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Remote Work Weekly – Themeco and Storetasker Hiring – Tracking Your Remote Job Search

Our Remote Work Weekly video features two new employer partners this week, Themeco and Storetasker, as well as existing employer partners currently hiring. Newly released content and reports include our monthly COVID-19 hiring alert, a new Remote Job Search Guide, the June 2020 Remote Jobs report and a free download to help jobseekers track their job search process.


9 New Remote Jobs From Employer Partners to Warm Up Your Summer Job Search

Does your summer remote job search need a little warming up? If so, then we can help! Here are 9 new remote jobs from our Employer Partners—and 2 new Employer Partners! All of the remote jobs in this blog post remain available in the Virtual Vocations database as of the time of publication. However, telecommute jobs like these will fill quickly. We suggest applying within 48 hours to any of the following job openings of interest to you.

  • Remote Shopify Developer     
  • Remote Design Oriented Developer   
  • Remote Legal Assistant     
  • Remote Inbound Marketing Account Strategist      
  • Remote Admissions Counselor   
  • Virtual Receptionist     
  • Remote Sales Intake Specialist    
  • Remote Sales Campaign Specialist     
  • Remote Graphic Designer    

Remote Companies Hiring During the COVID-19 Reopening

Your Guide to Job Searching During COVID-19

June 2020 Remote Jobs Report

If you’re located in Missouri, Montana, Nevada or Nebraska, be sure to check out their updated resource pages for remote work. 


Our tip for your remote job search this week features a new download available to help track your job application process. This spreadsheet allows you to track jobs, company information and contacts, as well as your application method. Expandable sections provide areas to schedule follow-up dates and outcomes, as well as job interviews and offers you’ve received. 

Remote Job Search Tracking
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