5 Ways to Use Twitter During Your Remote Job Search

We’ve shown you 8 Ways Social Media Can Kill Your Career; now it’s time to consider the upside to getting social. 

Although LinkedIn is probably the first social media platform that comes to mind when launching your telecommute job search, a little birdie told us Twitter can be just as useful.

Here are 5 ways to use Twitter during your remote job search:

1.) Treat Your Profile Like a Business Card

Rather than wasting the 160 characters of your Twitter bio by clogging it with self-indulgent descriptors like “coffee enthusiast” or “sky diving extraordinaire,” utilize this valuable social media real estate to list your current or preferred job title and your professional skills. We also recommend linking to your personal blog or an example of your published work in your profile’s “Website” section.

Bonus tip: Make use of Twitter’s “Pin to your profile” option to highlight a URL of your digital resume or a 140-character “elevator pitch,” since this will be the first tweet users see when visiting your profile. 

2.) Produce Professional and Interesting Content 

When tweeting, be genuine; others can tell when you’re schmoozing. Do maintain professionalism, though, by excluding profanity from your profile and keeping overt political or religious rhetoric to a private personal or anonymous Twitter account.

Most Interesting Man in the World Tweets

Use Twitter to share and retweet relevant articles, insightful observations, and industry stats, news, and trends. Ensure your tweets are part of the conversation within your vertical by hashtagging your posts. Perform an online search for popular hastags relevant to your industry and pepper those hashtags throughout your tweets.

Bonus tip: Don’t overindulge in hashtagging; use no more than three hashtags per tweet. 

3.) Follow Relevant Accounts

Search for and follow recruiters and job boards that cater to sourcing candidates for your industry as well as companies and organizations with whom you would like to work. In addition to tweeting ads for available jobs, employers will post details about meet-ups, symposiums, and conferences relevant to your field and critical to your networking potential.

Bonus tip: In most cases, these accounts will also utilize specific hashtags related to their events and live-tweets of those events, all of which will connect you with content resources, retweeting material, and examples of key influencers.

Speaking of influencers…

4. Direct Message an Influencer

Once you have followed and interacted with relevant accounts (through @ mentions and retweets) and they have followed you back, then you can start Direct Messaging those industry leaders, organizations, and recruiters.

This level of interaction can take many forms. For example, you can reply to an article share by sending them a Direct Message with a link to your own content on the same topic or you could drop a note saying you saw them at their recent speaking engagement and you agreed with their approach.

ways to use Twitter

You can go a step further by DMing a short inquiry message that succinctly expresses your desire to work with the employer and makes clear that if the company is ever looking to hire someone with your skillset, they should keep you in mind.

Bonus tip: Every available job isn’t necessarily listed on a company’s Careers page. Sending a personal, yet professional, note directly to key influencers and company insiders can mean a leap to the front of the job seeker queue.

5.) Search Twitter for Job Listings

Recruiters, employers, staffing agencies, and job boards will consistently tweet their most recent job postings. Use Twitter’s search function to input the industry, job titles, or locations relevant to your search. Even general Twitter searches like, “jobs NY” or “telecommuting jobs” can send you in the right direction.

Bonus tip: You can use a third party app or website like Hootsuite to curate search results into set streams that will continuously filter the most recent results for those search parameters.

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