7 Reasons You Should Work from Home on Earth Day

If you’re looking for an arsenal of reasons why your boss should let you telecommute on Earth Day you’ve come to the right place. We’ve brainstormed seven sensational reasons why working from home on Earth Day, and every other day for that matter, is good for Mother Earth, your health and your productivity.
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7 Reasons You Should Work from Home on Earth Day

1. To Test the Waters. If you have always wondered what working from home would be like, this is the ideal time to find out. Telecommuting on Earth Day gives you a peek into the telecommuting lifestyle to see if it’s a good fit. Fair warning: working from home is a lot like flying first class: once you experience it, it can be torturous going back to coach.

2. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, leaving your car in the garage just two times per standard work week can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 1,600 pounds per year.

3. Save Money on Lunch. Eating lunch out five times a week can cost a bundle. Add in a weekly latte and gas money spent getting to and fro and you’re likely spending more than $60.00 per week. When working from home, the kitchen and all its yummy leftovers are just steps away, saving you time and money.

4. For Your Health. Activities that are difficult to perform in an office setting like opening the window to enjoy the breeze or blasting your favorite song are easy to do when you work from home. From taking a stretching break to fixing a healthy organic lunch, telecommuting lends itself to a healthier lifestyle.

Bonus: Healthy activities increase self-esteem, reduce stress and improve productivity.

5. Add Hours to Your Day. The national average for a one-way commute is just over 25 minutes, according to a survey completed by the U.S. Census Bureau. Twenty-five minutes each way is roughly a wasted hour each day. Commuting is stressful, wastes gas money, and does nothing for your efficiency. Eliminate that dreaded daily commute and we bet your productivity skyrockets.

6. Breathe Easier. In an EPA Report to Congress, the agency stated that improved office air quality can result in higher productivity and reduce lost work days; that’s because the air you breathe in your office building may be more polluted than the air outside! Keep the air clean in your home office by changing air filters once a month and surround yourself with greenery. Need some house plant ideas? Check out Sarah’s post on the Best Type of Plant for Your Desk.

7. Working in Your PJs Rocks. There’s no getting around this telecommuting perk: working in your pajamas once in a while makes you feel like a kid again. You’ll also save time and electricity by eliminating all the fuss of perfecting your appearance to greet people at the office. Your hair is a wreck? Fido doesn’t care.

It’s clear that we think telecommuting on Earth Day is a terrific way to show your support for the health of our planet. But if your boss isn’t convinced, forward her this blog post – we’re willing to bet she’ll change her tune.

Do you have plans to work from home on Earth Day?

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