15 Gift Ideas for Telecommuters

Is there a telecommuter on your holiday gift list? Treat the hard-working work at home pro in your life with a unique gift from this list of our 15 favorite gifts for telecommuters.

Whether you want to help your loved one have a more efficient work day or escape the house for a while, we have a gift that is sure to please any budget!

1. Merry Maids Gift Card
Where to Find It: merrymaids.com
Price: $150-$10,000

Telecommuters tend to work longer hours than their office counterparts, which often results in less time to tend to household chores. Treat your favorite telecommuter to a visit from Merry Maids cleaning service. The talent of these professional cleaners will free the remote worker in your life from the burden of housework. Starting at $150, you can “Give someone the gift of free time” and a clean house.

2. Coffee Mug with Spoon
Where to Find It: etsy.com
Price: $20
Anyone familiar with at-home employment knows that telecommuters and coffee go together like bees and honey. This Turquoise Mug and Spoon by Karen Goldberg is a perfect piece of pottery for a coffeeholic. With the convenience of the accompanying stirring spoon, your telecommuting loved one can do away with disposable coffee stirrers and mix her drink in style!

3. Amazon Gift Card
Where to Find It: amazon.com
Price: Custom amount
Telecommuters are notorious homebodies. From work to shopping and hobbies, we do everything online. If you are stumped about what to give the at-home worker in your life this holiday season, go for the gift that never fails: an Amazon Gift Card! Amazon allows you to customize your gift card amount so your telecommuter pal can shop for music, books, home goods, electronics, clothing, and more!

4. USB Hubman
Where to Find It: heliotropehome.com
Price: $9.95
If your telecommuter is a gadget geek (come on, who isn’t?) or someone who can appreciate a little home office humor, present him with a purposeful pal. The USB Hubman by Kikkerland can house a host of electronic devices with its four ported limbs. This tech tool with the light-hearted spirit of a toy also features a green LED light instead of a heart.

5. Gym Membership
Where to Find It: costco.com
Price: $349.99
Working from home in such close proximity to the refrigerator can lead to weight gain. For those with a broader budget, consider this two-year 24 Hour Fitness All-Club Sport Membership from Costco. This deal is a steal that will allow your loved one access to more than 300 gym locations.

6. Desk Plant
Where to Find It: proflowers.com
Price: $29.99 and up
According to the U.K.’s Daily Mail, Swedish and Norwegian environmental psychology research showed that office plants decrease stress and fatigue, and improve physical health by reducing coughing and dry skin. Provide your work from home professional with a plant from ProFlowers. Fresh flowers can be delivered nationwide and their plants are as budget friendly as they are beautiful.

7. Dinner Out
Where to Find It: restaurant.com
Price: $2-$200
Here’s a gift idea from Restaurant.com for a telecommuting foodie. Purchase a restaurant card that your gift recipient can redeem as a certificate to one of thousands of restaurants nationwide. For example, if you purchase a $20 gift card, the telecommuter in your life can redeem that card for $50 in food purchases. Physical gift cards and eGift cards are available in a variety of denominations. For a gift that keeps on giving, you can sign your loved one up for a Dinner of the Month Club.

8. Crock-Pot Slow Cooker
Where to Find It: crock-pot.com
Price: $29.99 and up
Simplify the day of your favorite telecommuter with a Crock-Pot Slow Cooker. After putting in a full day’s work, who wants to continue slaving in front of a hot stove to get dinner ready? The Crock-Pot can work on dinner while your loved one works from home. Along with your slow cooker gift, tell your telecommuter about this phenomenal and easy-to-make Crock-Pot Pulled Pork recipe from Alexia.

9. Staples Gift Card
Where to Find It: staples.com
Price: $25-$100 denominations

Staples is famous for its EASY Button promotions. Present the remote worker in your life with a Staples gift card and you will easily earn a check in the gift-giving WIN column. With flexible denomination amounts, you can customize your gift card with enough funds to redo an entire home office or provide a quick method of payment when office supplies run low.

10. Bed Laptop Tray Table
Where to Find It: sears.com
Price: $15.02 and above
We always suggest working from home at a proper desk or work station, but we also know that there isn’t a telecommuter alive who hasn’t worked from bed at least once. On days when getting out of bed sounds as appealing as listening to an audio book narrated by Gilbert Gottfried, make sure your telecommuter has access to a bed laptop table tray. Sears has a wide selection of styles, from the simple to the extravagant. Choose a tray that is classic with clean lines or one that has all the bells and whistles, like a laptop fan and storage compartments.

11. Domain Name
Where to Find It: godaddy.com
Price: Varies
Do you know someone who wants to start a home business? Help the self-employed person in your life start off on the proper professional track by purchasing a domain name for their company, blog, or Web project. GoDaddy.com’s domain name registrar allows you to search for available and affordable website addresses.

12. iTunes Gift Certificate
Where to Find It: apple.com
Price: Whole dollar amounts between $10 and $100
A little music can set the mood for a positive and productive work day. Any telecommuter would love an iTunes gift card to purchase their favorite songs to listen to during work. In addition to music, iTunes gift cards work with Apple’s App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store. Along with your purchase, you have the freedom to choose your card design, add a personal message, and enjoy free shipping.

13. Gift Certificate to a Local Salon/Spa
Where to Find It: spafinder.com
Price: $25-$1,000
Sometimes professionals need a little pampering. A gift certificate to a local salon or spa is the perfect solution! Use SpaFinder.com to purchase a Wellness Gift Card that never expires. The telecommuter in your life will love being able to redeem this card for services at more than 20,000 worldwide locations. From spa and beauty treatments to fitness classes and yoga sessions, the therapeutic potential of this gift is endless!

14. Flash Drive
Where to Find It: bestbuy.com
Price: $5.99 and up
Whether at home, on the road, onsite with a customer, or in a local coffee shop, telecommuters have to be able to work from a flexible location. When they have to be on the go, remote workers need to have access to their documents, files, and images, and fast! Give your telecommuter a flash drive for storage and ease in transferring work assignments between devices. And if you’re worried about your loved one already having a flash drive, don’t worry. Telecommuters can never have enough of these babies!

15. Happy Feet Slippers
Where to Find It: buyhappyfeet.com
Price: $19.99 and up
Treat the feet of your telecommuter with a pair of Happy Feet Slippers! Who wouldn’t want to work from home while feeling like you’re walking on a pillow? These oversized slippers encase the feet in cozy, velvety warmth and comfort. From professional sports teams to animals and classic colors, there’s a style of slipper perfect for every home worker. At $19.99 and above, the price of these slippers is ideal for those “$20 and under” Secret Santa parties.

Telecommuters, which of these gifts would you most like to receive during the holidays?

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