telecommuting jobs in healthcare

7 Healthcare Telecommuting Jobs

Our 2016 Telecommuting ‘Top 10’ Mid-Year Report revealed that healthcare telecommuting jobs, including remote opportunities in nursing, represent the third most popular industry for available telecommute jobs, and for good reason: healthcare telecommuting jobs are generally stable, well-paying, and full of benefits.

If you’re looking to break into the healthcare sector, here are seven telecommuting job ideas to inspire your search:

Work from Home Medical Coder

Average Annual Salary: $40,000

Do you enjoy using computers and learning new software? A remote career in medical coding could be an excellent fit. Medical Coders receive data, usually in the form of charts and diagrams, about medical diagnoses and services, then assign codes to them on behalf of the medical provider.

Some community colleges offer two-year degrees in medical coding, and most companies require at least a certification in the field. Prior experience in the healthcare industry and/or knowledge of medical terminology is vital, so that you can understand physician notes and apply appropriate codes.

Partial Telecommuting Care Manager

Average Annual Salary: $40,000 

Partial telecommuting Care Managers facilitate the monitoring, care, and education of the patients they serve. Many work for physicians with overflowing patient rosters. It’s the care manager’s job to check up on patients and ensure that their needs are being met. The Care Manager makes the practice he works for much more efficient if he does his job correctly.

Those seeking a telecommute role as a Care Manager should have some experience in healthcare, and while they don’t necessarily need to be qualified as a physician, skills in diagnosis and treatment can be useful. Some education, either as an EMT, nurse, or physician, is typically required. Specific qualifications are up to the employing practice, but remote Care Managers can expect to travel at least some of the time in order to visit with patients in their homes or meet with physicians at their healthcare facility.

Telehealth Nurse

Average Annual Salary: $60,000 

If you’re already qualified within a specific job sector, finding a remote job is that much easier. As a Registered Nurse, the field of telehealth nursing opens up to you.

The main duties of a Telehealth Nurse include communicating with patients, as well as their physicians and caregivers, to establish patient needs and provide care. Rather than assessing a patient’s situation based on what you see in person, however, you’ll be working with what your patients tell you over the phone or via live chat.

As a Telehealth Nurse, you need a minimum of an Associate’s degree in Nursing and some prior experience in the field, as well as good written and/or verbal communication skills.

telecommuting jobs in healthcare

Telework Health Coach or Nutritionist

Average Annual Salary: $40,000 

These two healthcare telecommuting jobs go hand-in-hand, as both focus on helping patients or clients figure out what they can do to better themselves and their physical well-being. While Health Coaches do their best to look at the whole person, suggesting workout routines and other daily habits to their clients, Nutritionists tend to focus specifically on diet.

While the requirements for these positions vary from company to company, a telework Health Coach or Nutritionist should be licensed and have either a degree or educational certificate in the field. Remember, the more qualified you are the more patients and clients will want to take advice from you; more clients means more pay, which varies on a per-client basis, year to year.

Telecommute Psychologist

Average Annual Salary: $75,000

Generally speaking, telecommute Psychologists have the same responsibilities as those who work on-site. However, instead of offering up their couch for a face-to-face session, home-based Psychologists mainly rely on video chats and phone calls to monitor their patients, make diagnoses, and help their clients in any way they can—remotely.

Some telecommuting Psychologists are even available for short chats with a variety of clients each day, often helping them on an as-needed basis. A doctoral degree in psychology is needed to run a successful practice in this industry.

Remote Pharmacist

Average Annual Salary: $120,000 

There are many different roles for remote Pharmacists, but the most prominent is simply distance working for busy hospitals. To eliminate on-site Pharmacists spending more time inputting prescriptions than interacting with patients, some practices have elected to outsource their order entry to remote workers. This often leads to better efficiency at the hospital or practice, which is great for staff and patients alike.

Although telecommuting Pharmacists may not interact with patients on a regular basis, or at all, they are still required to have a graduate degree in pharmacy. Keep in mind, working as a remote Pharmacist isn’t a first-step job for a recent pharmaceutical program graduate. Nearly all employers require telecommuting Pharmacists to have previous on-site work experience.

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