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Massachusetts Telecommuting Tax Credit, Remote Job Promotions for Women & More — Remote Work News

Massachusetts telecommuting tax credit - remote work news - Virtual Vocations VVFriday5

A governor-proposed Massachusetts telecommuting tax credit, high upward mobility for women in telecommute jobs, and mindfulness in remote workplace communications are some of this week’s top remote work news stories. 

Top Remote Work News Stories for August 23, 2019: Massachusetts Telecommuting Tax Credit, Remote Job Promotions for Women & More

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1. Women who work remotely are more likely to earn promotions

In her analysis of Ultimate Software’s “2019 State of Remote Work” study, Macy Bayern from Tech Republic reports that, while only 35% of women with on-site jobs said they had been promoted within the last 12 months, 57% of women with remote jobs had earned a promotion within the last year. Women in remote jobs also claim to have more opportunities for career growth in their roles compared to women working on-site—80% to 60% respectively.

Remote workers also reported a number of additional benefits clearly illustrating a preference for telecommuting options as compared to traditional work models. These benefits include higher overall job satisfaction, reduced stress, and a greater sense that employers are invested in their professional development.

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2. Governor proposes Massachusetts telecommuting tax credit

Governor Charlie Baker wants to “…provide a $2,000 per employee tax credit to companies that let employees work remotely,” according to The Eagle-Tribune of North Andover. The tax credit, which is part of the governor’s plan for $18 billion in transportation spending, aims at curbing traffic congestion within the Greater Boston area. If implemented, the Massachusetts telecommuting tax credit would be capped at $50 million annually.

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3. Mindfulness is essential to remote workplace communications

Applying mindfulnessas defined as purposeful, non-judgmental awarenessto remote workplace communications is an effective strategy for improving cohesiveness and productivity among remote teams. Forbes Communications Council Member Cameron Conaway, Director of Marketing Communications at Solace, explores mindfulness and its relevance to remote workplace communications in his article for Forbes.

Conaway offers practical solutions for implementing mindfulness including considering communication mediums that foster maximum human intelligence and connection, being completely present while engaged with the speaker, and choosing to have the best intentions for a remote interaction before entering the conversation.

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4. Employees who can “work from anywhere” are more productive

There are measurable productivity benefits for employees with the flexibility to work from anywhere, according to Kristen Senz of Harvard Business School Working Knowledge. In a recent Harvard study, associate professor Prithwiraj Choudhury and fellow researchers examined the effects of remote work at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The study results published to the World Economic Forum confirm that employees with the flexibility to truly work from anywhere are more productive than those who may have the option to work remotely but are still required to live near the USPTO office.

In addition to the productivity benefits of fully flexible workplace options, the USPTO saved millions of dollars in office and hiring costs while simultaneously increasing patent fee revenue. Without having to commute to the office, patent examiners boosted their real incomes and lowered vehicle emissions by more than 40 tons.

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5. Employers can motivate remote teams with simple solutions

One of the most common employer-cited remote work frustration points is effectively monitoring employee productivity and keeping workers motivated. JAKK Solutions Founder Kenny Kline offers simple solutions for boosting the morale and motivations of distributed teams in his recent writing for Inc.

Practical ideas like swapping phone calls for video calls, utilizing company culture to invest in employee well-being, and establishing clear expectations and performance measuring targets are a few of the measures Kline suggests. According to Kline, “…the best remote employees will be those who understand the company mission from the get-go and feel a sense of commitment to the team.”

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Virtual Vocations in the News

Virtual Vocations CEO Laura Spawn is a proud Forbes Agency Council Member. Recently, she provided advice on how employers can efficiently and quickly determine if an applicant is the right choice for the job. Here’s what Laura said about gaining immediate insight on a job candidate and learning what an applicant wants to get out of the role:


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