Pretty Pink Home Offices

Chances are you haven’t considered using pink as your home office color since Molly Ringwald was the “IT” girl, but we’re about to change all that. We love pink as a home office color because it has the power to transform your frantic home office into a calming and reassuring space that evokes a warm and comforting ambiance. Who wouldn’t love that?

So toss all your notions of pink aside, you’re about to find out it’s a more versatile color than you ever imagined. Read on to discover five pink offices that are confident, soothing, fashionable and bold.

passionate pink home office Passionately Pink

Its vibe: Glamorous, empowering and smart

Why this pink home office is a winner: This home office proves that pink isn’t just for little girls. The floor to ceiling pink drapery, pink sofa and powerful pink chair work together to create a stylish home office that exudes confidence and elegance. Plus, lack of natural light and fresh air can leave you feeling sluggish, so the abundance of windows in this pinktastic office is a major bonus.


punch of pink home office Punch of Pink

Its vibe: Fun, powerful and practical

Why this pink home office is a winner: We’re impressed that this home office is simple and economical yet beautifully bold. A yard sale table is covered with a stunning hue of high-gloss pink and transformed into the office centerpiece, a wall is coated with chalk paint and becomes a useful message center, and an affordable Poppy plant soften the room. Best yet, the black and white damask chair will make this office worker feel like a queen all day long. Hurray to the designer who created a home office that can be replicated on a budget!


pink flowers home office Fancy Flowers

Its vibe: Structured, soothing and efficient

Why this pink home office is a winner: The soft pink floral motif of this home office will calm you on your most frazzled days. In addition to offering serenity, this office also boasts plenty of valuable desk space and a work table. An amazing DIY design tip this home office offers is the fabric colored cork board. This economical and easy project gives the office a put-together look and ensures your “to-do list” never gets lost. Want to try making a fabric covered cork board of your own? Here’s an easy tutorial.


happy days pink home office Happy Days

Its vibe: Positive, inspiring and whimsical

Why this pink home office is a winner: This cheerful home office will have you walking on sunshine! We adore this home office because of its eye-catching pink and yellow color combination and the way it makes use of an otherwise empty corner. And anytime a drab, dull dresser becomes a chic hot desk we can’t help but be impressed! Tip: If you refurbish a dresser or desk, have a piece of glass cut to cover the top. It’s an inexpensive way to give the furniture a finished look that also protects the desk from damage.


posh pink home office Perfectly Posh

Its vibe: Calm, confident and welcoming

Why this pink home office is a winner: We cherish this home office because it uses pink as an accent color, confirming that a pop of pink is all that’s needed to make a major statement. We also appreciate that the expensive looking, gold embellished storage unit was once a plain (inexpensive) white Ikea dresser and that cool stripped drapery is really a fabric shower curtain. Who knew?


Our amazing home office finds give Pretty in Pink a whole new meaning. If your home office is begging for a bit of tranquility, it’s time to give pink a second chance.

Which of these home offices would you like to claim as your own?

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