5 Holiday Must-Haves for Job Seekers

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Forget the generic holiday bath sets and neckties adorned with gingerbread men, our list of holiday must-haves will help you acquire the gift that keeps on giving: a telecommute job. 

Throughout 2015 we’ve gathered data on the career categories with the highest number of available telecommute jobs, and now we’re sharing our findings with you!

Here are the top 5 industries with the most telecommute jobs added to our database during 2015, as well as examples of job titles and personality traits needed to succeed in each career:

1. Sales

Sales jobs represent 26.5% of all telecommute jobs added to our database in 2015.

Remote sales jobs, like Telecommute Account Executive, Virtual Sales Representative, and Home-based Business Development Director, are ideal for job seekers with charisma, resilience, tenacity, confidence, and a hunter mentality. They never settle and are always seeking to reel in the next big fish.

Interested in this exciting career? Follow the link here to view and apply to telecommute jobs in sales.

2. Information Technology 

Information Technology jobs represent 25.7% of all telecommute jobs added to our database in 2015.

Working from home as a Remote Technical Support Specialist, Virtual JavaScript Engineer, or Telework Web Application Developer sounds like a dream come true for tech-savvy job seekers, but if you want to succeed in an at-home IT career, you’ll need the right personality. Successful Information Technology professionals exude patience, adaptability, positivism, and the hunger for a challenge.

Does this sound like the career for you? Follow the link here to view and apply to telecommute jobs in Information Technology.

3. Healthcare 

Healthcare jobs represent 15.1% of all telecommute jobs added to our database in 2015. 

Healthcare is the fastest growing job sector in the U.S. In addition to the ability to work from their home-based offices, telecommuting Nurse Case Managers, Care Coordinators, Medical Review Physicians, and other healthcare professionals also have in common the following traits: empathy, emotional stability, strong attention to detail, and high-level communication skills.

Could you meet the challenge of a career in this booming field? Follow the link here to view and apply to telecommute jobs in healthcare.

4. Education 

Education jobs represent 12.5% of all telecommute jobs added to our database in 2015. 

Telecommute jobs in education encompass a wide variety of career paths, from senior-level professionals in administration to entry-level virtual contractors in tutoring. Whether job seekers opt to work from home as Telework Course Mentors, Remote K-12 Teachers, Partial Telecommuting Curriculum Directors or another remote education professional, all should possess a passion for learning, open-mindedness, flexibility, and compassion.

Could you find happiness working in this career category? Follow the link here to view and apply to telecommute jobs in education.

5. Management 

Management jobs represent 9.7% of all telecommute jobs added to our database in 2015.

Regional Managers, Business Managers, and Supervisors in practically any of our more than 40 career categories can find legitimate opportunities to work from home in their area of expertise. As well as having the professional work experience and education credentials necessitated by a specific telecommute job, all management level professionals should be leaders by example with a solid understanding of technology and the ability to engage and empower their employees.

Are you ready to move up the professional hierarchy? Follow the link here to view and apply to telecommute jobs in management.

Expert Tips for Applying to Telecommute Jobs During the Holidays

Don’t give up. Since the holiday season is synonymous with relaxation, you may be tempted to delay your telecommute job search until after the start of the new year. However, this time of rest and diminished distractions is ideal for focusing on your telecommute job applications; not to mention, you’ll gain the advantage of encountering less competition from other job seekers during the holidays.

Keep an open mind. Understand that hiring managers and employers may not respond to your telecommute job applications in as efficient a manner as they would during any other time of the year. Many employees take vacations during the holiday season, so don’t get discouraged if your job application isn’t met with an immediate response, especially if you’re applying during the last two weeks of the year.

Set aside time for your job search. Until you are hired for the telecommute job you want, you must devote time each day to your job search and submit your cover letter and resume to as many hiring managers as possible. Thankfully, prioritizing your telecommute job search is easy with Virtual Vocations. We can help your telecommute job search be safer, faster, and more successful in the following ways:

  • 500+ legitimate telecommute job leads added daily to our Telecommute Jobs Database
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