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15 Dating Tips You Can Apply to Your Remote Job Search

The season of love is also the perfect time to scope out a new fulfilling remote career. Treat yourself to the best advice for snagging the dreamiest of job opportunities in 2018 with these 15 dating tips that can apply to your remote job search.

15 Dating Tips You Can Apply to Your Remote Job Search

Telecommuters worldwide have fallen head over heels for the flexibility to work from home. However, courting a job offer can be a nerve-racking process involving a push and pull of applications, questions, interviews, and letdowns.

The highs and lows of finding your perfect remote job match can be just as intense as the dating process. In our digital world, making authentic connections can be more difficult. Exuding confidence while also being bold enough to go after what you want is a balancing act of honesty and charm. Ahead of Valentine’s Day, discover dating tips you can use to find your ideal match—job match that is!

1. Know Your Boundaries

Everyone has deal-breakers in both romantic and professional relationships. While you may want to push past your boundaries and rush to accept a job offer, going against your intuition can lead to a rollercoaster of emotions, disappointment, and an eventual ugly breakup.

If you are anxious to enter or return to the workforce, consider volunteering, interning or taking a part-time position you find interesting while you continue your full-time job search. You will end up with fewer regrets and much more of that warm, fuzzy feeling if you hold out for an opportunity that aligns with your values.

2. Remember: First Impressions Matter

In a remote job search, your first impression begins with the first piece of content you send a company that includes your name. Don’t be fooled into thinking you need to wait until the interview to give a company a strong sense of who you are. Pay close attention to the way you craft your cover letter and resume. Tailor your responses to application questions to show what you know about the company and how the job matches up with your experience.

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3. Treat Your Interview like a First Date

When you make it to the interview stage of a job application process, this is your chance to charm and captivate. Tips for a first date could come in handy when you conduct your phone, online or in-person interview.

Prepare in advance including checking your computer for any necessary software. Be sure your Internet and mic are working correctly and do a test run if using video conferencing software like Skype, Google Hangout, and appear.in. Dress to impress even if you are interviewing in your living room or over the phone. Studies show that what you wear impacts your confidence; this applies even if what you are wearing cannot be seen by anyone other than you.

4. Say Yes to a “Blind Date”

Dating tips for finding your soulmate often involve avoiding blind dates. However, letting friends and family set you up could turn out to be a great thing, particularly when looking for your dream job. Connections are a vital aspect of the job hunt. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from members of your network while searching for opportunities. Some companies offer incentive programs for current employees to bring in new talent. Referral programs are known to be beneficial to companies that want to be intentional about cultural fit and employee satisfaction.

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5. Don’t Play Digitally Hard to Get

Dating tips that promote playing hard to get are not to be trusted. In your job search, you should skip the mind games and show your genuine interest. Hiring managers scan hundreds of applications and complete just as many interviews over the course of the hiring process. You’ll want to stand out as enthusiastic and honest, so let your personality and excitement shine. Additionally, if you receive a call or email, respond as soon as possible. There is no reason to make hiring managers wait because chances are they will just move on to the next candidate.

6. Get in Touch With the Real You

One of the challenges of looking for a fulfilling career is balancing your desire to be versatile and stay true to yourself. Your personality is what makes you unique. More often than not, most of the applicants applying for a given position meet the minimum requirements. If you want to stand out from the applicant pool, you have to make a case for your unique contributions. However, it can be difficult to narrow down what you can bring to a position if you lose sight of your authentic self.

Spend time getting re-acquainted with yourself on a regular basis. Journaling is an excellent way to sift through your thoughts and determine positive attributes you can highlight in a professional setting. If you are funny, great at motivating others or have a knack for baking delicious snacks. Each of their tib-bits can help you identify ways you can integrate the personal with the professional to create the perfect balance.

7. Know that Vulnerability Doesn’t Equal Weakness

No matter how many dating tips you accumulate, if you neglect your ability to be vulnerable, it is much more difficult for others to gauge your ability to take criticism and evaluate how to make improvements. This is particularly helpful when answering application or interview questions that ask for a previous mistake or failure.

Usually, these questions are designed to help the hiring manager get a sense of how you handle disappointment and recover from difficult work situations. Don’t gloss over this question without acknowledging the difficulty, however, it is important to be able to remain positive and focus in on how the experience helped make you sharpen your skills or develop a new one.

8. Presenting Your Best Self is Not the Same as Lying

Dating tips for singles usually advise against spilling too much information too soon. This advice holds true for the job search as well. Presenting your best self is essential, however, presenting the best portions of who you are is much different than lying on your application.

For example, if you have worked in a high volume call center, you can state you are skilled at navigating high-stress environments to deliver impeccable service. However, if you also state that you consistently resolve customer complaints in less than one minute, and this is not the case, it will come back to haunt you.

Focus on the achievements and skills you can back up with evidence. If you fear that you are lacking in a particular skill, you can spin gap to focus on how you are working to develop it. The goal is to remain as honest as you can, as well as presenting yourself in the brightest light.

9. Watch out for Red Flags

Have you ever been on a first date and felt a sinking feeling in your stomach that something is off? Red flags should never be ignored, whether you are dating or looking for a new position. Avoiding remote job scams and preventing yourself from entering a toxic work environment is essential.

When you engage with a potential employer and you feel as though you are being ignored or disparaged, this is a sign you may not want to work with them. Communication is essential to successful remote work. If you can not communicate with an employer it will be difficult to work with them.

10. Even Dating Tips Are No Substitute for Chemistry

Sometimes the spark just isn’t there. If you begin an application process to find that you are unmotivated and dreading completing the process. It is a good idea to take a step back and assess your reasons for applying. If you are not feeling confident in your ability to meet expressed expectations, or the projects you will be working on go against your values, or frankly just seem horrible to you, don’t apply! You can send a message and end the process at any time. This is a much better option than continuing only to find out three weeks into the position that you can not sustain your relationship with the company.

dating tips

11. Pay Attention to Your Body Language

When you are interviewing through video, your body language is just as important as when you do an in-person interview. Dating tips for how to carry yourself on a date can be adjusted to help you during the interview process. For example, keep your arms open instead of crossing them in front of you to express openness and comfort. Lean forward slightly to indicate interest when the interviewer is speaking. Use your hands when you talk to articulate your ability to engage the speaker and of course, smile.

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12. Avoid Speaking Ill of Your Ex

Dating decorum holds true when it comes to trashing your ex-boss or company on a job interview. It never reflects well to speak negatively about a former position. If you are asked why you left a position, focus on what you are looking to achieve and how your experience there prepared you to take on advanced responsibilities. It is best to keep your comments light and positive to avoid coming off as resentful or raising red flags about your ability to work well with others.

13. Don’t Do All the Talking

Dating tips for both men and women frequently include a note on how to start up an engaging conversation, however equally important in the dating scene is not to monopolize the conversation. Ask meaningful questions to show you are paying attention. Although you don’t want to overwhelm your interviewer, it is necessary to ask follow-up questions during an interview to show that you can process information quickly and that you are engaged in the process.

14. Follow up with Class

The thank you letter may be outdated, but the thank you email is not. Follow up after every interview, even if you determine you are not interested in the position. Show your appreciation for the time taken to meet with you. If you are still interested in the job, take the time to include a short note—no longer than a few sentences—summarizing your fit for the position. The most important aspect of the thank you is to stay present in the mind of the hiring manager. You should send a follow-up email no more than 48 hours after your meeting.

15. Choose the Best Online Job “Dating” Site

The dating world is a technology-focused and so is the telecommute job search process. One of the best ways to assure your success is to choose the right platform for your search. Our subscribers are in love with Virtual Vocations, let us count the ways. Not only can you find remote positions in every state, filtered by field, you can join a community that is constantly sharing tips and advice for you to get the most out of your search.

Are there other dating tips that can apply to a remote job searchGive us your advice when you connect with Virtual Vocations on Facebook and Twitter. We’d love to hear from you! 

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