40 Virtual Companies That Embrace Telecommuters

virtual companies

Telecommuting boosts employee satisfaction, collaboration, and productivity; it provides savings to employers and staff; and working remotely reduces turnover. It’s no wonder more employers are embracing the benefits of a flexible work model

As part of our commitment to offer the most efficient job search experience for work-at-home job seekers, we researched 40 employers that support the telecommuting lifestyle. Explore our findings below to discover ways to connect with these telecommute-friendly employers during your virtual job search.

virtual companies

Headquarters: Portland, Oregon
Founded: 2001
Website: 10up.com
What they do: 10up specializes in web design and development consulting services that help make content management simple for their clients
Who they hire: Web Strategists, Designers, and Engineers


virtual companies

Headquarters: Alexandria, Virginia
Founded: 1991
Website: Advsol.com
What they do: Advanced Solutions International, more commonly referred to as ASI, is the software company behind iMIS, a top membership and fundraising software brand
Who they hire: Consultants, IT Analysts, Software Developers, and Network Administrators



Headquarters: Menlo Park, California
Founded: 2013
Website: Aha.io
What they do: Not to be confused with the 80’s band, Aha! makes cloud-based, roadmap SaaS software geared toward project managers and their teams
Who they hire: Marketers, Software Engineers, Customer Success Managers


Headquarters: Hoffman Estates, Illinois
Founded: 2009
Website: appendTo.com
What they do: appendTo develops solutions that cater to the web development and training needs of its clients – a list that includes companies like BlackBerry, Lenovo, Pitney Bowes, and Time.com
Who they hire: Web Developers, Consultants, IT-based Trainers

Articulate Global IncHeadquarters: New York, New York 
Founded: 2002
Website: Articulate.com
What they do: Articulate Global, Inc. creates e-learning software solutions used by more than 40,000 education professionals around the globe
Who they hire: Software Engineers, Support Engineers, Developers




Headquarters: San Francisco, California
Founded: 2005
Website: Automattic.com
What they do: Automattic Inc. is the web development company behind online publishing giant WordPress.com
Who they hire: Marketers, Mobile Developers, Software Engineers, Legal Counsel, Coders


Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois
Founded: 1999
Website: Basecamp.com
What they do: Basecamp is the maker of a popular web-based project management tool of the same name that enables file storage and organization, client collaboration, and project check-ins
Who they hire: Designers, Programmers, Analysts, Developers, Engineers


Big Universe Inc

Headquarters: Reston, Virginia
Founded: 2007
Website: BigUniverse.com
What they do: Big Universe, Inc. is the company behind the Big Universe e-learning platform and community that provides a total package of digital literacy solutions for K-12 students
Who they hire: Customer Service Representatives, Sales and Account Managers, Software Engineers

Chargify LLC

Headquarters: Needham, Massachusetts
Founded: 2009
Website: Chargify.com
What they do: Chargify LLC is an online service that helps businesses manage their subscriptions and recurring-billing customers
Who they hire: Technical Support Professionals, Developers, Engineers, Marketers


Collage dot com

Headquarters: Brighton, Michigan
Founded: 2008
Website: Collage.com
What they do: Collage.com is a website that allows customers to create custom collages, photo books, canvases, blankets, and pillows using their own photographs
Who they hire: Software Engineers, Marketers, Business Developers



Headquarters: Tucson, Arizona
Founded: 2014
Website: Cycligent.com
What they do: Cycligent is the software platform of Improvement Interactive, LLC which allows users to build sophisticated web apps using single web server code
Who they hire: Developers, Engineers, Marketers

Fire Engine RED

Headquarters: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Founded: 2001
Website: FireEngineRed.com
What they do: Fire Engine RED services education clients through big data solutions, CRM, student search and software products, and marketing
Who they hire: Database Administrators, Software Architects and Developers, Analysts, Writers



Headquarters: Málaga, Spain
Founded: 2010
Website: Freepik.com
What they do: Freepik is a website that researches and provides free graphic resources for its users as well as uploads original graphic designs created by its team
Who they hire: Graphic Designers


Genuitec LLC

Headquarters: Flower Mound, Texas
Founded: 1997
Website: Genuitec.com
What they do: Genuitec LLC provides Eclipse-based productivity tool-suites and expert consulting and training services to more than 16,000 companies worldwide
Who they hire: Sales Representatives, Software Developers and Engineers, Technical Support Experts


GetAltitude LLC

Headquarters: Las Vegas, Nevada
Founded: 2006
Website: GetAltitude.com
What they do: GetAltitude, LLC offers marketing and business development training products online to teach entrepreneurs to grow their own businesses
Who they hire: Marketers, Business Developers


GitLab Inc

Headquarters: San Francisco, California
Founded: 2014
Website: GitLab.com
What they do: GitLab, Inc. is a developer-friendly open source tool used to collaboratively generate and monitor code bases
Who they hire: Developers and Developer Evangelists, Service and Frontend Engineers, Account and Client Relations Managers

Go Fish Digital

Headquarters: McLean, Virginia
Founded: 2005
Website: GoFishDigital.com
What they do: Go Fish Digital is the leading agency for online reputation management and a source of thought leadership within the online marketing community
Who they hire: Marketers, Graphic Designers, Project Managers

Greenback Expat Tax Services

Headquarters: Mongkok, Hong Kong
Founded: 2008
Website: GreenbackExpatTaxServices.com
What they do: Greenback Expat Tax Services specializes in providing tax preparation, accounting services, and financial consulting to Americans living abroad
Who they hire: Customer Service Representatives, Accountants, Administrative Professionals



Headquarters: Indianapolis, Indiana
Founded: 2013
Website: Hubstaff.com
What they do: Hubstaff is an SAAS solution provider for employee productivity and time tracking, catering to service-related businesses and companies with many virtual employees
Who they hire: Software Developers, Software Engineers, Freelance Writers


Headquarters: New York, New York
Founded: 2012
Website: InVisionApp.com
What they do: InVision is responsible for producing the world’s leading design collaboration platform used by more than 800,000 people every day
Who they hire: Customer Success Managers, Social Media Marketers, Account Executives, Developers, Technical Support Pros

Jell Networks LLC

Headquarters: San Francisco, California
Founded: 2011
Website: Jellnet.com
What they do: Jell Networks, LLC develops real-time video communications solutions using webRTC
Who they hire: Application Developers, Sales Specialists, Business Development Experts



Headquarters: Mill Valley, California
Founded: 2006
Website: Kickserv.com
What they do: Kickserv is a software company providing a full CRM solution service that allows businesses to manage all of their employees on a single calendar
Who they hire: Customer Success Specialists, Mobile Developers, Software Developers


LoveToKnow Corp

Headquarters: Hillsborough, CA
Founded: 2005
Website: LoveToKnow.com
What they do: LoveToKnow Corp. is an online media company dedicated to providing trustworthy advice and products in areas like health, tech, beauty, home, entertainment, and finance
Who they hire: Freelance Writers and Editors

Lullabot Inc

Headquarters: Providence, Rhode Island
Founded: 2006
Website: Lullabot.com
What they do: Lullabot, Inc., whose clients include Martha Stewart, Lifetime Television, WWE, Harvard University, and the BBC, is a professional consulting, development, and training company focusing on Drupal
Who they hire: Marketers, Developers, Copywriters, Account Managers, Web Designers


Headquarters: New York, New York
Founded: 2014
Website: NodeSource.com
What they do: NodeSource delivers high caliber products, services, and education that match the business requirements of Fortune 500 companies
Who they hire: Designers, Marketers, Product Managers


Headquarters: Hong Kong
Founded: 2007
Website: OnTheGoSystems.com
What they do: Composed of a diverse group of IT professionals that manage and develop plug-in processes, OnTheGoSystems‘ company of products includes ICanLocalize, WPML, and Toolset
Who they hire: WordPress Developers and Supporters, Marketers

RM Factory

Headquarters: Huntington, New York
Founded: 2006
Website: RMFactory.com
What they do: RM Factory is a marketing agency specializing in sales enablement, sales content, and marketing strategy development and implementation
Who they hire: Marketers, Sales Specialists, Virtual Call Center Representatives



Headquarters: Cork, Ireland
Founded: 2010
Website: Scrapinghub.com
What they do: Scrapinghub offers industry leading technology and consulting services to deliver successful web crawling and data processing solutions
Who they hire: Software Engineers, Product Managers, Systems Administrators, Designers, Sales Managers

SitePen Inc

Headquarters: Palo Alto, California 
Founded: 2000
Website: SitePen.com
What they do: Site Pen, Inc. is a web development company specializing in the deployment of web apps
Who they hire: Engineers, Web Developers, Marketing and Account Managers


Headquarters: Warsaw, Poland
Founded: 2009
Website: SoftwareMill.com
What they do: SoftwareMill delivers custom software solutions like back-end systems, web applications, and enterprise solutions
Who they hire: Java Developers, Android and iOS Developers, Frontend Developers, DevOps Engineers, Web Designers


Space Studio


Headquarters: Atlanta, Georgia
Founded: 2009
Website: SpaceStud.io
What they do: Space Studio is a digital marketing agency that specializes in web design, development, and marketing
Who they hire: Marketing Experts, SEO Specialists, Web Developers, Mobile App Developers


Sticker Mule

Headquarters: New York, New York
Founded: 2010
Website: StickerMule.com
What they do: Sticker Mule is an online retailer and printer of custom sticker designs
Who they hire: Customer Service Agents, Software Developers, Web Developers


Headquarters: White Marsh, Maryland
Founded: 2009
Website: TeamGantt.com
What they do: TeamGantt, with a portfolio of clients that includes Twitter and Oracle, is a software company that develops solutions to help its users visually schedule projects; the company also teaches project management strategy via an online PM learning center
Who they hire: Mobile and Web Developers, Designers


The Addis Clinic

Headquarters: Boston, Massachusetts
Founded: 2011
Website: AddisClinic.org
What they do: Founded by a Boston-based doctor, The Addis Clinic is a non-profit organization that provides medical expertise and care to impoverished persons living in Ethiopia
Who they hire: Developers, Healthcare Professionals, Clinical Monitors and Evaluators, Paid Interns


Third Iron

Headquarters: St. Paul, Minnesota
Founded: 2011
Website: ThirdIron.com
What they do: Third Iron, LLC develops innovative library technologies that support and benefit publishers, libraries, and their patrons
Who they hire: Developers, Consultants, Sales Managers, Mobile Architects, Librarians



Headquarters: Santiago, Chile
Founded: 2007
Website: Todoist.com
What they do: Todoist is a digital to-do list and task management application powered by Doist
Who they hire: Web Designers and Developers, Marketing and Social Media Reps, Designers, Bilingual Technical Support Pros


Toptal LLC

Headquarters: San Francisco, California
Founded: 2010
Website: Toptal.com
What they do: Toptal, LLC is a global network of expert software engineers and designers who partner with clients to aid their project and team needs; their clients include Airbnb, Pfizer, and J.P. Morgan
Who they hire: Business Operations Specialists, Developers, Sales Engineers and Analysts, Social Media Specialists


Headquarters: New York, New York
Founded: 2012
Website: Upworthy.com
What they do: Upworthy is a viral website driven by trending digital news and stories that add a meaningful touch to the reader’s day
Who they hire: Product Managers, Editors, Writers, Designers, Engineers, Social Media Specialists

Virtual Vocations Inc

Headquarters: Tucson, Arizona
Founded: 2007
Website: VirtualVocations.com
What they do: Virtual Vocations, Inc. is the  web’s largest, safest, and most comprehensive job board connecting work-at-home job seekers to legitimate remote employment opportunities
Who they hire: Job Quality Specialists, Freelance Writers, Customer Service Representatives

World Wide Web Hosting LLC


Headquarters: Fayetteville, Arkansas
Founded: 2008
Website: WWWH.com
What they do: World Wide Web Hosting, LLC is a leading website design and management business that offers a range of services including shared cloud and web hosting, reseller hosting, cloud virtual servers, and managed dedicated servers
Who they hire: Systems Engineers, Marketers, Software Developers, Technical Support Personnel, Customer Service Representatives

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