Job Search Candy Hearts for Valentine’s Day 2018

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Do you want the gift of remote work this Valentine’s Day? Take a look at the attributes that will make you a desirable telecommute candidate as well as some of the best benefits of remote work, all told through an updated twist on classic candy hearts!

Job Search Candy Hearts for Valentine’s Day

If you’re interested in exploring remote work options at your current job, chances are you have to make the case for telecommuting. Using a twist on classic Valentine’s Day candy heart sayings, this article will highlight some the top benefits of remote work as well as a few of the most sought-after telecommuter qualities.

Use the following remote work perks and top telecommuter traits as inspiration to help you design a telecommute proposal that will remind your manager of all the little things that make you an excellent candidate for telecommuting and highlight the benefits your company will enjoy by incorporating remote work arrangements into their business model.

Play your cards right and this year and the best Valentine’s Day gift you receive could be greater flexibility.

I’m Over the Moon for More Time With You

Our 2017 Survey found that one of the most valued perks of remote work is the ability to spend more time with a loved one. The ability to attend dance recitals, have dinner as a family, catch an early movie, and generally enjoy greater scheduling flexibility not only improves the well-being of the employee but also boosts job satisfaction, which can greatly improve performance at work. What employer wouldn’t love to reap the benefits of a happy, thriving remote employee?

Be the Apple of My Eye

Remote workers make healthier decisions on what to eat each day and, in turn, reduce the burden of healthcare costs and sick days on employers. Virtual professionals make healthier meal and snack choices and are less likely to get sick. It’s no secret that long commutes, enclosed offices, and the pressure to eat out every day can lead to unhealthy habits. Remote workers can avoid peer pressure to indulge too often on sweet treats, sugary drinks, and high-fat, fast food lunches.

I’ll Always Be Yours

As a remote worker, one of the most prized attributes is reliability. Telecommute options encourage workers to maneuver around emergencies and obstacles to maintain quality deliverables. When employees feel valued, they spread the love around helping their company to build a positive presence. Virtual work is known to improve retention, which is beneficial to businesses and workers alike.

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Can I Call You Mine?

Remote work helps professionals distinguish between effective forms of communication and those that do not lead to desired results. Although some managers believe in-person meetings are the best option, often meetings do not lead to action. Telecommuters understand that connecting with their team has value, and they look to develop systems of accountability that help everyone stay on track.

Be My Tech-Savvy Valentine

To be effective as a remote worker, you must constantly adapt to new tools and technology. Our digital terrain is developing every day and so should our understanding of the industry tools available. Telecommuters are tech-savvy and always willing to research a new technology they have never used. There are many blogs, social media accounts, and other online resources you can use to be sure you never miss out on the latest news in your field. If you are struggling with a particular piece of tech, invest in an online class to sharpen your skills.

When you work remotely, your manager trusts that you can do your job effectively by using all the tools at your disposal. You can even increase your value by researching and suggesting new tools that can help virtual employees do even better in your particular company. Just remember, you don’t have to major in computer science to stay informed about innovation, you just have to have the willingness to explore.

I Love Your Can-Do Attitude

Employers love that remote workers are action-oriented. When you do not have the face-to-face time to develop trust in a work environment, the way you are viewed is tied to your work ethic and the results of your work. Having a positive attitude goes a long way to reassure your boss you have what it takes to manage challenges, deflect conflict, and take on new projects.

If you wonder how to score a promotion while working remotely, one of your best options is to demonstrate you have a can-do attitude. Being positive and action-oriented is contagious. You can inspire this energy in your entire team and drive to meet even more exciting goals.

It’s So Neat How You Never Miss a Beat

As a telecommuter, it’s crucial to not only be positive but also quickly adapt to change. Professionals who reject innovation are often unable to cope with new processes, no matter how effective.

One of the many perks of hiring virtual workers is that they are often masters of creativity. They can work around changing priorities, readjust deadlines, and expediently restructure projects because they are used to working in a flexible environment.

When you know how to manage your own expectations and prepare for change without becoming overwhelmed by it, you can take advantage of how new ideas and spontaneity can improve your work. Bring this flexibility to a virtual position and you will win over your manager in no time.

Thank You for Always Being on Time

One of the first aptitudes you develop in a virtual work environment is time management. It is a crucial yet under-rated skill that can make or break your success as a remote employee. Particularly if you are juggling multiple deadlines, working on multiple teams or transitioning into more responsibility, you must maintain a high level of organization. This starts with your home office.

Having a space that works effectively will boost your ability to deliver on time. You’ll need physical organization as well as digital systems to efficiently manage your files, meeting schedules, and all your work information without sending your head spinning.

When you have an effective system for your work, you can take on demanding projects with confidence. This level of accountability is required for remote workers as employers place a high level of trust in you to stay on top of your work, communicate, and relay any difficulties you encounter. If you do not manage time effectively, a deadline could slip through the cracks and lead to larger delays in an important project.

Whether you work as part of a team or solo, investing in tools that help keep you on track can boost your value in your company while also preventing you from taking on too much stress. You can find time trackers, such as Toggl, or utilize a project management system like Basecamp. Experiment to find what works for you.

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You’re the One; You Can Work Independently

Remote work is rooted in your ability to perform individually. This can be a great benefit to people who have the skills and dedication to take one responsibility and maintain ownership.

It may be intimidating to work on your own because if anything goes wrong, the blame falls on you. However, look at failure as a learning tool. Making a mistake isn’t a bad thing if you can identify what went wrong and work to correct it next time.

Instead of focusing on perfection as a one-person team, emphasize attention to detail, stellar communication skills, and your ability to obtain new skills. Employers want workers who can not only deliver high-quality work but can also continue to grow in any situation. Prove that you can work on your own, and you may just find yourself leading a team yourself.

You’ve Got Your Eye on the Prize

Remote workers who are driven by results will see the best payoff for their efforts. As a virtual worker, you may not have the same amount of time with your boss as your in-office colleagues. This means, when it comes to recognition and making the case for your value, you should rely on measurable data.

Regardless of your field, you can connect the work you do to the bigger picture of your company. Do your research on what processes help make your company successful. Zero in on how your work adds to the mission and begin tracking your results each month.

Keeping records of accomplishments is an excellent way to help others see how you contribute to the team. Additionally, it helps keep you motivated when you can’t attend monthly meetings in person or benefit from in-person, one-on-one sessions with your manager.

You Save Me a Pretty Penny

Remote workers save employers money. Hiring remote professionals reduces overhead costs and remote workers do not rely on expensive office perks. When you want to showcase your value as a virtual employee, remember to think about the economic value of reducing commute time and car-related pollution. Employers are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental benefits of remote work. If your employer is environmentally conscious, use this to help make your case for a virtual work arrangement.

It is always much easier and more fulfilling to work in a job for which you are passionate. As you embark on your telecommute job search, think about your motivation for wanting to work remotely to help you focus on ways to stay motivated to enhance your skills and improve your hireability.

Regardless of your area of expertise, remote work options are plentiful in nearly every career industry. Explore the Virtual Vocations Database and for more than 13,000 telecommute job openings you’re sure to love!

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