National Work and Family Month 2016 – JOIN US in Celebrating!

National Work and Family Month 2016 is underway! Virtual Vocations wants you to join their inaugural celebration of this annual, month-long event that prioritizes work-life balance across the country and facilitates a greater interest in and understanding of flexible work arrangements like telecommuting. 

Throughout October, Virtual Vocations will take part in National Work and Family Month 2016. As a family owned and operated company committed to helping job seekers find telecommuting employment and contract opportunities that afford them greater freedom and flexibility within their professional and personal lives, Virtual Vocations understands the value of National Work and Family Month and its message.

National Work and Family Month Explained


What is National Work and Family Month?

Sponsored by WorldatWork, National Work and Family Month is an annual, month-long observance during October that brings to light daily challenges faced by U.S. professionals who attempt to balance the demands of work with the needs of their families.

When was National Work and Family Month enacted? 

Since 2003, as a result of a congressional resolution sponsored by Senator Orrin G. Hatch of of Utah, National Work and Family Month has served as a reminder of how difficult it can be to manage workplace responsibilities in conjunction with family caregiving.

How is National Work and Family Month recognized?

Although National Work and Family Month is not celebrated as a federal day off from work, like Independence Day or Christmas Day, over the last 13 years National Work and Family Month has been recognized by private businesses, colleges and universities, and federal agencies that strive to meet their employees’ desires for greater workplace flexibility.

The need for flexible workplace policies, like telecommuting, is felt even at the highest levels of government. In 2010, President Barack Obama released an official statement on the value of recognizing National Work and Family Month:

National Work and Family Month serves as a reminder to all of us, especially working caregivers, their families, and their employers, that while we have made great strides as a nation to adopt more flexible policies in the workplace, there’s more we can do…

There are steps we can all take to help – implementing practices like telework, paid leave, and alternative work schedules – and my Administration is committed to doing its part to help advance these practices across the country.

National Work and Family Month 2016

Telecommuting Advantages for Working Families 

Approximately three percent of the U.S. working population telecommutes at least half of the time, and if telework trends over the last decade are any indication (remote work has grown 103% since 2005), the number of working families exploring telecommuting work arrangements will rise exponentially in the years to come, according to

This national data echoes our own survey of telecommute job seekers primarily motivated to work from home because of the improved work-life balance telecommuting affords. In December 2015, Virtual Vocations offered a voluntary survey to our registered site members. Among the more than 1,600 current and prospective telecommuters who completed the survey, the majority identified as caregivers. In fact,

54.7% of telecommuters care for a child or family member in their home on a regular basis.

The ability to work remotely from home while caring for children, a family member with a disability, or an elderly relative is invaluable to professionals who may not be able to work otherwise.

In addition to providing workers with the means to earn income to support themselves and their families, as well as the flexibility to better manage their professional and personal responsibilities, telecommuting’s advantages extend to the quality of life of working families and beyond.

Our Virtual Vocations 2015 Year-End Report captured data on the lifestyle benefits of telecommuting. Registered Virtual Vocations members reported that as a direct result of telecommuting their overall happiness and financial standing have changed for the better.

79% of telecommuters experience an increased quality of life as a result of working remotely.

84.8% of telecommuters are saving money on common costs associated with working on-site such as business attire, lunches purchased at restaurants, and gas for commuting.

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Virtual Vocations’ Commitment to National Work and Family Month

The critical need for working families to be able to quickly and safely search an array of high quality telecommuting and flexible schedule job vacancies from industry leading employers who value remote work is a driving force behind Virtual Vocations’ business model and motivation for our involvement in October National Work and Family Month. After all, the idea for launching our telecommute-only job board was inspired by Virtual Vocations CEO, co-founder, and working mom Laura Spawn’s own frustrations with the amount of time, energy, and resources she exhausted looking for her own telecommute job nearly 10 years ago.

Join Virtual Vocations in our celebration of National Work and Family Month, and consider ways telecommuting could open new doors for your family. All month long you’ll have access to a variety of telecommute tips and resources curated with the needs of working families in mind. Here’s some of what you can expect:

  • A fresh list of FREE telecommute job leads shared each Friday
  • New weekly blog content to assist working families in their search for telecommuting jobs
  • Comprehensive guides on telecommuting focused cover letters and resumes, as well as virtual interviews
  • Opportunities to interact with Virtual Vocations’ experienced staff ready to answer your telecommuting questions via Facebook and Twitter
  • Hashtags #WorkLifeWins and #VVWorkAndFamily so that you can easily follow all our National Work and Family Month content and updates
  • Infographics for quick and easy National Work and Family Month and telecommuting stats like the one below:



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Make the First Step Toward Your New Telecommute Job During National Work and Family Month

We encourage you to take advantage of our free registration and get started today with Virtual Vocations—the largest online job board focused exclusively on providing human-screened telecommute jobs. 

As part of our service, you’ll have complete access to our Telecommute Companies Database filled with more than 1,500 profiles of telecommute-friendly employers known for hiring qualified professionals to work from home.

Would a telecommute job help your family gain better work-life balance? Tell us your story when you connect with Virtual Vocations on Facebook and Twitter. Hashtag #WorkLifeWins and #VVWorkAndFamily throughout October. We’d love to hear from you! 


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