Make Your Telecommute Job Hunt More Colorful


Bored with job hunting? Just in time for Easter, we have tips to make job searching more colorful!

If you’re ready to wash your hands of the repetitive process of looking for work, we hope these job hunting strategies will brighten your experience and lead you to the golden egg of job offers:

Talk to the right people. Are you sending your resume to just anyone, or are you paying attention to the recipient’s credentials and potential hiring power? Executing a more focused job hunt to get your resume to the right people will save you time, energy, and resources, which is especially valuable if you are currently unemployed. However, don’t become so focused on one employer that you put all your job search eggs in one basket.

Always follow up. Don’t forget to thank a hiring manager or potential client for the opportunity to talk with them. Randall S. Hansen, Ph.D., a career and job search consultant and founder of Quintessential Careers, explains that following up on the status of a job opening can make or break your job hunt success.

Hansen suggests keeping track of everyone with whom you interview or seek out for potential job openings, then follow up with an email, note, or phone call thanking them for their time. Following up is also a great way to summarize your conversation and reinforce to the hiring manager why you’d be a perfect fit for the job.

Don’t discount your network. According to NPR, Matt Youngquist, president of Career Horizons, tells readers that most job openings aren’t even published. In fact, as many as 80% of jobs don’t make it to a formal job listing; instead, employees like to hire candidates from their own network because employers know they can count on them.

Ergo, make sure that you never stop networking. Go to networking events, talk to people at business functions, and discuss with your friends and family that you’re searching for a job.

Think outside the box. Like Easter eggs, the best job leads aren’t always in the most obvious places. Instead of searching on the same ol’ websites, consider branching out a little bit in your job search. Try the newspaper, contact a recruiting agency, send your resume to a company you’d love to work for, stay active on LinkedIn, and utilize a job aggregation service like Virtual Vocations.

At Virtual Vocations, we take the guesswork out of job searching, in that every job opening added to our database of Legitimate Telecommute Job Leads undergoes a multi-level screening process to ensure it is a real job from a real employer offering real pay.

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