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Remote Work Weekly – 5 New Remote Employer Partners – Deconstructing A Job Description For Your Resume




This week’s Remote Work Weekly features our latest Employer Alert, with companies twelve companies hiring remotely, including five new employer partners – Millenia, Algoseek, CustomerBloom, Guru Media Solutions and Kynetec. We also have new content featuring remote jobs for all education levels and working remotely without a dedicated home office, and our Remote Job Search Tip of the week, deconstructing a job description to make your resume stand out.


Summer’s Heating up and We’re Helping With 21 Hot Remote Jobs From Employer Partners

The temperatures are already heating up this summer! If you’re looking for a remote job, we’re here to help with 21 new remote jobs from our Employer Partners! All of the remote jobs in this blog post remain available in the Virtual Vocations database as of the time of publication. However, telecommute jobs like these will fill quickly. We suggest applying within 48 hours to any of the following job openings of interest to you.

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Remote Job Search Weekly Tip: Deconstructing a Job Description to Make Your Resume Stand Out

Resume Creation Guide

Locate keywords within the body of the job description to use when creating a unique objective statement. Use company culture references and required skills in your writing.

Be sure to identify required qualifications, or tasks you will be performing on the job, and include your relevant experience in the skills section of your resume near the top. Employers spend an average of 6 seconds looking at your resume, using these tips will get their attention fast.

About the Company & Required Skills = Objective Statement of Resume

Use company culture verbiage in your objective statement to describe yourself, using the required skills and qualifications to highlight qualities in the objective statement that will demonstrate your value to their company.

Job Description Qualifications & Soft Skills = Professional Qualifications Section of Resume

Use the required qualifications and soft skills outlined in the job description to create a unique bullet point section at the top of your resume with corresponding qualifications and skills you have which are directly relevant to the position for which you are applying.

    • Use hard, verifiable data to demonstrate your abilities. (Increased sales by 25% in Q1, increased clients from 25 to 75 in 3 months)
    • Answered client emails and phone calls, resolved complaints, issued refunds and provided general product information.
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