Conquering Your Next Virtual Interview

If you’re searching for a telecommute job, it’s time to get ready for your next virtual interview!

virtual interviewsMastering a virtual interview doesn’t require a lot of special preparation, but there are a few things to consider. The sooner you prepare, the sooner you’ll be ready to rock your next interview. Here are a few tips for conquering your next virtual interview:

Do Your Research

Just as you researched the company when you applied, you should research the company before your interview. Be sure to take note of any recent press releases or news, and be sure to mention your findings in the interview. Learning more about the company demonstrates your interest in working for them versus your interest in simply getting a job.

Create a Cheat-Sheet

One advantage of a virtual interview is that you can keep notes handy for easy reference throughout the interview.

• Write out your unique selling proposition.
• Jot down the top three reasons why you are the one for the job. Be clear and concise.
• Use a highlighter to mark important aspects of your resume- those that speak to the job posting.
• Make a list of three to five questions you have about the position. Keep in mind that some of your questions may get answered during the interview, so it isn’t a bad idea to jot down a few extra.
• Write out what you want to say as the interview comes to a close. Consider restating your USP and summarizing how you can add value to the organization.

Get Friendly with Technology

Nothing ruins a virtual interview faster than a technology mishap. Here’s how to avoid one:

• A few days before your interview, conduct a mock interview with a friend to get comfortable with the technology you’ll be using on the big day.
• Speak back and forth with your friend so that you become used to the transmission delay and won’t talk over the virtual interviewinterviewer.
• Ask your buddy if she can easily hear you.
• Adjust the camera angle to a position that you feel is most flattering. Usually, this is a straight-on shot.
• Make sure your laptop is fully charged.

Consider Your Background

Ensure nothing gets in the way of the interviewer hearing you. Remove or insulate the area you will be conducting the interview in from noises like barking dogs, loud music, a chatting teen, or a crying baby. This is especially critical for positions that require telephone work – if the interview hears a lot of background noise, odds are he won’t move forward to the next step of the recruitment process. Can you blame him? If you can’t keep your environment quiet while you’re trying to get a job, odds are it won’t be quiet and professional when taking calls.

Plan What to Wear

Just because the interview is taking place in your living room rather than the boardroom doesn’t mean you should wear your pajamas. Wear an outfit that makes you feel great about yourself, even if it’s not traditional business attire. We present ourselves differently when we feel good about how we look. Stand out by wearing something that makes you feel like a million bucks.

What virtual interviewing tips do you have to share with our community?

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