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Instant Message Job Interview Scam

A new job interview scam conducted over instant messenger targets job seekers interested in working from home.

In its latest online jobs scam alert, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) cautions job seekers about online job ads that require candidates to complete an interview over an instant messaging program. Falling for this employment con could result in lasting negative effects for your personal and professional life.

The Con

When searching the web for work-at-home job opportunities, you may come across an ad from a “recruiter” working on behalf of the company. When you research the company to verify its legitimacy, you’re pleasantly surprised to find a well-made company website for an employer with a seemingly upstanding reputation. You are excited about the possibility of working from home for a top company, so you forward your resume to the recruiter for review. You’re immediately asked to participate in a job interview via an instant messaging program. Your streak of great luck continues – you ace the interview and are offered the job!

The Catch

Everything is fake. From the recruiter to the job offer, none of it is legit. How could this happen when your online research of the employer returned positive results?

The scammers stole the logo, website, and contact information of an actual reputable employer. The entire rouse is an identity theft scam meant to rob you of sensitive personal information like your name, mailing or physical address, email address, phone number, and work history.

The Consequences

According to a report filed with the BBB, the duties of this fake online job involve criminal activity. The scammers convince virtual job seekers to transfer stolen goods or money to foreign entities, which is similar to another popular work-at-home con: The Reshipping Scam. Innocent as your intentions were, your involvement in these criminal activities could lead to your prosecution.

How Virtual Vocations Helps You Avoid Online Job Scams

In addition to being the most comprehensive source of telecommute job postings on the web, we’re committed to helping you avoid scams during your at-home job search in the following ways:

  • We verify the legitimacy of all job offers posted to our site. Every telecommute job opening in our Telecommute Jobs Database is reviewed by several different people before its posted. Our goal is to make sure all job postings on our site are real positions from real employers, offering real pay.
  • We do not post fee-based, solely commission-based, low paying jobs, or “start your own business” opportunities that have unrealistic performance expectations and grandiose promises of future income without paying out a dime for your hard work.
  • We believe people should be paid a fair wage for the work they perform, which is why Virtual Vocations only lists jobs from established businesses in need of full-time or part-time employees or 1099 Independent Contractors.
  • We research and alert job seekers to the latest work-at-home job scams via our Telecommute Blog.
Tips for Successfully Navigating a Legitimate Virtual Interview

After you apply to a legitimate telecommute job from our database and receive an offer for a virtual interview utilize our tips for successfully navigating it:

  • Don’t seem too available – Even if you are desperate for a job, don’t let future employers see that. If the employer thinks you are in high demand and are being courted by multiple companies, you could negotiate for yourself a better compensation and benefits package.
  • Be prepared – Get to know your employer before your interview. Our Company Database is a free resource for job seekers that offers hundreds of company profiles containing valuable information about employers that regularly hire telecommuters.
  • Dress for the occasion – Will your virtual interview be completed via Skype or a Google Hangout? You don’t have to put on traditional business attire, but change out of your pajamas and don an outfit that boosts your confidence.
  • Remove background noise – Avoid conducting your virtual interview in a location within earshot of noisy neighbors, barking dogs, or playing children. This is point is especially important if the work-at-home job you want will require you to make or receive phone calls in a distraction-free work environment.
  • Troubleshoot your equipment – Video chat with a friend as a test run of your virtual interview. Use this time to work out any kinks in your computer or video conferencing software. You’ll also want to ensure your laptop is fully charged and that any standout items or personal artwork have been removed from your background.

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