Telecommute Week Featured Employer – OnceHub

Telecommute Week Feature OnceHub

Virtual Vocations is excited to feature OnceHub this week during our 2019 Telecommute Week Celebration!

Olivia Randolph, HR Associate at OnceHub, gives us insight into what the company is about, current work opportunities, as well as their hiring process. OnceHub has been in operation since 2006 providing companies with the latest, most innovative meeting scheduling software services.

The Virtual Vocations team vetted and researched OnceHub in March of 2018 and added the company to our database of over 15,000 telecommute-friendly companies that hire remote workers.

About OnceHub-

    OnceHub is an international and primarily virtual software-as-a-service company with employees worldwide. Our software powers organizations with smart scheduling solutions that shorten time-to-engagement in all phases of the customer lifecycle.

OnceHub Remote Jobs

Current Remote Job Openings at OnceHub-

OnceHub is currently hiring in their Customer Success department. Open remote positions include Software Support Specialist and Second Shift Software Support Specialist. The job descriptions are the same, but the working hours are different.

The OnceHub Hiring Process-

Our hiring process is completely virtual and takes 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 weeks to complete. The customer success department hiring process is as follows:

  1. Initial screening with a member of the HR team (usually 20-30 minutes)
  2. Candidate assessments, one is a cognitive assessment and one is a personality assessment
  3. Interview with the Hiring Manager
  4. References/background check submission
  5. Interview with HR Hiring Manager
  6. Interview with CEO

Top 3 Traits OnceHub looks for in a potential candidate-

    When reviewing candidates we look for individuals that are 1) interested in working remotely but don’t want to be digital nomads (for security purposes we require people work from their home/one primarily location). 2) We are also looking for people who want to find their next career, not just a job, and 3) who have a desire for continual learning and professional growth.

Insider Tip for Jobseekers who want to work with OnceHub:

Include why you want to work remotely, why you want to work for a SaaS company (but more particularly if there is a reason who want to work for OnceHub), and for candidates that are coming from a different industry, we always really appreciate if people are able to mention how/what skills they have that will be easily transferred to working in SaaS.

Learn more about OnceHub, click the button below to view their company profile and current job openings on Virtual Vocations.

Company Profile for OnceHub

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