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Create a Winning Resume Virtual Vocations e-Course Overview

Does your resume need a makeover? Whether you’re new to telecommuting, changing careers, or climbing up the ranks, you need a resume that meets current hiring expectations. Virtual Vocations offers premium members an exclusive resume writing e-course to help you get through automated recruiting software and catch employers’ eyes.

Create a Winning Resume e-Course Overview

In the age of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data analytics, the nature of hiring ever evolves. Human Resources Today reports that complex algorithms are the keys to helping recruiters find the best candidates, remove bias, and more efficiently process applicants. Regardless of technological advancements and streamlined approaches, however, one recruiting tool remains constant: the resume.

Your resume is a concise narrative of your skills, education, and work experience. Aside from social media and in-person networking, it’s the quickest way to market yourself and communicate your expertise. When poorly crafted, however, it’s also the quickest way to get rejected by employers.

To help you write one of your most important telecommute job search documents, Virtual Vocations presents the Create a Winning Resume e-Course as part of your premium membership.

How the e-Course Works

Premium members get access to this e-course located in the Telecommute Toolkit. It is a five-day course, where you receive one email each day. First, you receive a welcome email with an overview of the course. Each subsequent email is as follows:

  • Part I: Differences Between Application Processes
  • Part II: What Employers Are Looking For
  • Part III: Identifying Common Resume Mistakes
  • Part IV: Creating Your Own Telecommute Resume
  • Part V: Tailoring Your Resume for Each Job

Each part contains links to related course materials that help you learn about the application process and craft your own telecommute resume. Read on for details about what you learn in each part.

Part I: Differences Between Application Processes

As a job seeker, you know there are different ways to apply for jobs. You can network with business professionals and personally hand them your resume. There’s also email, social media platforms, and employment agencies. Perhaps the most common way to submit applications is directly through company websites.

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Resume Submissions

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is a software program that companies use to collect and store resumes. They also use ATS programs to search for qualified candidates and prove compliance with federal and state employment laws.

ATSs change the application game for telecommute job seekers. If you find yourself submitting dozens of applications for jobs that fit your skills perfectly, and you never get a response, you may not be getting past the ATS programs. Thus, the e-course shows you how to create an ATS-friendly resume so that you increase your chances of hearing back from employers.

Non-ATS Resume Submissions

When you apply to positions without an ATS, such as over email or in person, you can offer recruiters a more visually appealing resume. ATS resumes have bland formatting, but non-ATS resumes allow for more creativity and pizazz.

The e-course offers advice on how to craft a more colorful resume. Such resumes should include web-safe fonts and should be exported as PDFs to ensure formatting stays intact.

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Part II: What Employers Are Looking For

In general, employers seek professionals with skills that match a job description. They also want candidates who will fit in well with their company’s current team and culture. However, telecommuters are given additional requirements due to the nature of the remote workspace.

Essential Telecommuting Skills

Any successful professional needs to be self-motivated, engaged at work, and time managed. Telecommuters especially need to serve more as self-managers, since no one is physically looking over their shoulder. New remote workers often underestimate the positive effects of co-working and realize how hard it can be to hold themselves accountable. However, the rewards and savings that working at home provides are worth the challenges of shifting their work style.

If you’re a seasoned telecommuter, you’ll have an easier time showing companies you’re capable of remote work. For all you newbies, you’ll need to provide a bit more evidence to prove you’re responsible enough to get the job done. However, there are plenty of employers who welcome new telecommuters.

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Telecommute-Friendly Companies

The Virtual Vocations database has over 10,000 telecommute-friendly companies. Each company profile contains a description of the business, the year it was founded, the company website, other related websites, hiring history and trends, and currently available telecommute positions. Leverage this resource to research businesses and apply for new jobs.

Audio Tips from Laura Spawn, CEO

Part II also contains special tips from Laura Spawn, founder and CEO of Virtual Vocations. Spawn has over 10 years of telecommuting experience and leads a 100% virtual company. She knows first-hand what recruiters look for in resumes and how they evaluate job seekers. Listen to her audio recording for exclusive insight on how to search for remote work.

Part III: Identifying Common Resume Mistakes

Crafting a resume often depends on three things: your work history, skills, and how well you market yourself. In many cases, however, self-marketing is most important. Recruiters take an average of six seconds to review a resume. They quickly scan the document looking for certain keywords and qualifications. So, no matter how spangled your background is, if you don’t include the exact information that recruiters seek, your resume will get tossed in the garbage.

Common Resume Mistakes

Do you carefully proofread your resume? Do you check for proper grammar and consistent word usage? Do you skip steps during the application process to save time? These are a few of the big resume no-nos that many telecommuting job seekers make.

Little mistakes make a big impact in the eyes of recruiters. Think about it this way: Your resume is not just a summary of your experience, it’s also a representation of you as a professional. If you submit a subpar document, you shouldn’t expect a response. In school, you get graded based on performance. In a job, you get evaluated holistically and paid according to your work output. When you apply for jobs, your resume either gets noticed or trashed. There’s no in-between. So, to get noticed, your applications must be as perfect as possible and tailored to the job description and company.

Measuring Resume Quality

How do you know if your resume foots the bill? Since most of the hiring process is out of your hands, it pays to do your due diligence and master any aspect you can control, such as:

  • Tailoring your resume to the job descriptions
  • Creating an ATS-friendly version to upload online
  • Carefully proofreading for spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and grammar
  • Removing common resume and application faux pas

For other quality control tips, Part III of the e-course offers a Resume Quality Checklist to help you polish your application.

Part IV: Creating Your Own Telecommute Resume

Parts I through III help educate you on the application process, what recruiters look for, and how to avoid common mistakes. In Part IV, you get to put your new knowledge into action. With the help of our pre-formatted resume templates, you are tasked to create your own winning resume.

Choosing Your Template

We make it easy for you to craft a telecommute resume based on your experience level. There are three main template categories:

  • Entry-Level Telecommute Resume: Choose this template if you have an incomplete certification or degree, have little or no work history, or are re-entering the workforce after a prolonged absence (e.g., due to raising children or recovering from an injury or illness).
  • Functional Telecommute Resume: Choose this template if you completed a certification or degree program and have a couple of years of work experience.
  • Professional Telecommute Resume: Choose this template if you completed a master’s or doctorate program.

We also provide an ATS Telecommute Resume template that all applications should use in addition to one of the previously mentioned templates. Recall, most employers use an ATS to collect, store, and search for applicant information. So, regardless of your line of work, education level, and years of experience, you need to have an ATS-friendly version to maximize your chances of success.

Resume Creation Guide

Once you have your tried-and-true template, the next step is composing an enticing summary of your experience and skills. Of course, this is the hardest part. But have no fear – we got you covered. Part IV provides you with our ultimate Telecommuting Resume Writing Guide. Follow this guide, along with the other suggested resources, to document your life’s work concisely and accurately.

Part V: Tailoring Your Resume for Each Job

Did we mention that you need to tailor your resume to each job you apply to? We don’t mean to beat a dead horse, but resume tailoring is so often overlooked. When job posts attract 250 applicants on average, recruiters don’t want to play matching games. Therefore, they immediately discard resumes that are too general or unrelated to the posted job description.

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How to Tailor Your Resume Quickly

We know the telecommute job search process is time-consuming. Thus, we don’t recommend creating a brand new resume for each application. Instead, keep a master template that’s easily customizable. If you wear different telecommuting hats, you might need a couple of different masters on hand to capture your different lines of work. For example, if you’re primarily in sales, but you also teach or tutor college students, craft a master sales resume template and a master education resume template.

Whenever you apply for a new position, use the job description as a guide for how to tailor your master resume to match keywords and requirements stated in the post. Avoid adding more length to your document, and instead focus on the most important and most relevant aspects of your experience.

How to Get the Most Out of the e-Course

As every student knows, signing up for a course is easy. However, engaging in and reaping the benefits of the lessons takes work and concentration. To get meaningful outcomes from the Virtual Vocations Create a Winning Resume e-Course, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Set aside at least 30 minutes each day to read the emails and course materials.
  • Download the course materials to your computer so that you can access them anytime.
  • Read through all additional resource links and bookmark those you find exceptionally helpful.
  • Put the lessons into practice by leveraging the templates and drafting a resume.

Once you complete the course and a new telecommute resume, you still have our support! If you feel stuck or need professional guidance, we offer a Professional Resume Review service for free and premium subscribers. You can also always email us with questions and search our blog for additional insight.

First things first, however. Get the ball rolling by subscribing as a premium member and enrolling in the Create a Winning Resume e-Course. It’s easy to sign up, and we make the resume creation process as simple as possible.

Do you need help creating a winning resumeConnect with Virtual Vocations on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn, and let’s talk about how we can help. We’d love to hear from you! 

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