8 Flexible Industries for Moms Who Want to Work Remotely

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Being a mom shouldn’t mean having to choose between work and family. That’s why we want to make it easy for moms to access flexible remote jobs and improve their work-life balance. Here are eight flexible industries that offer reliable income for moms who want to work from a home office.

8 Flexible Industries for Moms Who Want to Work Remotely

The modern remote workspace provides boundless opportunities for professionals with a range of lifestyle preferences and circumstances. Busy moms who want to raise children and sustain a career do not have to settle for less than they’re worth. Employers are more willing to offer flexible options to qualified candidates for the sake of attracting the best professionals possible.

If you’re a working mother looking for ways to create better work-life balance, consider these telecommute-friendly industries during your job search.

1. Accounting

It’s not hard for accounting professionals to find telecommuting jobs. Many remote accountants work as independent contractors and serve multiple clients, while others commit full time to one employer.

Look for job titles like:

  • Virtual Accountant
  • Telecommuting Bookkeeper
  • Remote Accountant

Median Salary and Job Outlook

The median salary for an accountant is $49,975 per year, and the BLS predicts a 10% growth for accountants and auditors through 2026.

Education and Experience

Accounting jobs usually require at least a bachelor’s degree in accounting. Many companies favor accountants with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Certified Public Accountant (CPA) license.

Skills Needed

Accountants typically need skills related to:

  • Organization and attention to detail
  • Analysis and accuracy
  • Compliance and auditing
  • Communicating data and collaborating with teams

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2. Administration

Administrative workers assist managers, coordinate teams, and provide supportive business services. Some employers seek part-time independent contractors, where others look for full-time, permanent employees. All industries need support staff to help facilitate operations and take care of tasks outside their core responsibilities.

Examples of administrative job titles include:

  • Virtual Executive Assistant
  • Virtual Sales and Operations Assistant
  • Telecommute Mortgage Loan Assistant

Median Salary and Job Outlook

The median salary is $37,870 for administrative assistants and $57,410 for executive-level assistants. The BLS predicts that administrative assistant jobs will decline by 5% through 2026, yet Virtual Vocations job specialists continue to fill our database with vacancies. Plus, organizations like Worlwide101, an online platform for professional virtual assistants, see no indication of decreased demand.

Education and Experience

Most administrative jobs require at least a high school diploma, but some employers may need a bachelor’s degree in business. Business experience is preferred, but evidence of excellent planning, coordination, and communication may serve as a substitute.

Skills Needed

Regardless of industry or level, all administrative workers need:

  • Professional conversation skills
  • Excellent written communication and documentation
  • Proficiency with standard office software such as Microsoft Word and Excel
  • Multitasking abilities
  • Genuine enjoyment in helping others

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Telecommuting has been such a benefit to my family. We moved frequently for my husband’s career, and I was able to homeschool my children for a year and take breaks whenever family needs arose. Having the freedom to telecommute has made all that possible without having to choose between my family life and a career. – Laura Spawn, Virtual Vocations Founder and CEO

3. Customer Service

The customer service field offers positions for entry-level and experienced managers alike. If you enjoy communicating and helping others troubleshoot problems, then this line of work may be for you. Customer service professionals primarily speak over the phone, correspond through email, or chat using web applications. They also perform routine duties and modify customer accounts within a software program.

Examples of common titles include:

  • Telecommute Customer Service Representative
  • Remote Customer Support Specialist
  • Virtual Client Success Manager

Median Salary and Job Outlook

The BLS predicts a 5% growth through 2026 for customer service representatives. Median salaries for common occupations based on career level include:

  • Entry-Level Customer Service Representative: $34,591
  • Senior Customer Service Representative: $42,761
  • Customer Service Managers: $54,104

Education and Experience

Most entry-level customer service jobs require at least a high school diploma. Management positions or jobs that need more technical or business skills may require a college degree. However, experience is often a substitute for education.

Skills Needed

Skills that all levels of customer service professionals must have include:

  • Excellent listening and communication
  • Ability to build report with clients
  • Attentiveness to detail
  • Understanding customer needs
  • Accurate documentation and reporting

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4. Education

If you love teaching or want to break into the education profession, there are plenty of opportunities for entry-level and licensed professionals. Online education has become more mainstream, and brick-and-mortar schools increasingly rely on online resources to supplement their classes. Online schools need all types of education staff, such as teachers, teaching assistants, lecturers, deans, tutors, and advisors.

Look for job titles like:

  • Remote Mathematics Faculty Member
  • Virtual K-12 Teacher
  • Telecommute Special Education Teacher

Median Salary and Job Outlook

The BLS predicts that all education, library, and training jobs will increase by 9% through 2026. Median salaries for specific education positions include:

Education and Experience

Most K-12 jobs require at least a bachelor’s degree in education and national or state licensure. Post-secondary teaching jobs usually require at least a master’s degree. Teaching assistant and tutoring jobs may require at least a bachelor’s degree, proficiency in a certain field, and related experience.

Skills Needed

Anyone in the education industry needs skills such as:

  • Patience and compassion toward learners
  • Confidence in their knowledge
  • Ability to find different ways to convey information
  • Willingness to learn new technologies to enhance lessons
  • Dedication to continuous improvement

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5. Information Technology

Information technology (IT) is a broad term that includes everything from technical support representatives to solutions architects. Web developers, software engineers, database administrators, and information security analysts are also part of IT.

Examples of job titles include:

  • Telecommute IT Manager
  • Remote Information Security Analyst
  • Remote Front End Developer

Median Salary and Job Outlook

BLS predicts a 13% growth for the entire IT industry through 2026. Examples of median salaries for specific positions include:

Education and Experience

Requirements depend on the complexity and technical level of the job. For example, technical support specialist jobs may require at least a high school diploma, whereas architecture, analysis, and security positions may require at least a bachelor’s degree and specialized certifications. Website and software developers, however, don’t always need a degree or formal work experience if they can prove proficiency in required programming languages.

Skills Needed

Skills that all information technology workers need include:

  • Excellent documentation, communication, and listening skills
  • Both big picture and detailed thinking
  • Problem-solving and critical thinking
  • Familiarity with the agile project management method
  • Effective collaboration with team members, clients, and stakeholders

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I love being a work-at-home mom because of the flexibility I have to take care of my kids if they’re sick, volunteer in their classrooms, be available to check out their Lego structures and art projects, and drop them off and pick them up from school. – Carly Lapinsky, Virtual Vocations Department Manager

6. Management

All industries need managers and have different levels of management. Some of the more flexible management positions revolve around online marketing, content, and services, as well as customer service, healthcare, and IT.

Examples of job titles include:

  • Virtual Retail Customer Service Manager
  • Telecommuting Healthcare Team Lead
  • Telecommute Marketing Development Director

Median Salary and Job Outlook

The BLS predicts that all management jobs will experience 8% growth through 2026. Examples of median salaries for specific types of managers include:

Education and Experience

Most management positions require education and work experience in a particular field. Others gain needed experience by moving up the ranks within one company. Some may start off as staff, then get promoted to team lead or first-level management and continue up as they gain more experience and responsibilities. Some companies expect managers to have at least a bachelor’s degree, and upper management positions may require an MBA. Managers also may need specific certifications, such as Project Management Professional (PMP).

Skills Needed

Regardless of level or team size, all managers need to have skills related to:

  • Leadership and team coordination
  • Strategic decision-making
  • Connecting technology, ideas, and resources
  • Adapting to change
  • Budgeting and project management

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7. Medical Coding

Medial coding is the act of translating diagnoses, treatment plans, prescriptions, and other medical directives into a standardized coding system that billing and insurance companies utilize. Medical coders help facilitate the billing and payment process for healthcare practitioners and organizations.

Look for titles like:

  • Telecommute Medical Coder
  • Remote Inpatient Coder
  • Telecommuting Medical Coding Specialist

Median Salary and Job Outlook

The BLS includes medical coders in the “medical records and health information technicians” category, which has a median salary of $39,180 and anticipated job growth of 13% through 2026.

Education and Experience

Medical coders usually need at least a high school diploma plus a medical coding certification from an accredited organization.

Skills Needed

Typical skills that all medical coders need are:

  • Knowledge of medical terminology and coding systems
  • Attention to detail and ability to spot errors
  • Clear communication between billing agencies and healthcare professionals
  • Adherence to deadlines or quotas

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8. Social Media

Social media jobs revolve around marketing, content creation, platform management, and branding. Social media professionals help increase brand awareness, connect customers with businesses, and provide a channel for funneling sales.

Examples of typical job titles include:

  • Remote Social Media Marketer
  • Telecommute Social Media Manager
  • Virtual Social Media Specialist

Median Salary and Job Outlook

The BLS groups social media specialists into “public relations,” which is expected to grow by 9% through 2026. The median salary for a public relations professional is $59,300. However, PayScale reports a median salary of $41,143 for social media specialists and $48,620 for social media managers.

Education and Experience

Social media specialists and managers usually need at least a high school diploma and proven experience using online platforms. Some employers also require advanced knowledge of business, marketing, and branding.

Skills Needed

All social media professionals need to have the following skills:

  • Experience using a variety of social media platforms
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Strategic content creation and marketing
  • Advertisement and sharing
  • Engagement with followers

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I love working from home because can be there for the first words, first steps, doctor’s visits, etc. I can also rearrange things if a family crisis happens and I need to go a few states away to take care of family business. – Sarah Hill, Virtual Vocations Department Manager

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