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Remote Georgia Companies: 12 Employers Who Hire Telecommuters

remote Georgia companies

Would you like to work for a telecommute-friendly company that encourages flexible scheduling and opportunities for home-based employment in Georgia? We’ve compiled this list of remote Georgia companies just for you!

Have you ever wondered why you should target a telecommute job in a specific state? Sometimes, employers will ask you to attend important meetings or events a few times a year. Not all employers will ask you to travel, but it’s important to look into the travel required for any remote position before taking it. Being educated on which companies in your state are hiring gives you many great options to find the perfect remote position.

According to our Virtual Vocations 2017 Mid-Year Report: Telecommuting Top 10 – Best Remote States, Companies & Job Categories, there were 2,419 remote jobs posted from companies in Georgia during the first half of 2017. In fact, the “Peach State” state ranks 7th in the top 10 states for telecommuting.

Take a look this sampling of remote Georgia companies below, then become a Virtual Vocations member to start applying to available telecommute job openings with these and other employers!

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12 Remote Georgia Companies Who Hire Telecommuters

MapLarge is a software company headquartered in Atlanta that has been providing high performance map visualization software since 2009. The company was far ahead of the game in streaming data and analytics, as their platform allows for interactive analysis and collaboration. MapLarge is a remote-friendly company that typically employs software engineers, researchers, solutions architects, and other similar roles across the United States.

Jobs position titles at MapLarge: Telecommuting job titles with MapLarge include Virtual Senior Full Stack .net Web Application Developer, Work from Home Senior Software Architect Engineer, and Work at Home Senior UI and UX Designer.

To find the latest available jobs from MapLarge, take a look at their complete company profile.


Headquartered in Atlanta, Equifax is a consumer credit reporting agency and leader of business intelligence data collection. The company has been helping customers make informed choices and progress towards a better life since 1899. Equifax offers consumer products in the form of credit fraud and identity theft prevention, as well as B2B (business-to-business) customers’ credit reports, demographic data, and software. This telecommute-friendly company currently employs over 9,000 professionals around the world.

Job position titles at Equifax: Search for titles like Virtual Commercial Solutions Specialist, Remote Digital Media Enterprise Alliances Channel Partner Manager, Remote Digital Production Manager, and Remote Commercial Business Development Executive to find open positions.

Take a look at Equifax’s complete company profile to view the most recent job postings and learn more about the company.


JaiTech Systems, Inc. is a small, privately-owned computer programming company that offers consulting services in business intelligence, staff augmentation, data warehousing and managed services. The company is headquartered in Marietta and has been in operation since 2001. JaiTech typically hires consultants and information technology specialists for remote positions.

Job position titles at JaiTech Systems, Inc.: A recent position posted by JaiTech was a Virtual Greenplum Configuration Specialist.

Current telecommute job postings and learn more about the types of positions typically offered at JaiTech, take a look at their complete company profile.


HD Supply – This Atlanta company is one of the largest industrial distributors in North America. They provide a variety of products and value-add services to 500,000 customers in over 600 locations across the United States and Canada. HD Supply has been delivering leading-edge products since 2001, and with over 80 years of experience they have become a trusted business partner. Telecommuting opportunities are available to account managers, delivery drivers, merchandisers, project coordinators, and sales managers/representatives.

Job position titles at HD Supply: Telecommuting jobs with HD Supply typically include Remote Industrial Products Field Account Representative, Remote Industrial Supplies Area Sales Manager, Remote Facility Maintenance Supplies Outside Sales Account Manager, and Remote Healthcare Facilities Supplies Outside Sales Account Manager.

To learn more about the company and view the most up-to-date remote job postings, view HD Supply’s complete company profile.


Piedmont Healthcare, based in Atlanta, is a hospital and health system serving the “Peach State.” The organization currently operates six hospitals and over 100 locations within Georgia. The company employs more than 13,000 employees and has been running since 1905. They work to integrate technology into patient care, while still valuing a personal touch. Piedmont offers full-time telecommuting positions for medical coding professionals and technical support professionals.

Job position titles at Piedmont Healthcare: One position posted by Piedmont Healthcare in the past was a Work at Home PRN Hospital Coder III.

Take a look at their complete company profile to learn more about the types of jobs typically offered by the company and view their most recent vacancies.


VDart, inc. is one of the fastest growing information technology staffing and recruitment firms in the United States. The company has been specializing in making placements in the enterprise resource planning, business intelligence, identity and content management, and infrastructure fields since 2008. Both on-site and remote opportunities are offered to jobseekers through VDart.

Job position titles at VDart, Inc.: Some types of jobs offered by this Georgia ompany are Virtual Salesforce Developer Architect, Virtual Cloud Services Technology Architect, Virtual Hadoop Infrastructure Administrator, and Remote Salesforce Pre-Sales Consultant.

To learn more about jobs like these and to see the most up-to-date job postings available to you, visit VDart, Inc.’s complete company profile.


NCR Corporation, headquartered in Duluth, is a global leader in consumer transaction technologies. Under NCR, over 550 million transactions occur daily across a variety of sectors, including hospitality, telecom, retail, finance, travel, and technology. The company has operations in an expansive variety of countries and employs over 32,000 people. NCR is a telecommute-friendly employer that typically hires consultants, accountant managers, and other qualified professionals to work off-site.

Job position titles at NCR Corporation: Some types of positions that NCR posts for include Remote Hospitality Systems Engineer, Remote Financial Services Account Executive, Remote Digital Banking Account Executive, Virtual Software Solution Sales Retail Account Executive, and Remote Branch Transformation Specialist.

To learn more about the company and view the most recent job postings, visit their complete company profile.


Soliant Health, another of the Atlanta-based remote Georgia companies, is a unique recruitment agency in that it’s a large healthcare staffing company offering positions all over the United States. Many healthcare providers and hospitals are looking for professionals to hire on a contract, part-time or full-time basis, and Soliant is a great one-stop shop to find those specialized positions. Some telecommuting jobs with Soliant may require a bit of travel.

Job position titles at Soliant Health: Some types of positions that Soliant typically offers are Virtual Elementary School Speech Language Pathologist, Remote Long-Term Care Clinical Pharmacy Manager, Virtual TeleTherapy School Based Speech Language Pathologist, Virtual K-12 School Speech Language Pathologist, and Work from Home Middle School Speech Language Pathologist.

View Soliant’s complete company profile to learn more about the company and view the most recent job postings available.


Worldpay is a financial technology company, headquartered in Atlanta, that has been bringing the world together since 1993 by specializing in payment processing in 120 different currencies. Worldpay is a telecommute-friendly employer that frequently hires Remote Sales Representatives and other qualified professionals to work at home.

Job position titles at Worldpay: Some types of positions this company has offered before are Remote Regional Payment Services Account Executive, Remote Regional Account Executive, Work from Home Business Development Strategic Account Director, and Remote Financial Products Regional Account Executive.

To learn more about the company and view the most up-to-date job postings, view Worldpay’s complete company profile.


Matrix Resources is an agile information technology staffing and professional services company founded in 1983. Based in Atlanta, Matrix Resources is one of the top 25 staffing firms in the United States. The company has multiple locations in major cities across the U.S., including New York, Charlotte, and San Francisco. Matrix Resources recruits for telecommuting technical positions, and remote roles offered by the company can range from full-time placement to contracts.

Job position titles at Matrix Resources: Some positions that Matrix Resources has posted for in the past are Work at Home Developer Siteminder and Work from Home Business Systems Consultant.

To learn more about the company and view the latest job postings, take a look at their complete company profile.


Commerce Pundit is a web services agency that specializes in development and design, eCommerce solutions, inbound marketing and marketplace management. Headquartered in Atlanta, the company aims to help companies increase their profits and grow their online presence. Founded in 2009, the Commerce Pundit is telecommute-friendly and hires qualified candidates for remote and work from home positions.

Job position titles at Commerce Pundit: A recent virtual job that Commerce Pundit hired for was Work from Home Content Writer.

View their complete company profile to learn more about the company and view the most recent job postings available to you.


Lucas Group is North America’s highest executive search firm, serving over 1,000 companies from small organizations to Fortune 500 companies throughout the country. This Atlanta-based business provides recruiting and staffing services throughout industries such as finance, accounting, information technology, marketing, sales, and more. The company recruits for telecommute-friendly positions for thousands of companies, and offers work from home positions to its recruiters as well.

Job position titles at Lucas Group: Some types of positions that have been posted in the past are Remote Customer Success Project Manager, Remote Technology Products Sales Account Executive, and Remote Women’s Fertility Network Marketing Manager.

To learn more about the company and to see the most recent job postings, take a look at their complete company profile.


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