Best Telecommute Jobs for 10-19-12

Deciding to work from home is easy, but finding the right work from home job can be difficult. That’s where we step in! Virtual Vocations can connect you with hundreds of telecommute job opportunities that suit your lifestyle and location. Apply for one of these at-home jobs today!

Job Title: Work from Home EMC Storage Engineer
Job Stats: Full Time, Contract, $40-$42/hour
Seattle, Washington may be known for its grunge music and coffee, but we also know that Seattle is a great place for remote work. Take this EMC Storage Engineer position, for example. In this contract job you can earn as much as $42 per hour for the next year. What could be better than that, Seattle residents? Well, maybe a discount umbrella sale. Apply now!

Job Title: Virtual Implementation Manager
Job Stats: Full Time, Employee, $48,900-$60,400 per year
College educated Minneapolis professionals with sales and project management experience can apply to work as a Virtual Implementation Manager. You can earn up to $60,400 per year while you partner with stakeholders and manage customer benefits plan implementations. Apply now if you don’t mind completing minimal local travel in this telecommute role.

Job Title: Remote/Virtual Loan Officer
Job Stats: Full Time, Employee, $150,000 per year or more
We cannot confirm that everything is bigger in Texas, but this six-figure income for a Remote Loan Officer in Dallas certainly is. Work virtually for a large mortgage and loan company and earn base pay plus commissions. Apply now if you have a Texas license and at least one year of professional experience in debt consolidation, real estate, or the mortgage industry.

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