How Stay-At-Home Moms Can Find A Telecommute Job

Are you a Stay-at-Home Mom (SAHM) who is ready to transition to the flexible lifestyle of a Work-at-Home Mom (WAHM)?

stay-at-home mom find telecommute jobTelecommuting provides moms with the best of both words: the ability to pursue their professional goals and the freedom to spend time with family. With the sheer volume and variety of telecommute jobs available today, there are opportunities for practically everyone.

If you have been out of the workforce for a few years, your search for a work-at-home job may feel a bit overwhelming. Don’t give up. It is possible to find a telecommute job that meets your needs. Start by using our five surefire tips for finding a telecommute job and kick-starting your next career:

1. Develop a Network

The way we network has changed considerably with the advancement of the Internet and the explosion of social media, but the importance of networking hasn’t diminished. Consider this: According to a large study titled Limited Network Connections and the Distribution of Wages at least 50 percent of people get their job as a result of an association with a friend, family member, or colleague.

If you’re looking for a telecommute job:

• Join sites like LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook to start developing your online network
• Reach out to former co-workers and let them know you’re resuming your career
• Join groups geared toward helping SAHMs make the transition to WAHMs
• Start following companies that hire telecommuters in your field
• Create a polished profile. Keep it up to date and engage with the site often; your network will naturally expand
• Seek out former SAHMs who made the shift to WAHM and ask her to share exactly how she did it

2. Use Online Job Services

Using an online job service is an incredibly efficient way to search for a virtual work. Just make sure you research the job service’s reputation before you sign up. Choosing a site like Virtual Vocations that carefully screens the jobs they post to weed out scams and then emails you job leads based on your preferences and skills are invaluable.

3. Apply Early

Telecommuting jobs are incredibly desirable, so competition can be tough. If you want the best chance of landing a quality work-at-home job, apply when the job posting is fresh. Ideally you should apply the day the job is published, which puts your resume at the head of the line. At minimum apply within the first week. A well-respected study collected data from nearly 7000 new-hires and revealed that 27 percent applied for the job within 48 hours after it was posted and nearly 50 percent applied within the first week. Use an online job portal that forwards you jobs matching your interest as soon as they become available and you’ll always be kept in the loop.

4. Craft a Killer Resume

The content and formatting of resumes has changed considerably over the last decade. Today’s resume must clearly state your skills and tell how hiring you will benefit the company. As a SAHM, you might not have had a paying job, but volunteer work counts. For maximum impact, describe your accomplishments in terms the hiring manager can relate to. For example,
stay-at-home mom find work-at-home job
Recruited and supervised 25 volunteers for a three month fundraising campaign that raised $20,000 – a 55 percent increase over last year’s fundraising efforts.

You may want to consider using a visual resume instead of the traditional one you learned in college. A visual resume is not only eye-catching, the flexible formatting lets you to create a well-rounded picture of your skills, talents and experience.

If you need help decoding your SAHM skills to ones relevant in the job market, read our post, Stay-at-Home Moms: Translating Your Skills to the Workplace.

5. Research and Inquire

Many large companies offer a significant number of telecommute jobs, but they may not be advertised as such. Once you know the field you want to work in and have identified companies you’d like to work for, do a bit of research to find out if they offer telecommute options. A few tips:

CNN Money recently published list of companies that have a very high percentage of telecommuter positions.
• If there’s a company you really want to work for, contact HR and inquire about virtual options.
• If you know a WAHM, ask for her employer’s contact information. A company that has hired a former SAHM and experienced the value she offers may be more likely to do so again.

Your decision to move from a SAHM to a WAHM is exciting, but searching for a telecommuting job can feel overwhelming. Use our tips to navigate your way to your new career and we bet you’ll be setting up that new home office in no time.

What’s your best piece of advice for a Stay-at-Home Mom looking to transition to a Work-at-Home Mom?

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