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WARNING: New Scams Plaguing Telecommuters

Editor’s Note: Online scam artists will go to any lengths to prey on the earnest desires of job seekers in need of work, but Virtual Vocations is here to alert you to their schemes.

Before you launch your next telecommute job search, read about and remember these two job scams plaguing telecommuters in search of legitimate work-at-home jobs:

WellStar Logo Data Entry Scam
The Con

Less than a week ago, WSB-TV reported on the story of Atlanta native Andrea Frazier, who had recently received a packet of information in the mail offering her a position as an at-home data entry specialist for prominent, Atlanta-based healthcare company WellStar Health System.

At Virtual Vocations, we know WellStar to be a reputable telecommute-friendly employer, as evidenced in our Telecommute Companies Database profile of WellStar Health System, so we understand why Andrea was eager to receive an opportunity to work from home for WellStar.

The Catch

Despite the official WellStar logo branded across the information packet Andrea received describing an at-home data entry position paying upwards of $25.00 an hour, all was not as it seemed.

A scammer had stolen WellStar’s logo in an effort to make their con appear believable and lure even the most skeptical telecommute job seekers into their scheme, culminating in an offer to mail a check to applicants for costs associated with setting up their home offices.

The Consequences

Thankfully, Andrea recognized job scam red flags, like the high rate of pay for data entry work—typically paying $10.00 to $15.00 per hour—and the email contact associated with the job posting routing to a Gmail account, rather than a email address, and reported the scam before she deposited the fake check into her bank account. Otherwise, the scammer would have asked Andrea to return a portion of those fake funds due to “over-payment,” leaving Andrea shelling out her own real money to the fraudster.

Are you interested in a true work-at-home data entry job? Explore current remote Data Entry jobs in our Telecommute Jobs Database.

National Reshipping Scam
The Con

In March 2015, WHNT News alerted job seekers to a re-shipping scam that nearly cost a Boaz, Alabama woman more than $20,000. This scam received the attention of the Office of the U.S. Postal Inspectors and the FBI, but it has persisted over the last year and more re-shipping scam victims continue to pile up across the nation, according to WHNT.

The scam relies on the allure of the ease and convenience of remote work coupled with high rates of pay. Once hired on for a work-at-home re-shipping position as a “Logistics Coordinator,” scam victims are tasked with inspecting packages of all makes and models, from electronics to hunting equipment, then forwarding them to a second address.

The Catch

There’s a better than good chance that the merchandise handled by the victims is stolen; not to mention, the initial vicitim of this case, who wished to remain nameless, received a $28,000 direct deposit into her bank account for her inspection and re-shipping services—$28,000 fake dollars, that is.

The Consequences

If you spend the fake money deposited into your bank account as a result of this re-shipping scam, you’ll be left with a negative balance minus the pre-deposit balance of your account. Also, as with any work-at-home job scam involving financial transactions, victims’ senstive personal and financial information is comprised, which could result in fraudulent debits attributed to your account and fake credit card accounts cropping up in your name.

How Can You Avoid Work-at-Home Job Scams?

To put it simply: search for legitimate telecommute jobs via Virtual Vocations.

When you search for remote jobs in our Telecommute Jobs Database packed with more than 13,000 telecommute job leads in 40+ career categories, you can do so with the peace of mind that our database has been cleared of work-at-home job scams, commission-only jobs, and “Start Your Own Business” opportunities.

Our highly trained staff of Researchers, Job Quality Specialists, and Quality Assurance Specialists vet every telecommute job posting added to our database. Virtual Vocations saves you time and frustration so that you can focus on what matters: applying to real telecommute jobs.

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