Hot Telecommute Jobs for 12-17-12

Between family gatherings, decorating, and shopping, the holidays are nothing if not hectic. Don’t let the sometimes stressful spirit of the season distract you from finding the online job that you need. Make time each day to explore our Telecommute Jobs Database, where you will find human-researched, work from home employment opportunities to suit every area of expertise.

Job Title: Freelance Writer for Magazine
Job Stats: Part Time, Contract, $.25/word
A magazine that seeks to inspire, educate, and inform readers about urostomy, colostomy, and ileostomy wants to hire a Freelance Writer. The hired candidate can work from home anywhere in the U.S. while generating 1,500-2,500 word articles. All content will require interviews, research, and references. In order to be considered for this contract job, you must be a published author. Apply now!

Job Title: Work from Home Pharmacy Clinical Quality Manager
Job Stats: Full Time, Employee, $104,500-$129,000 per year
Cha-ching! U.S. residents with pharmacy and Medicare Part D experience can apply for this lucrative Pharmacy Clinical Quality Manager position. We love this job listing because it illustrates the high income potential that many telecommute workers enjoy. In addition to earning up to $129,000 in annual salary, the hired candidate has the potential to rake in another 10% in bonus earnings. Apply now!

Job Title: Remote Website Content Translator (Spanish) – San Diego, California
Job Stats: Full Time, Contract, $2,000 per 30-day period
Hello and hola, San Diego! A content translator is needed to work from home for a San Diego law firm. This is a contract position in which translations must be completed within 60 days. Interested applicants should possess a strong understanding of legal terminology and Spanish-English bilingual language skills. Apply now!

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