may also have a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree in a business-related field.

3. Business Development Manager

Annual Salary: $54.50 per hour (BLS, 2019)

Job Growth Rate: 8% (BLS)

Job Description: Another popular New York remote job is a business development manager. Through their expertise and experience, these managers drive market expansion and increase revenue. To attain these lofty goals, a business development manager leads sales initiatives, recommends new products and services, forges relationships with clients, and tracks emerging markets and trends.

Requirements: A bachelor’s degree in a business-related field is mandatory to become a business development manager. Most employers also search for three to five years in marketing, sales, or a related industry. In some cases, a master’s degree may also be preferred.

4. Software Developer

Annual Salary: $50.77 per hour (BLS, 2019)

Job Growth Rate: 21% (BLS)

Job Description: Software developers program software for systems or applications. In this position, they design, code, and test software for ease of use in a consumer setting or for employees. They may also troubleshoot any bugs or coding errors and train co-workers or end-users on how to use the software.

Requirements: To become a software developer, most candidates have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or software engineering. Self-taught individuals may also have an opportunity to become a software developer with the right mix of industry certifications and hands-on experience. Above all, most employers are looking for a blend of talent, education, and creativity.

5. Network Engineer

Annual Salary: $40.15 per hour (BLS, 2019)

Job Growth Rate: 5% (BLS)

Job Description: A network engineer is responsible for overseeing every aspect of a company’s information system including local and wide area networks (LAN/WAN), as well as intranet and extranet systems. Responsibilities include the installation, configuration, and administration of systems as needed. They may also provide training and user manuals to help co-workers and other system users.

Requirements: Employers typically look for a bachelor’s degree in computer science, IT, or another computer-related field when hiring a network engineer. Although it isn’t 100% necessary, some employers also want candidates to hold a master’s degree in a computer-related concentration.

6. Case Manager

Annual Salary: $32.28 per hour (BLS, 2019)

Job Growth Rate: 13% (BLS)

Job Description: In a medical sense, a case manager is a registered nurse who deals with social work rather than the more clinical aspects of the nursing field. They evaluate the situations and needs of a patient and figure out a regimen or course to nurse them back to health.

Requirements: Like a registered nurse, a case manager must pass the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLE-RN) to practice. Case managers typically possess a bachelor’s degree in nursing, as well as several years of relevant experience.

7. Financial Services Account Manager

Annual Salary: $29.94 (BLS, 2019)

Job Growth Rate: 4% (BLS)

Job Description: With a diverse array of financial institutions, a financial services account manager is a top New York remote job. These professionals handle the finances and investments of their clients. Consequently, they must monitor the market for fluctuations, provide sound investment advice, and coach clients on financial literacy.

Requirements: Most, if not all, financial managers have a degree in finance or a business-related field. However, many financial advisor positions only require a high school diploma. As such, the career path to becoming a financial services account manager may be achieved with the right experience in the industry.

8. Copy Editor

Annual Salary: $29.50 per hour (BLS, 2019)

Job Growth Rate: -3% (BLS)

Job Description: A copy editor reviews print or digital content for grammar, syntax, and spelling. In addition, the copy editor may also conduct fact-checking to ensure accuracy and monitor readability to maintain an appropriate level of reading difficulty for the intended audience. Most copy editors work hand-in-hand with writers to produce a cohesive product.

Requirements: Most copy editors have a bachelor’s degree in journalism, English, or creative writing. However, the internet has provided a forum for professionals in other concentrations to become copy editors. Employers may also ask for portfolios or make a candidate pass a written test in order to become a copy editor.

9. Computer Support Specialist

Annual Salary: $26.33 per hour (BLS, 2019)

Job Growth Rate: 10% (BLS)

Job Description: Computer support specialists are charged with servicing computer systems and providing technical support to co-workers or clients. Through phone calls or online correspondence, they provide troubleshooting, training, and instructional support to improve user efficiency. They may also resolve technical issues or improve system processes to ensure an organization’s computer systems are always available.

Requirements: A computer support specialist needs at least a high school diploma with a working knowledge of computer systems or relevant experience. High-level support specialists may also hold a bachelor’s degree with some earning a master’s degree.

10. Interpreter

Annual Salary: $24.92 per hour (BLS, 2019)

Job Growth Rate: 19% (BLS)

Job Description: With over 800 languages spoken in New York City alone, an interpreter is a hot New York remote job throughout the state. While a translator deals with written communication, an interpreter is an oral communicator. In business meetings with foreign-speaking firms, they can translate one language to another. This is an invaluable resource for businesses dealing with firms from abroad. Interpreters may also work with the local community to help integrate immigrants from abroad.

Requirements: Although some interpreters hold a four-year degree in a second language or communication-related field, the only true requirement is the ability to accurately understand and communicate a conversation in two or more languages.

11. Paralegal

Annual Salary: $24.87 per hour (BLS, 2019)

Job Growth Rate: 12% (BLS)

Job Description: Paralegals work in law offices and government departments to provide administrative assistance for legal professionals. Aside from clerical work, paralegals have the responsibility of preparing affidavits, filing motions, and preparing documents for a court case. They may also interview potential clients or set meetings with current clients.

Requirements: The requirements for paralegals vary. Some employers search for individuals with a two-year diploma or four-year degree in paralegal studies while others may choose a candidate who’s an aspiring attorney. Furthermore, with the right mix of experience, administrative assistants with the relevant experience and a high school diploma may also find employment.

12. Payroll Specialist

Annual Salary: $19.49 per hour (BLS, 2019)

Job Growth Rate: 5% (BLS)

Job Description: Payroll specialists review the number of hours worked by employees, assess them for accuracy, and process their earnings. As a result, these individuals are responsible for cash flow and employee morale (to a lesser extent). Additionally, they’re also tasked with reviewing employees’ paid time off (PTO), sick days, and other leave.

Requirements: A position as a payroll specialist may only involve a high school diploma. However, strong math skills, attention to detail, and computer skills are required.

13. Medical Coder

Annual Salary: $19.40 per hour (BLS, 2019)

Job Growth Rate: 11% (BLS)

Job Description: Medical coders take the charts of patients and translate the document into codes. These codes provide an easy, shorthand link between insurance companies, patients, and physicians. Medical coders work with a variety of health care businesses, including private practices, hospitals, hospices, and nursing homes. Because of low barriers of entry, medical coders are always a popular New York remote job.

Requirements: To become a medical coder, most individuals complete an associate’s degree or a certificate program in medical billing and coding. In addition, a Certified Professional Coder (CPC) is a highly desirable credential that can earn medical coders a higher salary and provide more employment opportunities.

14. Executive Assistant

Annual Salary: $19.16 per hour (BLS, 2019)

Job Growth Rate: -7% (BLS)

Job Description: An executive assistant goes beyond the duties of an administrative assistant, handling more advanced day-to-day tasks on behalf of their employer. While they may still answer phone calls, set meetings, write letters, and send emails, they may also set budgets, supervise staff members, and report to high-level individuals such as the CEO. 

Requirements: In comparison to secretaries, executive assistants have either a bachelor’s degree or 10 years or more of relevant industry experience as an administrative assistant. Associate’s programs also offer opportunities for executive training programs.

15. Tutor

Annual Salary: $27,920 per year (BLS, 2019)

Job Growth Rate: 4% (BLS)

Job Description: Unlike a teacher, a tutor is a supplemental educator that builds upon in-class lessons. As a result, they provide additional training, exercises, and practice exams to their students. Most tutors work one-on-one with students to provide added attention to problematic studies. Moreover, tutors are available in every type of subject from French to mathematics to English and may teach students of any age or educational level.

Requirements: Tutors have no required formal education other than a high school diploma. For high-level subjects such as applied science, physics, or mathematics, a tutor may need a bachelor’s degree in those fields. Other jobs may only require a certification or relevant experience.

As you can see from this list of top-paying New York remote jobs, the Empire State is rife with opportunities. Together with Virtual Vocations, you can find a role that provides flexibility and boosts your remote work aspirations.


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