Favorite Telecommute Jobs 07-30-12

Does leaving your home to go to work on Monday feel like you’re turning yourself in to jail? If so, free yourself from the chains of out-of-home employment and consider working from home! Apply for one of these remote positions pulled from our database of telecommute jobs. We update our database hourly, so check in tomorrow for even more leads on the best at-home jobs!

Position Title: Remote Business Blogger
Position Stats: Part Time, Contract, $25 per post
This remote blogging position combines the best of both worlds for freelance writers: guaranteed per post pay and bonuses based on content popularity. If you can write 500- to 1000 word posts about business and marketing then you should apply now.

Position Title: Telecommute Information Assurance Consultant
Position Stats: Full Time, Employee, $102,099 annual salary
If you thought that a work from home job with no travel requirements and a six-figure salary was the stuff of dreams, then pinch yourself and apply for this position! As long as you have at least seven years of professional experience in information assurance consulting and can work with clients to identify technical solutions to business problems, then you should apply now.

Position Title: Remote Content Screener
Position Stats: Part Time, Contract, $10/hour
Attention, Indiana and Illinois residents! This is your chance to earn $10 an hour in a part-time, remote position that requires no previous work experience. If you have a personal computer, high-speed Internet and can screen an online condolence guestbook for inappropriate messages then you should apply now.

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