Adding Accomplishments to Your Resume

Resumes should show off your accomplishments. So why do so many job seekers leave them off their resume?

Resume Accomplishments

If you’re thinking you don’t have enough accomplishments to add to your resume, think again. Every job has accomplishments you can show off. If you aren’t having an impact on your company, you’re going to get fired. The hard part is connecting the accomplishments for the person reading your resume.

What is an accomplishment? You start off crafting your resume with a list of responsibilities under each job title that you’ve had. Well, try asking yourself “so what?” after each of those responsibilities. That’s the accomplishment. If you hadn’t been in charge of that responsibility, what would the difference have been at the company?

Coming up with your accomplishments. There are three main elements to listing specific accomplishments. The first is the problem or challenge. What was the bottom line before you took the position as a sales associate? Taking a look at the picture before you took the job is often the problem that you helped to solve by being hired.

Secondly, there is an action involved in you helping to solve the initial problem. The steps you were directly involved in are the actions part of the equation.

Last, is the outcome or the result of what happened in the company? Did you affect the bottom line of the organization? Did you improve a process by showing others how to be more efficient? The outcome is what you’re searching for and that is what you will list on your resume as an accomplishment.

Here are a few examples of accomplishments to help get you started with your list:
• Reached a level of 2 defects per 1,000 after 3 months on the job
• Increased revenue by X amount by selling additional products
• Grew monthly site visitors from 175 to 249 after launching new company web design
• Product sales increased by 85% in 100 days and added 20% sales growth for the year
• Using Windows Movie Maker, PowerPoint, and Internet Explorer, I created numerous videos for display on the big screen TV on the sales floor
• Taught a customer service training to my teammates
• Won employee of the month for outstanding customer service

No matter what position you have with a company, you can come up with a few accomplishments to make your resume stand out above the others in the hiring manager’s mountain of job applications. Wouldn’t you hire a person with the above accomplishments?

Where to put accomplishments? The next question to answer is where they go on the resume. My suggestion is to put an accomplishments heading above your work history. This gives a hiring manager a sneak peek of what you’ve done successfully at the places you’ve worked.

What accomplishments will you add to your resume to make it stand out?

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