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Universal Telecommute Job Qualifications: 15 Must-Have Traits

universal telecommute job qualifications

From work in accounting and engineering to real estate and translation, telecommute jobs are available in as great a variety as any jobs traditionally associated with on-site employment. However, certain universal telecommute job qualifications unite the broad spectrum of home-based career fields and ease the transition from an on-site office to a home-based office. 

Are you worried that your inexperience with remote work will disqualify you from obtaining a telecommute job? The transition from in-office worker to home office worker can seem daunting, but we’re here to help mitigate those concerns.

As you apply to telecommute jobs, ensure your employment documents, like your telecommuting resume and cover letter, focus on highlighting universal telecommute job qualifications every remote employer—no matter their industry—seeks in a virtual job candidate. Chances are, you’ve already begun honing these transferrable skills throughout your tenure of working on-site.


15 Universal Telecommute Job Qualifications

Communication Skills

Effective communication is the make-or-break telecommuter trait.

Home-based employees and independent contractors often work out from under systematic managerial oversight, or, at the very least, do not experience the level of direct supervision common to on-site workers. Therefore, in order to be successful, telecommuters must be able to clearly, consistently, and professionally convey their ideas, questions, progress, and concerns, particularly via email and instant messaging—the bread and butter of remote contact.

Writing Skills

Telecommuters cannot communicate effectively via email if they do not possess proficient writing skills. While this doesn’t mean telecommuters should be able to make The New York Times‘ Best Sellers list, a desirable telecommuting candidate will be able to, at minimum, utilize proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar, summarize ideas, proofread and self-edit, and refrain from incorporating texting shorthand into professional correspondence.


Creativity isn’t only a skill utilized in telecommuting job categories like graphic design, editing, and writing, it’s one of those universal telecommuting job qualifications that makes an employee indispensable in any field.

Applying creativity to your line of work means thinking outside the box. It means looking past the obvious and seeing the possibilities. It means being innovative, not imitative.


Employers want to hire telecommuters capable of working as well with their colleagues as they do with their clients. But being a team player is about more than going with the flow or absentmindedly functioning as a cog in the company wheel: to be an effective collaborator you must be engaged. Make a pointed effort to get to know the people around you, even if you never meet face-to-face.


To reengineer is to redesign or restructure. Remote employees and contractors need this skill in order to determine best practices, processes, and workflows for their organization, and, in turn, evaluate and improve upon the best strategies for conducting business.

Computer Skills

A telecommuter’s computer is an extension of himself or herself.

The vast majority, if not all, of the work completed by telecommuters is done on their computers or mobile device(s); ergo, moderate computer knowledge is critical to success as a telecommuter.

In addition to knowing how to operate email, Internet browsers, and ever-present programs like the Microsoft Office Suite, telecommuters should be able to troubleshoot common software and hardware hiccups, run anti-virus, spyware, malware, and adware checks, and implement regular updates to device operating systems and drivers.

Online Research

Possessing honed online research skills isn’t merely about performing Google searches. Yes, virtually based professionals should be able to navigate search engines, but they also should be capable of verifying sources, discerning details to go beyond an initial query to gain a broader perspective, and honoring intellectual property rights.


Disorganized telecommuters are dysfunctional telecommuters.

Let’s make one thing clear: disorganization in the telecommuting space concerns much more than a disheveled work area, in that telecommuters who lack organizational structure will experience diminished productivity. Successful telecommuters equate organization with task prioritization and time management.

Critical Thinking

To think critically is to make decisions based on logic and reasoning rather than impulse or emotion. Critical thinking skills will impress any remote employer, because they convey maturity, demonstrate an aptitude for analysis and problem solving, and promote self-reflectiveness.


The ability to broker agreements will serve you well as a telecommuter. From debating the terms of a contract with a client to appealing to your employer for a raise or closing a major new account, negotiation will be one of your most harnessed universal telecommute job qualifications.


Virtual employers need staff members who can make connections, not only to evangelize their brand to outside players, but also to build sustainable relationships in-house.


Remote work environments can be tricky to navigate. Due to the absence of in-person interactions, sometimes personality quirks between co-workers or employees and managerial staff can be interpreted harshly. Telecommuters who prioritize positivity in their interpersonal communications with their remote teams are in high demand, because positivity is infectious—a true hallmark of constructive company culture.


Regardless of which telework field you pursue, you must have the strength of character and principle to get out of bed and confront your job duties each day. This may seem like advice straight from Captain Obvious, but the comforts of home are often a Siren’s song luring telecommuters away from their responsibilities. Remote workers must be self-disciplined enough draw from within themselves their inspiration to work.


Job seekers who want to enjoy the flexibility of telecommute jobs must learn to be flexible themselves. The telecommuting industry is fluid, so it’s essential for telecommuters to be adaptable to changes as they become evident. Telecommuters must be accommodating to adjustments in company structure and policies, willing to quickly learn new software and processes, and amenable to modifications in scheduling or job duties.


Apply to Telecommute Jobs in 10 of the Best Remote Industries

Utilize the universal telecommute job qualifications you possess to apply to remote work opportunities within top virtual job industries. The Virtual Vocations Telecommute Jobs Database features more than 40 telecommute career categories, providing job seekers with a versatile job search experience befitting a plethora of professional backgrounds and levels of expertise.

The telecommute job categories highlighted below represent 10 virtual industries that are often the most heavily saturated with new opportunities to work from home. Consider the merits of a home-based job any of these fields, then follow the orange hyperlinks in each section to view and apply to all of the current telecommute job listings featured in Virtual Vocations’ Telecommute Jobs Database for that individual category.



View All Current Consulting Telecommute Jobs

Top Telecommute Consulting Job Titles
  1. Remote Risk Management Consultant
  2. Telecommute Compliance Analyst
  3. Virtual Business Consultant
BLS Consulting Jobs Growth Projection

Consulting careers, or management analyst careers, are projected to experience one of the highest rates of growth among all job categories Adding more than 103,000 jobs from 2014 through 2024, the consulting field is predicted to grow as much as 14 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The BLS assigns this level of growth based on the increasing number of businesses seeking the expertise of consultants who can help employers keep costs down and improve efficiency in their business operations.

Telecommute-Friendly Employers Hiring in Consulting



View All Current Business Operations Telecommute Jobs

Top Telecommute Business Operations Job Titles
  1. Partial Telecommuting Business Operations Managers
  2. Remote Business Process Analyst
  3. Virtual Business Operations Specialist
BLS Business Operations Jobs Growth Projection

Jobs as business operations specialists and managers, who also may be known as administrative services specialists and managers, will experience growth that is as fast as average for all other occupations. During the 2014-2024 decade, this industry will experience approximately eight percent job growth, equating to more than 23,000 new jobs created within the industry.

Telecommute-Friendly Employers Hiring in Business Operations



View All Current Writing Telecommute Jobs

Top Telecommute Writing Job Titles
  1. Online Course/Curriculum Writer
  2. Virtual Content Writer
  3. Work from Home Freelance Writer/Blogger
BLS Writing Jobs Growth Projection

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, writing is slated to be a highly competitive field through 2024. The BLS projects that just over 3,000 new writing jobs will be added to the market during this time. If you wanted to be in top contention for an online writing job, review the following Virtual Vocations guides on writing your best resume and cover letter: Telecommuting Resume Writing: A Complete Guide and Telecommuting Cover Letters: Formats for Success.

Telecommute-Friendly Employers Hiring in Writing



View All Current Marketing Telecommute Jobs

Top Telecommute Marketing Job Titles
  1. Remote Marketing and Events Coordinator
  2. Partial Telecommuting Communications and Public Relations Consultant
  3. Virtual Marketing Manager
BLS Marketing Jobs Growth Projection

Marketing jobs are slated to grow faster than average when compared to jobs in all other industries. From 2014 to 2024, look for 19,700 new marketing related openings added to the job market.

As businesses continue to expand their reach and appeal to broader audiences, especially those receiving information via digital mediums, more marketing jobs will grow to incorporate a social media focus.

Telecommute-Friendly Employers Hiring in Marketing



View All Current Customer Service Telecommute Jobs

Top Telecommute Customer Service Job Titles
  1. Telecommuting Customer Care Representative
  2. Virtual Customer Care/Technical Support Specialist
  3. Work at Home Customer Service Agent
BLS Customer Service Jobs Growth Projection

Customer service represents another fast-growing industry popular among telecommute job seekers. Jobs in this field are estimated to grow at a rate of 10 percent over a 10-year period, which is faster than average.

Telecommute-Friendly Employers Hiring in Customer Service



View All Current Healthcare Telecommute Jobs

Top Telecommute Healthcare Job Titles
  1. Partial Telecommuting Field Medical Case Manager
  2. Virtual Telephonic Nurse
  3. Work at Home Physician Reviewer
BLS Healthcare Jobs Growth Projection

Based on the most recent BLS stats, healthcare is the fastest growing telecommute job field. By the end of 2024, healthcare related careers will have added approximately 2.3 million jobs, achieving an industry growth rate of 19 percent.

Telecommute-Friendly Employers Hiring in Healthcare



View All Current Management Telecommute Jobs

Top Telecommute Management Job Titles
  1. Home-Based Program Director
  2. Partial Telecommute District Manager
  3. Telecommute Business Manager
BLS Management Jobs Growth Projection

An increase in demand for management occupations is driven by the desire for businesses to expand their operations. According to the latest BLS data, more than half a million new management jobs will be added between 2014 and 2024, equating to six percent job growth within one of the largest telecommute industries.

Telecommute-Friendly Employers Hiring in Management



View All Current Sales Telecommute Jobs

Top Telecommute Sales Job Titles
  1. Remote Account Executive
  2. Telecommuting Inside/Outside Sales Representative
  3. Telework Regional Sales Manager
BLS Sales Jobs Growth Projection

Even larger than the management industry, sales careers are expected to grow by nearly 800,000 new opportunities through 2024.

Telecommute-Friendly Employers Hiring in Sales



View All Current Project Management Telecommute Jobs

Top Telecommute Project Management Job Titles
  1. Partial Telecommuting Clinical Project Manager
  2. Virtual IT Project Manager
  3. Work at Home Strategic/Implementation Project Manager
BLS Project Management Jobs Growth Projection

The Bureau of Labor Statistics does not compile overarching data on job growth within the project management industry, according to BLS economist Tom DiVincenzo. Instead, the BLS breaks out statistics on project management based roles into specific jobs within the field such as information systems manager or construction project manager, which average an occupational growth rate of 10% (faster than average).

Telecommute-Friendly Employers Hiring in Project Management



View All Current Information Technology Telecommute Jobs

Top Telecommute Information Technology Job Titles
  1. Remote Cloud Architect
  2. Telecommute Lead Software Engineer
  3. Work at Home Programmer Analyst
BLS Information Technology Jobs Growth Projection

Telecommute jobs in information technology are the most sought after in Virtual Vocations’ Telecommute Jobs Database. It’s fitting that the top remote job category would also experience one of the highest rates of occupational growth during 2014-2024. Within this time frame, information technology jobs are projected to gain nearly half a million new openings, growing at a rate of 12 percent over 10 years.

Strengthening the demand for new IT job openings is the industry’s prioritization of good-paying jobs. Overall, information technology careers pay an average of nearly $50,000 more annually than careers offering the median annual wage of $36,200.

Telecommute-Friendly Employers Hiring in Information Technology


Why Choose Virtual Vocations Over Another Online Job Board?

Unlike other job boards, Virtual Vocations publishes hundreds of new telecommute job vacancies every day, verifying that each job posting will allow you to work from home a minimum of 20% of the time.

It’s our mission to ensure Virtual Vocations members receive fast access to the most current and best virtual job listings anywhere.

We even provide Virtual Vocations members with customizable email alert options, giving them instant access to newly published telecommute job openings curated based on their job search preferences.

In addition to complete access to our Telecommute Jobs Database, Virtual Vocations subscribers receive a variety of exclusive telecommute job resources designed to give job seekers the highest opportunity for success in their telecommute job searches.

Here’s a sampling of some of the exclusive telecommute job search benefits we offer for boosting your hireability and connecting you to the right telecommute jobs and employers:

  • Telecommuting Handbook and Interview guide downloads
  • A Telecommute Toolkit featuring e-courses like “Create a Winning Telecommute Resume” and “Telecommute Job Searching for Mid-Level and Professional Job Seekers”
  • Action plans and downloadable resume templates
  • Access to Industry Guides to help you navigate your search for a telecommute job in popular categories like Education and Nursing
  • Free access to our Telecommute Companies Database filled with thousands of profiles of telecommute-friendly employers known for hiring qualified professionals to work remotely
  • Search Filters that allow you to search for human-screened telecommute jobs by job category, type, telecommute status, travel requirements, and more—all to ensure you are applying to be most appropriate telecommute jobs for your experience level, skill set, and job flexibility needs
  • A team of experienced customer service professionals ready to answer your questions about utilizing Virtual Vocations during your telecommute job search via phone at 1-800-379-5092, email at customerservice@virtualvocations.com, and Live Chat Support on our Homepage

Visit our Services Page for more information on how Virtual Vocations can be of benefit to you during your telecommute job search.

Which universal telecommute job qualification is your strongest asset as a job candidate; which must-have trait do you seek to develop? Share your answer when you connect with Virtual Vocations on Facebook and Twitter. We’d love to hear from you! 


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