New College Grads: 10 Success Secrets for Your Remote Job Search

new college grads

Virtual Vocations identifies 10 success secrets for new college grads ready to begin their telecommuting journey.

If you are one of 2017’s new college grads preparing to enter the job market, Virtual Vocations has advice to help you succeed in your remote job search.

Job Outlook for New College Grads

Good news, graduates! The job market is ripe with opportunities for new college grads. According to Career Services and the Collegiate Employment Research Institute’s Recruiting Trends 2016—2017 survey of approximately 4,350 employers, 87% of respondents “…hired at least one new college graduate during the 2015-16 academic year.” This hiring boom is expected to continue from the 2016-17 academic year, as only three-percent of employers who hired during the 2015-16 academic year do not plan to hire new college grads in 2017.

The Recruiting Trends 2016—2017 survey also offered insight into the types of jobs companies recruit for within the collegiate setting. Nearly three-fourths of respondents utilize college recruiting to fill full-time positions across every major industry.

Among the key economic sectors the survey identified as critical to college recruiting, including professional, business and scientific services, educational services, government, and nonprofits, all industries are representative of popular telecommuting career categories new college grads can apply to work within as soon as the ink dries on their diplomas.

10 Success Secrets for Your Remote Job Search

While no amount of advice guarantees new college grads will triumph in their remote job searches, these 10 insider tips strengthen the likelihood of success.

1. Know How to Identify a Telecommuting Job Description

The number one success secret for a remote job search is knowing how to read the job description to determine if the job opening is, in fact, for a telecommuting position. Here are our top three tips for identifying a telecommuting job description during your remote job search:

  1. Recognize telecommuting keywords – Scan the job description for the following keywords and phrases: telecommuting, telecommute, telework, remote, work remotely, work from home, work at home, online job, virtual job, flexible, flex-time, home-based, home office
  2. Look for location information – If the job location is listed as “Remote,” “U.S.” or “Anywhere,” it’s safe to assume the job is a telecommuting position. Keep in mind, job openings with a city, state, or region specific location may still be telecommuting in nature. A remote job that’s location specific could be one that requires the hiree to appear onsite on occasion to attend in-person meetings or training sessions. Also, partial telecommuting jobs, in which hirees are based out of their home offices but are required to travel or work onsite part-time, may require hirees to live in a specific location in relation to a large international airport or to a company headquarters.
  3. See the signs among the qualifications – Employers filling telecommuting jobs are looking for candidates with a very particular set of skills (No, we’re not talking to you, Liam Neeson, so put down the phone.) When examining a job description for telecommuting clues, qualifications like “self-starter,” “works well under minimal supervision,” and “effective virtual collaborator” are all indicators that the position will allow you to work remotely.

2. Learn About Remote Job Types

Remote jobs are as diverse as new college grads themselves. During 2016 alone, Virtual Vocations’ staff screened and posted more than 117,000 telecommuting job openings to the Virtual Vocations Telecommute Jobs Database. These jobs represented openings in more than 50 job industries, from account management to writing, with the greatest number of remote job openings originating from the following top 5 categories, according to the Virtual Vocations 2016 Year-End Report:

  1. Information Technology
  2. Project Management
  3. Sales
  4. Management
  5. Healthcare

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3. Present Your Best You

Remember those key telecommuting qualifications mentioned in our first success secret? Presenting your best you is all about showcasing those qualifications through your remote resume and cover letter. Even if you’ve never held a telecommuting position, highlighting job qualifications and professional traits that illustrate your self-discipline and responsibility will convey to telecommute-friendly companies that you have the skills to succeed in a remote position.

4. Put Together a Winning Portfolio 

New college grads may not have paid professional work experience in their industry, but working to earn a degree offers its own measure of experience. Have you completed an internship, practicum or senior seminar under which you produced high-level examples of your work? If you are applying to telecommuting job openings in a field like graphic design, instructional design, marketing, teaching or freelance writing, use those high-level work examples to build a portfolio illustrating the best of your talents, which you can display and discuss during the hiring process.

5. Think Outside the Box

Let’s say you’re looking for a remote information technology job. Consider that you aren’t limited to only applying to work for household name IT companies such as Adobe Systems, Apple, Inc., and HP. Companies and organizations of a variety of sizes, from start-ups to businesses that have been in operation for decades, and across nearly all industries often hire IT talent for roles in security, programming, software development, and technical support.

Although your first instinct may be to search for telecommuting IT jobs from Silicon Valley employers, think outside the box and also apply to work for a health insurer like UnitedHealth Group or a risk management services provider like Aon plc.

6. Get Social

In 2017, chances are new college grads are active on at least one major social media site. So if you’re already Facebooking, tweeting, Instagramming, or snapping, why not use social media to your advantage during a job search?

Start by performing a Google search of yourself as if you were a potential employer. Examine the search results for red flag material, like statuses featuring a plethora of curse words or excessive drinking, and remove or hide those posts from public view under your privacy settings.

Next, if you haven’t already, create a LinkedIn profile and make connections with college classmates and professors, current and former colleagues and employers, and professionals already working in the job you want. Did you know Virtual Vocations is on LinkedIn? Connect with our company page to get the latest scoop on remote job search advice and the hottest telecommute job openings.

Finally, follow and interact with the social media accounts of prominent companies within your vertical, businesses you wouldn’t mind working for, and industry influencers you’d like to notice you. Think of social media networking as the modern equivalent of “working the room” at an onsite business conference.

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7. Apply Early

If you’ve found a telecommuting job that’s right for you, apply with urgency. Nearly half of all job openings are filled within the first 30 days of their posting, according to “Time to fill jobs in the U.S.,” a collaborative report from Indeed and the Centre for Economic and Business Research (CEBR). Virtual Vocations sets the same bar for job postings published to our database, which expire after 30 days in order to ensure remote jobseekers have access to the newest telecommute job openings available.

8. Be Discerning

Don’t apply to every telecommute job you encounter within your industry. Choosing quality over quantity during your remote job search will increase career satisfaction and longevity in the position you land and decrease the likelihood you’ll be back on the job market in a matter of months.

9. Keep Doing Your Homework

You may have recently graduated from college, but this doesn’t mean you can distance yourself from doing homework. For new college grads executing a remote job search, doing your homework means researching employers for whom you would like to work.

Start by making a top 10 list of your dream employers, then research those companies for details on the following key subjects you can use as talking points during a remote job interview:

  • The employer’s remote work policy
  • Company products and services
  • A who’s who of company leadership, including the head of the department where you want to work
  • Recent employer news and press releases
  • Their mission statement, company culture, and values, especially concerning the company’s approach to interacting with their community and their employees’ communities
  • Employer perks and benefits
  • The company’s financial health
  • Their competitors and overall industry

The good news is the Virtual Vocations Telecommute Companies Database makes it easy for new college grads to research employer known for hiring telecommuters. At the time of this article’s publication, the Virtual Vocations Telecommute Companies Database contained more than 5,600 profiles of telecommute-friendly employers, and more profiles are added daily.

Each company profile contains a company description and key facts, links to the company’s website a social media pages, a graph of the employer’s recent hiring trends, a list of currently available telecommuting jobs with the company which you can apply to in the Virtual Vocations Telecommute Jobs Database, and, if available, an RSS feed of company news.

10. Wash, Rinse, Repeat

The reality of any job search is that you may not succeed in finding the right job on the first try, but you must always be ready to get back on the proverbial horse. After a rejection, review and revise your employment documents, rethink your interviewing strategy, and remember these wise words:

“No mistake or failure is as bad as to stop and not try again.”
—John Wanamaker

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