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The 4 Best Remote Jobs in Charlotte

Charlotte, or the Queen City as it is affectionately nicknamed, is a city full of Southern charm and modern influences. A city where it’s easy to make friends with your neighbors, retaining a small-town atmosphere despite a metropolitan population nearing 2.5 million. There is a thriving foodie scene, diverse cultural events, fun outdoor adventures, and the economy is strong and growing. It’s no surprise that Charlotte comes in 20th on U.S. News & World Report’s listing of the Best Places to Live in the U.S.

Despite its charms, the average commute to work in Charlotte is still over 25 minutes, slightly over the national average. With gas prices expected to remain high for the foreseeable future, the costs of getting to and from work continue to add up. If you love living in Charlotte but want to reclaim your commute time, reduce travel costs, and help save the environment, it’s time to look for remote jobs in Charlotte.

The city’s status as the biggest financial hub outside of New York City, along with healthy manufacturing, energy, automotive, health, technology, and retail industries, afford remote jobseekers opportunities in a variety of industries. So, if you are ready to start your remote job search, below are the four best remote jobs in Charlotte.

1. Information Technology

Although Raleigh-Durham is commonly considered the technology hub in North Carolina, Charlotte is no slouch. Capitalizing on its status as a banking and financial center, Charlotte is attracting companies focused on innovating the fintech space. In addition, a growing number of local technology firms are branching out into e-commerce and big data. This growth is reflected in employment numbers, with high technology jobs increasing 57.7% between 2010 and 2020.

This growth rate, combined with the availability of remote information technology jobs in Charlotte, makes this the best category of remote jobs in Charlotte.

Information Technology Wages in Charlotte

The median annual wage for computer and information technology occupations, according to recent figures by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), was $91,250 in May 2020. This is much higher than the median annual wage of $41,950 for all occupations. At the same time, other figures indicate that information technology workers in Charlotte can expect to be paid about 2% less than the national average.

Employers That Frequently Hire for Information Technology Jobs in Charlotte

Levvel, LLC

Levvel, LLC

Levvel, LLC is an IT strategy and consulting firm. works closely with clients to provide what they call an “unfair advantage” over competitors. This firm places an emphasis on implementing solutions that are scalable and agile.



Tresata is a software intelligence company that develops automation software. Tresata uses machine learning and data to solve human challenges and create data-driven enterprises and business models.



WhatConverts is a software development company that creates tools for use in sales and marketing. This company develops products with features such as lead tracking software, call trackers, and ad conversion.

2. Financial Services

The financial services sector drives economic growth in the Charlotte region, which is the home base for three of the country’s six largest banks. The industry currently employs over 93,000 people in Charlotte at a variety of financial services companies, including banking, credit intermediation, insurance, and securities commodities. This dynamic industry shows no signs of slowing down either and was one of the only sectors that showed employment growth during the pandemic.

As a growing industry with a large percentage of jobs that easily translate into remote positions, financial services is a great career choice for finding remote jobs in Charlotte.

Financial Services Wages in Charlotte

Wages for workers in the financial services industry average $38.79 nationwide, according to the BLS. However, workers in Charlotte can expect to earn 4% higher for an average hourly wage of $40.39.

Employers That Frequently Hire for Financial Services Jobs in Charlotte

Bank of America

Bank of America Corporation

Bank of America Corporation is a multinational investment bank and financial services company that offers commercial banking, wealth management, and investment banking services. The company serves individuals, small and middle-market businesses, and large corporations with a full range of financial and risk management products and services.


LendingTree, LLC

LendingTree, LLC is a financial services company that provides a centralized online marketplace for consumers to apply for financing. Consumers fill out the online application and multiple lenders make offers to choose from.

Cardinal Financial Company

Cardinal Financial Company

Cardinal Financial Company is a mortgage services company that provides mortgage loans including conventional, VA, and USDA. The company also offers mortgage refinancing services.

3. Marketing

As the use of digital marketing increases, so does the demand for marketing professionals with skills in online marketing campaigns. Nationwide, employment of advertising, promotions, and marketing managers will increase 10% over the next decade. This is 2% higher than the average for all occupations.

Marketing Wages in Charlotte

The median wage for marketing specialists nationwide is $31.64 per hour, according to the BLS. As part of the business and financial occupation group, Charlotte residents can expect to earn a premium of 4% locally.

Employers That Frequently Hire for Marketing Jobs in Charlotte:



Quimbee is an online education company that offers study aids for law school students. The organization offers a case briefs database, prep courses, practice questions, issue spotters, outlines, flashcards, legal definitions, and how-to guides.

Elements Brands

Elements Brands

Elements Brands is a private equity fund and a traditional consumer products company that provides digital marketing, manufacturing expertise, global-scale logistics, and capital investment services for each brand in its portfolio.

Compass Group North America

Compass Group North America

Compass Group North America is a food service management and support services family of companies that specializes in catering, hospitality, and contract food service. The company provides self-service coffee solutions and food services for hospitals, schools, restaurants, sports venues, and entertainment venues.

4. Sales

Sales jobs are also in high demand for the Charlotte metropolitan area. Besides opportunities with local firms, there are openings for territory sales positions with national and multinational corporations. While nationwide, little to no change in employment is expected over the next decade, sales representatives will continue to be critical to maintaining customer bases for businesses.

Sales Wages in Charlotte

The mean hourly wage for sales and related occupations in Charlotte is $24.60. This is 12% higher than the national average of $22.00.

Employers That Frequently Hire for Sales Jobs in Charlotte

Compass Group North America

Compass Group North America

Compass Group North America is a food service management and support services family of companies that specializes in catering, hospitality, and contract food service. The company provides self-service coffee solutions and food services for hospitals, schools, restaurants, sports venues, and entertainment venues.

Univar Solutions

Univar Inc.

Univar Inc. is a chemical distribution company that supplies chemical products and ingredients globally. The company delivers a variety of solutions including hydrocarbons, amines, polymers, and solvents.


Aspireship Inc.

Aspireship Inc. provides professional education services including online training classes to help professionals grow or change careers. The company provides a curriculum using the areas of virtual job simulations, quizzes and assessments, and video interviews. 

In addition to being a friendly and vibrant city to live in, Charlotte offers residents remote employment opportunities in a variety of high-growth industries. So, ditch the commute and start looking for a remote job in Charlotte today!

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