Remote Work in America’s Heartland: Top Industries, Jobs, and Employers

remote work in america's heartland

The Midwest has long been known as the United States’ manufacturing hub. But in the era of the Internet and cloud-based applications, Midwesterners have newfound telecommuting opportunities right in their backyards. Join us as Virtual Vocations explores remote work in America’s Heartland.

remote work in america's heartland


Remote Work in America’s Heartland: Top Industries, Jobs, and Employers

The term “heartland” is used to denote the central location of a country that doesn’t touch a major body of water. Therefore, the Midwest region of the U.S. is typically called “America’s Heartland” or “the Heartland States” because it includes the country’s central territory furthest from an ocean. Although, the inclusion of other states in America’s Heartland is up for debate. Most New York Times readers consider the Midwest to be the heartland, but some individuals also include western states like Colorado and Wyoming, as well as southern states like Tennessee, Arkansas, and parts of Texas.

The beauty of telecommuting is that it doesn’t matter where you live! You can land telecommute jobs and join the remote workforce from anywhere in the U.S., no matter how you define your region. However, for the purposes of this article, we discuss employment trends, telecommute job options, and top remote employers for the traditionally defined 12 Midwest states:

  1. Illinois
  2. Indiana
  3. Iowa
  4. Kansas
  5. Michigan
  6. Minnesota
  7. Missouri
  8. Nebraska
  9. North Dakota
  10. Ohio
  11. South Dakota
  12. Wisconsin

Virtual Vocations makes it easy to search for telecommute jobs in the Midwest. Utilize our search filters to refine your job search by region, job category, travel requirements, weekly hours, career level, education level, and more.

Employment Trends in the Midwest

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that there were 34,819,000 workers in the Midwestern region, which is 21.5% of the total U.S. workforce. Unemployment decreased from 4.2% in March 2017 to 3.8% in March 2018.

The following cities experienced significant improvement over the past year:

  • Peoria, Illinois
  • Rockford, Illinois
  • Akron, Ohio
  • Cleveland, Ohio
  • Youngstown, Ohio
  • Janesville, Wisconsin

Only handful of cities, such as Bismarck, Nebraska and Muskegon, Michigan experienced a slight increase in unemployment.

As for telecommuting, the Virtual Vocations 2017 Year-End Report shows that the top Midwest states for remote jobs are:

  • Illinois
  • Minnesota
  • Ohio
  • Michigan

The Midwest is home to many corporate giants who have opened their doors to telecommute options to attract and retain more talented professionals.

Top Four Telecommute Industries in the Midwest

There are four major industries currently dominating telecommute jobs in the Midwestern states:

  • Technology
  • Healthcare
  • Sales
  • Education

Some of these positions require a degree or experience in a particular field. For example, most education jobs require at least a bachelor’s degree in education plus any applicable state licenses. However, each industry also needs professionals for administrative, human resources, customer support, and other roles.

Top Five Telecommute Jobs for Heartland States

These jobs are currently the most commonly found in the Virtual Vocations job database for Midwest applicants. However, Midwesterners can land a telecommute job from a company located anywhere in the U.S.

1. Remote Account Manager

Account managers manage customer relationships, help customers find solutions to their problems, and sell products and services. They must stay up-to-date with their industry and company’s latest trends and offerings to provide their customers with the best possible service.

Average Salary: $57,244

Minimum Education: High school diploma or GED, but sometimes a bachelor’s degree

Key Skills Required: Communication, listening, customer service, organization, continuous improvement

View All Telecommute Account Management Jobs in the Midwest at Virtual Vocations

2. Telecommuting Business Manager

Business managers oversee the daily operations of a company department, unit, or team. They prepare and review operational plans, budgets, employee performance reviews, and training materials. They also ensure that broader company objectives and goals are accomplished within the scope of their management.

Average Salary: $75,353

Minimum Education: Bachelor’s degree

Key Skills Required: Communication, organization, planning, budgeting, strategizing, analysis

View All Telecommute Business Management Jobs in the Midwest at Virtual Vocations

3. Online Teacher

Online teachers develop lesson plans, prepare learning materials, conduct lectures, and administer quizzes and exams. They may host live video classes, create self-paced online courses, or a combination of virtual classroom strategies.

Average Salary: $53,878

Minimum Education: Bachelor’s degree and state licensure for K-12 jobs; master’s degree for post-secondary jobs

Key Skills Required: Teaching, learning management software, planning

View All Telecommute Online Teaching Jobs in the Midwest at Virtual Vocations

4. Virtual Solutions Consultant

Solutions consultants work with clients to resolve their problems using appropriate technology and business processes. They address their clients’ needs and create custom solutions to help businesses run more efficiently while simultaneously increasing company sales. Many solutions consultants specialize in a specific type of technology, such as Oracle software products, and help clients implement and maximize their use of such technology.

Average Salary: $81,787

Minimum Education: Bachelor’s degree

Key Skills Required: Analytical, problem-solving, management, sales

View All Telecommute Solution Consultant Jobs in the Midwest at Virtual Vocations

5. Telecommute Sales Manager

Sales managers serve as both sales representatives and team managers. They provide customer service, build relationships with clients, troubleshoot problems, and aim to increase their personal sales volume. Managers also supervise and lead a team of representatives by setting target sales goals, recruiting new reps, monitoring sales performance, and coaching and training new team members.

Average Salary: $66,111

Minimum Education: High school diploma or GED

Key Skills Required: Communication, listening, management, relationship-building

View All Telecommute Sales Management Jobs in the Midwest at Virtual Vocations

Top 15 Telecommute-Friendly Companies Located in the Midwest

The following 15 companies ranked in the Virtual Vocations Top 100 Telecommute Companies for 2018. There are over 11,000 companies in the database, so feel free to expand your search.

1. UnitedHealth Group

UnitedHealth Group is a leading healthcare insurance provider with customers in over 125 countries. They provide complete healthcare coverage plans to individuals, families, and employers. They also work directly with state Medicaid and Medicare programs.

Headquarters: Minnetonka, Minnesota

Industry: Healthcare

Who They Hire: RN case managers, care coordinators, account managers, directors

View UnitedHealth Group’s Complete Company Profile at Virtual Vocations

2. VocoVision

VocoVision provides top-of-the-line virtual speech therapy for children. They offer speech-language pathology treatment, sign language interpretation, telepsychology, occupational therapy, and services for visually impaired students.

Headquarters: Skokie, Illinois

Industry: Education

Who They Hire: Speech-language pathologists, special education teachers, school psychologists, sign language interpreters

View VocoVision’s Complete Company Profile at Virtual Vocations

3. Anthem, Inc.

Anthem, Inc. is another major healthcare insurance provider that delivers a wide range of services through their affiliate organizations, such as Anthem Blue Cross and Empire BlueCross BlueShield. They offer full-service healthcare plans, as well as special treatment and healthcare delivery services.

Headquarters: Indianapolis, Indiana

Industry: Healthcare

Who They Hire: Patient care coordinators, registered nurses, managers

View Anthem, Inc.’s Complete Company Profile at Virtual Vocations

4. Edmentum Inc.

Edmentum Inc. offers virtual educational solutions, such as online courses, test preparation, assessments, and career preparation. They primarily serve K-12 students and also offer workforce readiness solutions for those with high school diplomas and two- and four-year degrees.

Headquarters: Bloomington, Minnesota

Industry: Education

Who They Hire: Teachers, curriculum developers, education consultants

View Edmentum Inc.’s Complete Company Profile at Virtual Vocations

5. Chamberlain College of Nursing

Chamberlain College of Nursing is a for-profit school that offers bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree programs in nursing. They also provide a master’s degree program in public health. Classes begin every eight weeks are designed to support work-school-life balance.

Headquarters: Downers Grove, Illinois

Industry: Education

Who They Hire: Professors, deans, directors

View Chamberlain College of Nursing’s Complete Company Profile at Virtual Vocations

6. Walden University

Walden University is an online school that provides bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree programs and certifications in fields such as business management, communication, criminal justice, education, information technology, and public policy.

Headquarters: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Industry: Education

Who They Hire: Faculty members, program coordinators, supervisors

View Walden University’s Complete Company Profile at Virtual Vocations

7. Abbott

Abbot is a global company the supports the healthcare industry and its customers with products and research services. Some of their major consumer products include infant formula, nutrition powders, and meal replacement drinks. They also develop medical equipment, such as catheters, cardiac monitors, and blood glucose monitoring systems, to support healthcare professionals.

Headquarters: Abbott Park, Illinois

Industry: Healthcare and Research

Who They Hire: Account managers, project managers, sales specialists, service representatives

View Abbot’s Complete Company Profile at Virtual Vocations

8. Fiserv, Inc.

Fiserv, Inc. is one of the world’s leading technology companies that develops innovative solutions for the financial industry. They work directly with financial institutions, such as banks, credit unions, and investment firms, to tackle challenges like data analysis, online banking, and mobile account management.

Headquarters: Brookfield, Wisconsin

Industry: Technology

Who They Hire: Solutions architects, technical analysts and consultants, product managers, sales representatives

View Fiserv, Inc.’s Complete Company Profile at Virtual Vocations

9. Motorola Solutions, Inc.

Motorola Solutions, Inc. is a large telecommunications firm that serves individuals, employers, government agencies, military organizations, and public health and safety specialists. They offer devices, systems and networks, software and applications, and implementation and managed support services.

Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois

Industry: Technology

Who They Hire: Customer success managers, business managers, sales managers, account managers

View Motorola Solutions, Inc.’s Complete Company Profile at Virtual Vocations

10. Teradata

Teradata provides cloud-based data and analytics solutions to clients in over 77 countries through consulting services and technology products. They serve all industries, including communications, media and entertainment, financial, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and transportation.

Headquarters: Dayton, Ohio

Industry: Technology

Who They Hire: Account executives, sales consultants, solutions architects, business development managers

View Teradata’s Complete Company Profile at Virtual Vocations

11. Jack Henry & Associates, Inc.

Jack Henry & Associates, Inc. (JHA) provides a leading technology platform for financial companies to process transactions, manage accounts, and automate services. They also offer imaging solutions, information security and risk management services, and training and consulting.

Headquarters: Monett, Missouri

Industry: Technology

Who They Hire: Software engineers, sales executives, product managers, project managers, technical support engineers

View Jack Henry & Associates, Inc.’s Complete Company Profile at Virtual Vocations

12. U.S. Bank (U.S. Bancorp)

U.S. Bank (U.S. Bancorp) was founded in 1868 and is one of the oldest operating banks in the nation. They provide consumer and business banking services, mortgage and refinancing options, loans and credit lines, investing and retiring products, and wealth management services.

Headquarters: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Industry: Financial

Who They Hire: Information security specialists, mortgage loan originators, sales representatives

View U.S. Bank’s Complete Company Profile at Virtual Vocations

13. Convergys Corporation

Convergys Corporation is a customer experience outsourcing company that provides services such as customer care, technical support, collections, analytics, fraud and compliance, and network solutions. They serve industries related to automotive, communications, finance, healthcare, insurance, retail, technology, and hospitality.

Headquarters: Cincinnati, Ohio

Industry: Customer Service

Who They Hire: Customer service representatives

View Convergys Corporation’s Complete Company Profile at Virtual Vocations

14. Enterprise Holdings Inc.

Enterprise Holdings Inc. is a leading rental vehicle service with multiple brands, such as Enterprise Rent-a-Car, National Car Rental, and Alamo Rent A Car. They provide car and truck rental, car sharing, fleet management, retail car sales, and other transportation services. Their global network consists of roughly 1.9 million vehicles in over 90 countries and territories.

Headquarters: Saint Louis, Missouri

Industry: Car Rental

Who They Hire: Customer service representatives

View Enterprise Holdings Inc.’s Complete Company Profile at Virtual Vocations

15. Eaton

Eaton is a top power management company that offers a range of products and services to markets like aerospace, food and beverage, government and military, healthcare, mining, oil and gas, utilities, and vehicles. They provide equipment, such as pumps, actuators, fuel systems, and valves, as well as installation, repair, maintenance, and consulting services.

Headquarters: Cleveland, Ohio

Industry: Power Management

Who They Hire: Program managers, account managers, power and electronics engineers

View Eaton’s Complete Company Profile at Virtual Vocations

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