Buzzwords to Leave Off Your Resume


You may think that adding buzzwords to your resume will get you noticed by a hiring manager, but the truth is they could cost you the job you want. 

When you submit your resume in response to a job opening, the hiring manager or the hiring manager’s electronic resume screening program will scan your resume for keywords and phrases that pertain to the job ad associated with the position. Failing to highlight your skills and experience in relation to the job description by using vague catchwords will not demonstrate that you are a desirable, and more importantly hireble, candidate.

If you want to advance to the interview round of the hiring process, keep these fluffy buzzwords off your resume:

  • Detail- or results-oriented
  • Exceptional
  • Team player
  • Excellent
  • People person
  • Proven ability
  • Multi-tasker
  • Proactive
  • Strong work ethic
  • Self-starter

Using resume buzzwords like those, make you sound like this:


We suggest replacing outdated and cliche resume buzzwords with proof of your professional attributes and career success. Try the following:

  • List measurable outcomes of goals you’ve achieved in past jobs
  • Discuss results you have produced, like coming in under budget on a project or leading quarterly sales within your region
  • Whenever possible, attach statistics and hard numbers to your achievements, which will solidify your ability to deliver

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