November 2019 Jobs Report Analysis for Remote Workers

November 2019 Jobs Report - Virtual Vocations Telecommute and Remote Jobs

On December 6, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released the national jobs report overview for November 2019. With an increase of 266,000 jobs during November alone, the labor market outpaced the expectations of analysts who called for only a 180,000 increase. This 47% job growth over initial estimates showcases the strength of the U.S. economy, especially over fears of an imminent recession.

November 2019 Jobs Report Highlights


In October 2019, the unemployment rate sat at 3.6% and fell to 3.5% in November. This is the lowest unemployment rate in the country in 50 years and marks the 110th consecutive month of a drop in the jobless rate. The number of discouraged workers, or those who have quit looking because of rejection or because they believe no jobs exist for their particular experience and expertise, decreased by 128,000 from November 2018.

Job Growth

The addition of 266,000 jobs is reflected in high job growth in healthcare as well as professional and technical services. However, the manufacturing market’s numbers were a bit of an anomaly. The market added 54,000 jobs, but many of these (41,000) were the result of GM settling a strike with the United Automobile Workers (UAW). The numbers may be skewed to some degree as foreign trade wars escalate in the global marketplace. Key job growth statistics for November 2019 include the following:

  • 54,000 manufacturing jobs added
  • 45,000 healthcare jobs added
  • 45,000 hospitality, tourism, and leisure jobs added
  • 30,600 professional and technical services jobs added
  • 16,000 warehousing and transportation jobs added
  • 13,600 education jobs added
  • 12,000 government sector jobs added
  • 2,000 jobs added in retail, although clothing stores shed 18,000 jobs while general merchandise stores added 22,000 jobs
  • 1,000 construction jobs added
  • 7,000 mining and logging jobs lost

Earnings and Hours Worked

In November 2019, Americans worked an average of 34.4 hours per week. These weekly hours remain consistent with the average work hours for October 2019 and are comparable to hours worked during November 2018 as well. Payroll statistics show that the average hourly wage rose by 7 cents to $28.29, which marks a 3.1% increase over the past year. The wages of nonsupervisory employees also rose by 7 cents to $23.83 per hour or an increase of 3.7%.

Remote Jobs and Industry Overviews Based on the November 2019 Jobs Report

In nearly every sector of the market, job growth rose in November, giving workers more opportunities in traditional, on-site jobs as well as remote-friendly industries. If you are a professional in one of the fastest-growing industries such as hospitality, professional services, finance, or education, the chance to find virtual employment is more possible now than ever, especially when coupled with historically low unemployment rates.

Based on the healthy job statistics for the month, potential remote workers or those searching for a virtual employment opportunity may want to explore job titles in high-growth sectors that pertain to their experience and education.


The healthcare industry has been growing steadily in part to the aging Baby Boomer generation and the emergence of new medicines, treatments, and healthcare facilities. In a remote sense, the healthcare field has plenty of employment types, such as speech-language pathologists, healthcare fraud investigators, nurse case managers, and clinical care reviewers.

Hospitality, Tourism, and Leisure

As a career field, hospitality, tourism, and leisure covers a large array of professions primarily related to the travel industry. Some of the most common types of remote jobs may include a customer service representative for a tourism- or hospitality-based company, travel consultant, and account manager.

Professional and Technical Services

Professional and technical services are comprised of specialized and highly skilled workers who often possessed an advanced degree. This sector may include jobs such as legal services, photography, translation and interpretation, advertising, marketing, and IT. 

Financial Services

Although financial services fall under the umbrella of professional and technical services, the financial services industry’s high job growth and potential for employment are important to illustrate. Financial services include all professionals who facilitate financial transactions. Insurance underwriters, accountants, financial advisors, and financial analysts are just a handful of the available remote job titles within the financial services industry.

Popular Remote Job Titles for November 2019

Jobseekers interested in a career within one of the upward-trending job sectors for November 2019 should consider these remote job titles typically found on the Virtual Vocations job board

Remote Speech-Language Pathologist

Remote speech-language pathologists are responsible for diagnosing and treating communication and swallowing disorders in patients. These professionals use video and conferencing programs to speak with patients virtually. Clinical and technical training, as well as a master’s degree in speech pathology, are a must to obtain employment. Certifications may also help foster more opportunities for a remote job, and some states may require licensure to practice.

Remote Acccountant

Accountants are financial professionals who use their knowledge and education to ensure the accuracy of financial statements, create financial statements, audit company financial statements, provide consulting, and prepare tax documents. Most accountants have a bachelor’s degree in accounting coupled with a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or Enrolled Agent (EA) distinction.

Remote accountants are in especially high demand from November until April or May when companies and individuals prepare and file their tax documents.

Remote Travel Consultant

Unlike travel agents, remote travel consultants are the first point of contact between a travel company and its clients. These individuals may help plan certain aspects of a trip, provide up-to-date travel information, or sell customers various additional products based on their needs. While some travel consultants might work with sole travelers or families, the emergence of corporate travel and concierge services has put travel consultants in high demand.

Remote Writer

Remote writers work in various capacities in the realm of professional and technical services. General writers often use their experience and niche to focus on a specific industry that requires their services. Copywriters and content writers are two types of writers that work in marketing and advertising, providing documents such as blogs, articles, product descriptions, and white papers, and e-books. In addition, technical writers take highly complex topics and condense and simplify them for the purposes of information transfer or training.

With a positive job outlook, increasing wages, and low unemployment, this is a great time to find a remote job in some of the top industries in the country. 

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