Telecommuting Confessions: What Do You Wear when You Work from Home?

Virtual Vocations staff share what they really wear when working from home.

What Do You Wear When You Work from Home

While we’ve been known to tout the reasons telecommuters should get dressed for work, we also recognize how empowering a comfortable a pair of flannel PJs and slippers can be on a cold winter’s day.

We recently polled our 100% telecommuting staff to see what they really wear when working from home. Read on to discover what they said:

What Do You Wear when You Work from Home?

On a day when I have zero errands to run I am hard-pressed to get out of my pajamas. If I want to feel more put together I change into yoga pants or sweatpants and one of my favorite t-shirts or sweaters. When I am feeling particularly fancy I put on jeans. I am a WAHM cliché, and I own it!  – Kimberly Back, Social Media and Content Manager

I work first thing in the morning at 5am and late in the evening around 9pm, so I end up wearing my pajamas probably half of the time I work…I do work during the middle of the day, and I find I am more productive if I am dressed during that time, but I do regularly don just socks, jeans and a sweatshirt for my main workday. –Laura Spawn, Owner and CEO

One of my favorite things about working from home is not having to worry about picking out an outfit for work the night before or morning of. Ever since I started telecommuting four years ago, it’s been all about comfort. Translation: I wear workout apparel. It’s extremely easy on the budget and motivates me to go to the gym. I’m not much of a shopper, so I don’t miss going from store to store to find business casual clothes that are too pricey and/or don’t fit right all while battling traffic to get to the stores. Now that I work from home, I don’t even have to leave my house to buy athletic clothes. I know my size for each store I shop at and I order online. Gotta love free shipping! Ah, I’m living the good life. –Kelly Hubble, Employer Services Manager

For the first part of the day I’m in flannel PJs. Nothing better than working with a big cup of coffee wearing comfy PJs! Then my son and I get dressed and we go to the park or run errands. The rest of the work day is business casual, but no shoes! Still comfy! –Sarah Hill, Summary Writer

I wore pantyhose every day for 10+ years while working in a traditional office, so I don’t have any problem embracing the work-at-home wardrobe. Typically, I wear yoga pants and a Henley, but there are many days when I gleefully wear my “work-only” PJs (i.e. pajamas that are reserved for daytime wear only so they feel more like outfits). –Shannon Cyr, Director of Content Operations

Seriously? Who has time to get dressed in the morning? With my husband deployed, I drag myself out of bed and hit the ground running! I throw on my sweatpants, t-shirt, and sneakers; brush my teeth; drag a comb through my hair; do a couple of chores; get the kids up and out of the house; and then come home to work. After work, I exercise and finish my chores.
If I’m lucky, I get a nice, leisurely shower before I pick the kids up. If not, I take a 3 minute shower. Either way, I try to look presentable before I leave the house again. But, during work hours, plain old sweats are the way I go! –Peggy Reinbold-Wasson, Summary Writer

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