Telecommute Jobs Spotlight: 06/05/12

Happy Tuesday, Job Seekers! At Virtual Vocations, we always strive to keep you up-to-date on the latest telecommuting employment opportunities. Check out these virtual opportunities added to our system today.

Position Title: Senior Financial Analyst, Revenue Reporting
Position Type: Full Time, Employee
Position Shift: Day
Payment Terms: Salary
Do you have an accounting/finance background? Are you also passionate about nonprofit work in high-need communities? If so, then apply to become a Revenue Reporting Senior Financial Analyst for an organization that works to ensure that all children are educated by quality teachers. We love to see salaried job listings that will be both professionally and personally fulfilling.

Location: New York – flexible location option
Compensation: $60,000 annual salary
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Position Title: Work from Home Telephone Analyst
Position Type: Part Time, Employee
Position Shift: Varies (Day, Night, Evening, Weekend)
Payment Terms: Hourly
If you’re a Georgia peach who’s ripe and ready to begin working from home, then consider this position as a telephone analyst. To qualify, you need a high school diploma, a minimum of one year customer service experience, a telephone, a computer with Internet and clear background and Federal E-Verify checks.

Location: Georgia (remote)
Compensation: $8.50 per hr, average of $11.50 per hour total
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Position Title: Freelance Journalists
Position Type: Full Time, Part Time
Position Shift: Day
Payment Terms: Hourly
Breaking news! Online content writers and reporters are needed to develop up-to-the-minute story coverage for hundreds of news organizations. If you are self-dedicated and capable of working from home for a fast-paced industry, then this is the job for you!

Location: Remote
Compensation: TBD
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