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What Remote Jobseekers Need to Know About Apple Work From Home Jobs

With a market cap of over $2 trillion, innovative products, and a proactive approach to remote work, Apple is one of the companies that many jobseekers dream about working for. During the COVID pandemic, the company went 100% remote, adding to the allure of the company for many job hunters. But in more recent developments, the company is at the forefront of a push back to the office that’s been met with opposition from its current employees. While a degree of uncertainty remains as to work arrangements, the allure of working for Apple persists. Here’s what you should know about Apple work from home jobs.

A Brief History of Apple

Founded in 1976 by a pair of college dropouts, Apple’s early years hardly sound like a success story. However, the vision of founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak were clear yet unconventional: to create a user-friendly computer that was easy to operate for every person on the planet.

The company started off by building computers piece by piece in a garage in Los Altos, California. Over the next 15 years, the success of the company was volatile. Fending off offers by Microsoft to license its software, Apple slowly gained market share in the 1980s, reaching the height of its success around 1990. However, due to stiff competition in the personal computing market, the company started a slow decline.

In the mid-1990s after stints with other companies, Steve Jobs returned to Apple and guided it on a successful run which culminated in the release of the iPhone in 2007. Since that time, the company has enjoyed astronomical growth with the development of phones, tablets, computers, and other technological products that have defined a generation. As part of its underdog story, Apple earned a market capitalization of $2.25 trillion in 2021, making it the largest company in the world and outpacing Amazon, Microsoft, and Alphabet in the process.

Why Apple Is One of the World’s Top-Rated Employers

While Apple’s reputation for high-quality products makes it a household name across the globe, its reputation as a great company for shareholders, customers, and workers makes it the most admired company in the world by Fortune magazine. And not just in 2021, but it’s remained the world’s most admired company for the 14th year in a row.

But what sets them apart from other tech giants, at least to their employees? The company breeds and encourages a culture of innovation. With over one billion devices in constant use around the globe, every bit of effort from employees makes them feel like they’re making a difference. Few other companies can offer that.

Apple and Employee Benefits

On top of its vibrant and motivating corporate culture, Apple work from home jobs also offer an unbeatable benefits package that other companies can hardly match. Some examples of its amazing benefits package include:

  • A 401(k) with a 6% match
  • Comprehensive medical, vision, and dental insurance
  • Paid parental leave of up to 16 weeks
  • Employee stock purchase plan
  • 24 days of combined PTO and sick leave for new employees
  • A relocation bonus of $7,000 for new hires that work in a hybrid arrangement
  • 25% discount on Apple products
  • Charity contributions matching up to $10,000 given by an employee
  • Access to Apple University for career advancement, training, and learning

Apple’s Awards

While Apple’s benefits and reputation speak for themselves, the company has also accumulated hundreds of awards over the past decade, solidifying its position as one of the world’s best and most loved employers. If you weren’t interested in Apple work from home jobs in the past, these awards may pique your interest. Some of Apple’s recognitions include:

  • #31 on Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work
  • #1 World’s Top Digital Companies by Forbes
  • One of the Best Employers for Women
  • #55 in America’s Best Employers by Forbes
  • #58 Best Employers for New Grads by Forbes

This list is by no means comprehensive. But with a dedication to diversity, inclusion, and equity, empowering women, and a digital approach to work, Apple creates a culture and atmosphere that’s unmatched by almost any other competitor or tech company.

Common Questions About Apple Work From Home Jobs

If you’ve always wanted to work for Apple, you may have some questions about how to do so. Here are a few of the most common inquiries.

How Do I Work for Apple From Home?

A high level of competition is one of the biggest detractors from you obtaining an Apple work from home job. The company has an endless list of applicants for nearly every position, which makes early application and a strong resume and cover letter essential. However, Apple posts many jobs on online job boards and its own website, allowing you to peruse job openings with ease. Check back with Virtual Vocations and the Apple website to see what the company has to offer.

Why Does Apple Pay Less for Working From Home?

The COVID pandemic shifted many workers from the office to the home office, much to the excitement of staff around the globe. But even as COVID numbers dipped sharply, the urge to work from home remains with as much as 2/3 of workers saying they’d take a pay cut to remain working from home.

However, despite the belief that Apple is paying less to work from home, research doesn’t support this idea. While Google has already stated a pay cut of up to 15% for employees, Apple hasn’t announced anything similar. However, Apple has mentioned that workers will only be allowed to work from home two days per week in the future — an idea that’s been contentious between management and employees.

How Virtual Vocations Can Help You Find Employment With Apple

Apple advertises job openings across the web, but other job boards don’t provide you with the supplemental materials and information to solidify your online candidacy. That’s when Virtual Vocations can help.

Virtual Vocations is a family-owned job board that specializes in helping new and veteran remote workers find the perfect position within the ranks of the work from home world. Along with thousands of job listings, Virtual Vocations also offers:

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And with both free and paid membership options available, Virtual Vocations allows you to find employment while meeting your budgetary needs. Sign up today to see Apple work from home jobs and open positions from thousands of other employers.

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