Telecommute Week Featured Employer – Arielle Executive

Virtual Vocations is excited to feature ARIELLE EXECUTIVE this week during our 2019 Telecommute Week Celebration!

Irene McConnell, Managing Director at Arielle Executive, gives us insight into what the company is about, current work opportunities, as well as their hiring process. Arielle Executive has been around since 2011 providing services to executives, positioning them as the top within their career fields, increasing salary potential and positioning them for the best job opportunities available.

The Virtual Vocations team vetted and researched Arielle Executive in October of 2018 and were happy to add the company to our database of over 15,000 telecommute-friendly companies that hire remote workers.

About Arielle Executive-

Arielle Executive helps senior decision makers compete for top leadership roles by equipping them with branded career collateral that articulates their unique value proposition and positions them as the answer to a specific market challenge. A tight-knit group of talent, marketing, psychology and business leaders from blue chip backgrounds – using our own proprietary technology, we connect the dots of clients’ careers into a cohesive story, so that they are perceived as a ‘candidate of choice’ in an increasingly competitive market filled with digital noise.

Current Remote Job Openings at Arielle Executive-

Arielle Executive is looking for a fully remote Telecommute Executive Brand Builder Brilliant Writer, with the ability to attend annual meetups somewhere exciting in the world for those who are fully committed to our business!.

The Arielle Executive Hiring Process-

Our recruitment journey is a little like the Special Forces selection process. Our business is unique and we’re looking for a very special type of person. If your initial application is strong, you can expect to receive a mini-assessment, followed by a writing trial. Following this stage, a handful of candidates will be invited to ‘audition’, and successful candidates from this stage will be invited to an interview with my Managing Writer and Managing Consultant, and then with myself, the Managing Director.

Top 3 Traits Arielle Executive looks for in a potential candidate-

In this environment, we are looking for 1) people with ridiculous levels of attention to detail.  2) Also, we only hire people who are hard-wired to learn, who demonstrate that they are able to take on feedback and implement this with each subsequent project, and 3) who ultimately are able to digest a lot of information to pull out the most salient points.

Insider Tip for Jobseekers who want to work with Arielle Executive:

Remember that we are a branding agency and we produce cover letters and resumes for our own clients. We’d like to see how you align your experience to this role. Tell us why you’re interested in this opportunity, why we should hire you and what you can bring to the table.

Learn more about Arielle Executive,  click the button below to view their company profile and current job openings on Virtual Vocations.

Company Profile for Arielle Executive

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