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Cure your “Case of the Mondays” and transition into work from home career. Check out these job listings fresh from our database of telecommute jobs. Here’s to hoping that a virtual profession will save you from using an “Office Space” copy machine as a piñata. Happy Monday!

Position Title: Freelance Design Production Artist (Pioneer Square, WA)
Position Stats: Part Time/Full Time, Contract, $20/hour
Get your creative juices flowing with this listing for a Freelance Design Production Artist. If you have two years of experience in production and design as well as two years of CSS and HTML website development, you can work for a dental industry online services company. If working for the dental industry doesn’t inspire you to flash your pearly whites, working from home while earning $20 an hour will definitely make you smile! Apply now

Position Title: Work from Home Project Director Performance Management
Position Stats: Full Time, Employee, $80,000/year annual salary
We were thrilled to discover this position because it demonstrates that solid, salaried positions are possible for education experts. A performance management team needs an experienced Project Director to work remotely. If you have a background in urban education and the ability to network with organizations and stakeholders, you can earn $80,000 per year while improving the quality of classroom environments and materials. Why take an apple a day when you can earn remote, salaried pay! Apply now.

Position Title: Remote Associate Developer
Position Stats: Full Time, Employee, $45,000-$55,000
If you recognize Ajax as a group of interrelated Web development techniques rather than as a brand of cleaning products from Colgate-Palmolive, apply for this Remote Associate Developer position. An experienced, U.S.-based Web developer can earn up to $55,000 while implementing custom reports and applications. If you have a background in working with school districts and Pearson’s PowerSchool, then you’re sure to earn top marks! Apply now.

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