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Military telecommuting options for reservists, remote work-friendly Miami cafés and restaurants, and top qualities of effective remote workers are some of this week’s top remote work news stories. 

Top Remote Work News Stories for September 13, 2019: Military Telecommuting, Work-Friendly Miami Hotspots & More

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1. Military telecommuting options considered for some reservists

“The military’s reserve component has a chronic under-manning problem,” says Meghann Myers for Military Times. In her analysis of a report from RAND Corp., Myers details how filling reservist personnel gaps could be solved through work arrangements more akin to civilian roles.

Options up for consideration include computer-based remote work and flexible employment models that could bolster recruiting efforts. However, cybersecurity is noted as the primary concern for military telecommuting. Given the especially sensitive nature of the work, careful attention would need to be paid to maximizing security among areas like defense systems access, to audio and visual connections, and file sharing.

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2. Miami cafés and restaurants provide remote work-friendly space for telecommuters

Florida is consistently ranked as one of the top states for remote work so it’s fitting that Miami boasts numerous cafés and restaurants ideal for remote workers. Juliana Accioly’s publication in the New Miami Times outlines “The Ten Best Work-Friendly Cafés and Restaurants in Miami.”

From vast coffee selections to made-from-scratch foods and ample outlets to power a fleet of telecommuting devices, Miami hotspots like Delicious Raw, OTL, and Suite Habana provide remote workers with a respite from the monotony of daily home office life as well as an alternative to paying weekly or monthly fees to rent formal coworking spaces.

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3. Simple adjustments to a LinkedIn profile boost hireability

A LinkedIn profile can function as a digital resumé and powerful networking tool or it can simply exist—one of a number of social pages sporting a name and not much else. For Ladders, Marie Johnson explores “4 things to add to your Linkedin profile when searching for a new job.” Johnson proposes reworking LinkedIn profile elements like the headshot and cover image, career summary, headline, and recommendations to strengthen jobseeker hireability and credibility.

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4. Key professional traits signal effectiveness in remote work

Certain universal traits, which can be improved and strengthened through experience, demonstrate effectiveness in remote work, writes Natalia Lusinski (Business Insider). Professionals who want to work remotely, or those who already work remotely but want to be more successful, should develop clear communication skills in all mediums, practice a morning routine, utilize productivity and organization tools, and designate space in their home specifically for remote work, among others.

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5. Jobseekers can remain productive between remote jobs

The time between remote freelance contracts isn’t always short. Abdullahi Muhammed, a Forbes contributor, offers suggestions for how jobseekers can remain productive and career-minded between remote jobs. Muhammed writes that jobseekers should perform actions like working a side hustle, investing in professional education, improving administrative work processes, and revamping their personal brands.

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Virtual Vocations in the News

September 9-13, 2019, Virtual Vocations held their inaugural Remote Work Education Week event featuring the release of the company’s new Remote Work Certification course with Workplaceless. The event and release were announced in a press release on Monday.

The Remote Work Certification course, which is self-paced and accredited by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), prepares jobseekers for working independently in a remote setting through building skills like schedule management, virtual communication, self-motivation, data security, and more. It includes e-learning modules, downloadable worksheets, and access to exclusive bonus materials from Virtual Vocations. Successful completion of the course results in a digital certificate and badge.

Virtual Vocations members can login and view the course description and overview.


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