Favorite Telecommute Jobs for 01-03-13

What’s more popular than the news of Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy? Our fresh telecommute jobs! We’ve put together this sampling of newly added remote work opportunities found in our Telecommute Jobs Database. Virtual Vocations’ staff members work hard to research and verify all of our job listings, because we know that you are tired of wondering if work from home job ads are legitimate. Apply to one of these telecommute positions today!

Job Title: Business/Law Blogger, Remote
Job Stats: Part Time, Contract, $30 per post
Do you have a legal and business background? If you are also in the market for a short term gig to help you pay down your holiday debt then consider applying for this blogging position. Work from home in any U.S. location for a legal consulting company. Create two 700-word posts per week on business and legal topics. This contract is expected to last three to four months. Apply now!

Job Title: Remote Contract Video Editor
Job Stats: Full Time/Part Time, Contract, $14 per minute of edited video
Work from home in the U.S. while editing short video sessions. Some videos will be live action clips while others will be audio recordings that need extensive graphics work. Top candidates for this position will be fluent in Final Cut Pro and have at least basic knowledge of Photoshop for video. Apply now!

Job Title: Telework Eligible Budget Officer – Washington, D.C.
Job Stats: Full Time, Employee, $123,758-$155,000 per year
We love this telecommute position because it proves that top-level earnings are possible while working from home. Earn a six-figure salary as you work for a government department in Washington, D.C. Remote work is possible and occasional travel may be needed throughout the year. Once hired, you will direct activities concerning the department’s fiscal staff, operations, and agency programs. Apply now!

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